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    House Escape In Character

    House Escape In Character


    The Puppeteer

    The house was quiet. Very quiet. He could imagine that his guests were probably still out cold. The man showed a soft smile, staring at his monitors. There they were, sleeping like babies. It was so easy to lure them in, knock them out and leave them in their rooms. Once they woke up, he would have to start with the usual routine. He wondered about how long these would resist. Some of them died too quickly to be of any entertainment or learn any lessons. These three might have a chance. Who knew, though? Of course, the others around the house would help them, but he might have to rig the game in their favor. Give Jim a few more meds, deliver some mildly nice food to Jenny's kitchen. Not more than that, though. They had to learn their own lessons, and he couldn't spoon feed them that.

    Starting point for the characters

    Whenever they happened to wake up, each character would be on something soft. At a glance, they could notice that they were in a bedroom. The roof could be seen if they looked up, and the sound of bird wings could be heard, indicating that some kind of large bird - ravens, by the sound of it - was flying and landing on the roof above. Very near the roof, each room had a tiny window, but it was impossible to reach and, even if they could, it was too small for anyone to slip out of it.

    Other than the bed, each room had little to offer in terms of furniture. A bedside table, and a small desk with a chair, and nothing more than that.

    On the desk, there was an old radio, and on one of the top corners, what seemed like a security camera could be seen.

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    Jenna Osbourne

    Jenna Osbourne had no idea where she was. She didn't remember how she ended up here. The details were a little groggy to her. She remembered going out with her friends. One of her oldest friends was getting married. They were celebrating Ally's last night of 'freedom'. The wedding! Had she missed it? Ally would be so pissed if she did. Especially since Jenna was one of the bridesmaids.

    Jenna was laying on something soft. A bed maybe? Did she go home with some guy at the bar? Jenna didn't remember any certain guy. She wasn't the type that usually went home with a man at a bar. And she was always careful with her drinks. She sat up and looked around the room. It seemed to be a bedroom. It had a bed and a little table and desk. She looked up and could hear birds.

    'Where the hell am I?' Jenna thought to herself as she stood up. She walked over to the door to try the door but it was locked.

    She banged on it and saw there was a radio on the desk and camera in the corner of the wall. What kind of sickos had a cameras in a bedroom? Probably no one Jenna wanted to get to know better.


    Jenna yelled and banged on the locked door again.
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    Jenna Osbourne

    The door would not budge. It was heavy and solid. She realized that after a few minutes of banging on it. Jenna's boyfriend built houses. Kenny would tell her there was no way to break down a door like this. People used doors like this to make sure no broke into their house or break out...She swallowed hard when she saw the lock on the door. Another thing Kenny would have told her paranoid people used.

    Shit! Jenna thought. Did anyone even know she was missing? What time as it? she wondered. Was it too early for Ally's wedding? Kenny knew she'd be out late with Ally and the other girls. They weren't living together yet, he wouldn't realize she hadn't came home. No one would know she hadn't come home. No one would know she was missing until it was time for the wedding.

    Jenna smacked the door in anger. A move she regretted because it made her hand hurt. That's when she heard another person, or at least, she thought she did. The voice had sounded male.

    "Hello?! I-"

    Before Jenna could say more, the radio came to life.

    "What the hell?"

    What kind of sick s.o.b was this Puppeteer person? She felt like she was in some kind of horror movie.

    "Let me go you asshole!"

    She yelled at the voice in the radio.

    "People are going to know I'm missing soon and then...."

    She trailed off when she saw the door open. 'Go to the kitchen,' she thought. She cautiously stepped out of the room and looked around. Then she saw him, Dylan, but she didn't know his name yet. At least she wasn't alone in this place. He looked how she felt. She wondered how they all got here. And who the voice was on the radio. It made her angry thinking about that. She didn't want to be someone's...'puppet'. That's the best word describe the whole situation. She felt like she was a puppet on someone's string.
    "Sure, off to the kitchen."

    Jenna said in agreement to Dylan.

    "I'm Jenna, by the way."

    She told him. She figured she might as well know his names. After all, they were in this together. Maybe they could work together and get the hell out of this place.

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    Dylan Wilson

    The back of Dylan Wilson's head hurt. It wasn't a horrible pain, but a dull one. That pain and the sound of birds woke him up. Dylan opened his eyes and realized he was in a bed. But it wasn't his. 'Where the hell am I?' He thought as he sat up and looked around. He looked up and saw the birds. That explained why he had a bird....But gave him no clues to where he was.

    Dylan tried to think back to last night. He had went to the bar after work with a few buddies. They drank a few beers and just joked around. He remember beating Eddie at pool and winning $20 off of him. Then he was going to head home. Get some coffee and a shower. He had to open the garage in the morning. Since he lived within walking distance of the bar, he always walked there, never drove.

    He didn't remember anything else. Did he even make it home? Dylan wondered. He looked around and took in the room. A table, a desk, a radio...And a security camera. His eyes narrowed at that. He walked over to the door and heard another voice. It sounded female. He tried his own door and it was locked.


    He called out to her, banging on his door in response.

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    The Puppeteer

    While his new puppets woke up, the man watched his screens. He had many, but only three of them were on at the moment. One of them showed Jenna's bedroom. The second one had Dylan's bedroom up. And the third one had the kitchen on it. The man watched the girl in the kitchen for a moment. Jenny. She was always busy, wasn't she? Well, she knew there were new puppets in, so he was sure she would want to make them feel welcome. Nothing unusual. She would probably try to help them figure their way out around the house. They would be in good hands while they learned how to value their freedom.

