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    Dylan Wilson


    Dylan replied to Jim when he said he wasn't a psychologist. Dylan remembered reading somewhere that if something traumatic happened to a person, they would tend to block it out. He supposed that could have happened to Jenny. Although, he didn't plan on being here long enough to figure it out. He caught Jenna's look. He wanted to escape, that was his plan. He wasn't going to be a puppet.

    "He tries to escape and you do what? Hope the Puppeteer decides he doesn't need you anymore and will let you go?"

    Dylan asked, that was an option that would not work for him. He didn't like the idea of his life, his fate being in someone else's hands.

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    Jim Firewood and Jenny Wallis

    Jenny let out a sigh when she heard Dylan's response to Jim's words. She wanted to ask him not to be like that, but it wasn't her place, and Jim was a grown up. He could stand up for himself. Her job there was to keep everyone fed and act like a peacemaker, but she was sure the new 'puppets' weren't ready for that yet. She had seen so many come in. They went crazy and tried to break down doors, or cried, or snapped. Eventually, they all got into whatever personalities they would be for the rest of their times there and made the best out of their time in the house.

    Jim shook his head and let out a weary smile at Dylan's comment. "Not really. I want to get out of here, but I want to go with my brother. He came here for me, after all". He shook his head.

    "And until that happens, I just try to make sure people will stay alive. I know it's not the best way to go about this, but... it's all I can do for now". Despite the fact that he was obviously mentally tired, there was still a spark in the doctor's eyes when he mentioned his brother, meaning his spirit hadn't been completely broken yet.

    Jenny had sat down on the couch, but she moved and stood again. "I'll try to get Jack to eat something. Would any of you want to come down to the basement with me?"

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    Jenna Osbourne

    This place was crazy. People being held prisoner. It was hard to read people, trust their motives. To Jenna, it seemed Jenny played the role of peacekeeper. Perhaps she had accepted her role in life. Maybe she didn't remember a life outside of here...Or it was all an act. Acting the way she did to get people to drop their guard. Jenna wasn't sure and she didn't like the second guessing. Until she woke up here, she never had to deal with something like this before.

    She nodded her head to Jim. It made sense, he had his brother. His brother was his motivation to put with this place, to stay alive. She had a family too. A family that had no idea where she was. She looked over at Jenny and asked.

    "What's in the basement?"

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    Dylan Wilson

    If Dylan met the Puppeteer face to face, he already knew what he would do. He would kill him. Dylan didn't see any other option. He wasn't normally a violent man but this house...It was starting to turn him into one. He didn't like being a pawn in someone's sick game. Yes, he decided to himself. He was going to kill his captor.

    "I see."

    He replied to Jim, he could understand that. Jim was loyal to his brother and wouldn't think of leaving without him. He probably wouldn't do anything without his brother. Would Jim try to stop him then? If Dylan was able to get to the Puppeteer and kill him? He hoped not. Killing their captor would be best for everyone. They would all be free. Dylan was fine with doing it. He wouldn't care about getting that bastard's blood on his hands. Actually, he was excited about the idea of it.

    When Jenny brought up the basement, he wondered what all was in there. Just food or more? Like a weapon. He said to her.

    "I'll go with you."

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    Jenny Wallis//Jack Firewood

    Jenny did really feel bad every time someone was brought in. She hated it, to be honest. In her own case, there were reasons to be here. There was nothing out there for her, not anymore. These people, though? They had things outside. People, lives, jobs. This wasn't fair, and she would have to give the Puppeteer a piece of her mind later. After taking care of them.

    "Oh, all kinds of things. Jack is very talented, he can build all sorts of contraptions. They haven't worked so far, but I'm sure they will some day," she replied in an optimistic intonation. "He's very focused, though, and sometimes I have to make him eat something, he won't always come upstairs. It will be just a minute."

    With this explanation, Jenny disappeared into the kitchen and came back out with a sandwich. "Okay, let's go. He doesn't like people going there, but he tolerates me." She shrugged and motioned for Jenna and Dylan to follow. Once down there, Jenny knocked on the door. "Jack, it's me. I've got food, and well... the new people are here too."

    A long silence followed, before the door clicked open. "Fine." The man said, stepping back. "Go back upstairs, Jenny, thanks for the food. You two can come in if you like, just don't touch anything."

    The basement

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    Dylan Wilson

    Dylan didn't have any against Jenny, but he truly hoped she didn't plan to get in his way. If he got face to face with their captor, he hoped she didn't try to stop him. He was going to kill the Puppeteer. He wasn't going to just accept being trapped here. He couldn't do it. He nodded to her when she told him and Jenna what was in the basement. It sounded like it was Jack's lab. He wondered what kind of contraptions were in it. Maybe something useful.

    Dylan followed her to the basement and told Jack.


    He definitely wanted to go inside and once allowed, he entered it. He looked around and asked.

    "What are you building?"

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    Jenna Osbourne

    Jenna nodded her head when Jenny told them what Jack did in the basement. She wasn't sure if she could survive this place. She had a real life, people who loved her, people who surely missed her. She wanted to go home. But she had no idea how to do that. She also wanted to know why the hell she was brought here. She followed Jenna and Dylan to the basement. She tried to look over Jack's shoulder to see what was in the basement.

    "I won't."

    She told Jack and followed Dylan inside. Before she had woke up here, she had never met Dylan before. However, she felt like she should stick with him. They were in this together.

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    Jack Firewood

    Jack watched as Jenny went upstairs and sighed. She was a nice girl, but it was sort of unsettling to see someone who seemed to be so at ease with the idea of being trapped in this cursed house. Once she was out of sight, he started eating the sandwich with one hand while still working on something on his lap with the other.

    The device he had on his lap looked like an old radio, but Jack was tinkering with it and making alterations. At Dylan's question, he swallowed the piece of sandwich he was eating.

    "I'm trying to change this radio into something that can mess with 'his' microphones. If I can make this work, the cameras are next." He knew the bastard could hear him, but at this point, Jack didn't care all that much. He could hear whatever he wanted as long as he didn't interfere with his work.

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    Dylan Wilson

    To be perfectly honest, Jenny confused Dylan. He didn't know what to think of her. She seemed nice but also content with life inside this house. He couldn't accept being trapped here. He had a life, it hadn't been perfect, but he wanted to go back to it.

    Dylan looked at the device that Jack was working on with great interest. He was very interested in the other man's work.

    "I like the way you think. I'm Dylan, by the way."

    He told Jack. Yes, he was very interesting in an device that would mess with their captor's microphones and possibly cameras too.

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    Jenna Osbourne

    "And I'm Jenna."

    Jenna told Jack, she watched him with great curiosity.

    "Do you think it'll work?"

    She asked him, hoping it might. She hadn't even been in the house long and she knew she didn't like it here. She was a prisoner in this house, where her captor could see and hear everything she did. It was an awful feeling to have your fate in someone else's hands.

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