    When both his new puppets started banging on their doors and screaming, the Puppeteer laughed softly. They were always like this as soon as they reached the house. They would learn eventually. Or die, who knew.

    Regardless of what their fate would be, it was time to introduce himself to the new puppets.

    As both Jenna and Dylan banged on their doors, the radios on both desks would crackle and start sounding, loud and clear. It was a male's voice, and it sounded pretty amused.

    "Hello", the man, who sounded relatively young, greeted both the man and the woman. "My names is... you may call me the Puppeteer for now. You are locked in a house with many rooms, and in each of them are tests waiting for you. The tests will bring you closer to your freedom, but you will have to risk your life to pass them. Once you have passed all of my tests, you are free to go away. You are not alone in this house, and if you all pass my tests, you will all be free to go. You are now in the only safe room of the house - yours. I advise you to keep whatever you find during your tests there, as it is the only place where nothing can disappear - strange things happen in this house. Well... the time for your first test will come soon. You may leave your room now, and start exploring the house. The first test will be held in the kitchen. It is on the ground floor, and you will find out that it is the only other unlocked room - for now. We will talk again later. Good luck!".

    As soon as the man finished speaking, the radio crackled again and fell silent.

    A moment or two later, a soft sound of something being unlocked would reach both people's ears. The doors were now unlocked, and they were both free to get out on the hallway.

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    Dylan Wilson

    It didn't take Dylan long to realize that he would not be able to just open the door easily. Over the years he had take some construction jobs on the side and he knew from looking at the locks, those were the type of locks people used to keep someone out...Or in this case, someone trapped in.

    Before he muse on it, the radio turned on. Dylan turned his head towards it. His eyes narrowed in anger as he listened to the 'Puppeteer'. So, some asshole kidnapped and wanted to test him? Dylan wasn't game for that. And he was sure the woman he could hear nearby probably wasn't either.

    "Go to the kitchen...."

    Dylan mumbled to himself as the door unlocked. He cautiously stepped out his room and looked at the other door that was open. The room that surely housed the woman he had heard. When she exited her room, he asked her.

    "So, want to head to the kitchen with me?"

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    The Puppeteer

    The Puppeteer couldn't help but laugh to himself. These new puppets of his... they would surely be entertaining ones. He could bet they would easily get along with Jack. At least easier than with Jim. But who knew? People were odd, and had strange behaviors and preferences. He would have to watch as they learned and passed tests.

    Unknown lady in the kitchen

    Downstairs, in the kitchen, someone worked and hummed softly. She was young - probably in her early to mid 20s - and looked rather mild and gentle. She set a pie inside the oven and lit it, before moving around and starting tidying up. She was busy with that, when a soft crackling sound came into the room, making her look up.

    "Hello, Jenny", the Puppeteer greeted. The woman crossed her arms. "What have you done now?". A sigh came from above. "We have two new puppets in the house. Will you kindly keep them fed?". The woman sighed also. "Very well. I will feed them, and try to keep them safe", she replied, apparently upset. "Now, now, Jenny", the man almost pleaded. "Don't get upset. You know I don't want to upset you".

    "Oh, stop", the woman replied. "Go do whatever you do, and I will go back to work", she carried on, resuming her tidying up when the voice box crackled and fell silent again.

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    Jenna Osbourne

    One thing become quickly obvious to Jenna as she walked with Dylan in the house, they could only go where ever the Puppeteer wanted them to go. Any other door that Jenna tricked was locked. She didn't see a way out of here, unless she played the game. She made a face at the thought of that. She didn't want to play a 'game'. She just wanted to go home.

    "What do you think we'll find in the kitchen?"

    Jenna asked Dylan as they headed to the room they had been told to go to.

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    Dylan Wilson

    "I'm Dylan."

    Dylan replied to Jenna when she offered up her name. He almost told her it was nice to meet her but realized this house was probably going to become one of the last places you wanted to meet someone at. They were puppets in some asshole's game. A rich asshole, Dylan thought, as he and Jenna made their way to the kitchen. The Puppeteer had to be rich. How else could one afford a house like this? A house with no means of escape.

    Dylan sighed to Jenna.

    "Probably nothing good."

    He really wanted to go home. Just like he was sure his new friend did. They finally found a door that would open.

    "Must be the kitchen."

    He told her and took the lead in going in the room. Unsure what they would find.

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    Kitchen.jpgThe Kitchen
    Jenny-Wallis.jpgJenny Wallis

    Down in the kitchen, the young woman who had been talking to the Puppeteer was still busy. Since she was supposed to keep the new people fed, she'd better get to work on it. Hopefully they would be hungry. Since she wasn't sure whether they would want something sweet or salty, the girl - whose name was Jenny - decided she would prepare both.

    As Dylan and Jenna walked into the kitchen, they would find a young woman in there. She seemed to be carving something that looked like ham, and the scent of a pie was already felt in the room. Before turning around, the woman put the knife down, lest the newcomers might consider her a threat.

    After a sigh, the woman turned around and faced both newcomers.

    "I'm Jenny", she introduced herself in a somewhat upset intonation. It was clear she wasn't happy to see them. "Are you hurt, hungry or thirsty?", the young woman continued. "We have pie, bread and ham, and I can make tea or coffee", she offered politely.

    Before either of them could reply, the woman added something she felt would be necessary.

    "For what it's worth, I have nothing to do with you being in here. And I will try to help you out and make sure you leave the house safely, if you allow me".

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