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    Rainy Night In Character Thread

    Rainy Night In Character Thread

    Peter and Drina Chisholm

    6:00 PM - a rural road somewhere in England

    That summer night was almost unebearably hot. The air was heavy, and signs of an upcoming storm were starting to be felt in the air. The soft rumble of distant thunder could be heard, and the air had started to give out the soft scent it often did when rain was about to come.

    While the scent was soft, the rain that followed it was anything but. It was a heavy summer rain, the kind of rain capable of flooding any place after just a while.

    And that was exactly what it did. Roads started to quickly become impossible to travel. Animals started crossing the road at some points, startled by the storm. Thunder and lightning accompanied the rain. One strike of lightning caused a tree to fall, cutting traffic at one part of the road.

    For all the people who happened to be outside that night, it seemed like they would have to find shelter and wait it out.

    That was probably going to become the case for the couple who was driving their car north. They were going to spend the weekend out, and had made reservations for a B&B not too far away. The man was driving, and his wife was looking at a map on her phone, so they wouldn’t get lost. “I guess another hour and we’ll be the…”, the woman started.

    Her sentence was cut short when Peter suddenly seemed to lose control of the wheel. “Peter!”, the woman screeched, one of her hands touching the man’s arm. It was too late to do anything, though, and the couple could only brace themselves for the impact. Luckily for them, both occupants of the car had their seat belts on, and even better for Drina, Peter held out one arm out of pure instinct, making sure she wouldn’t get hurt. The couple wasn’t in bad shape, but the car - unfortunately - was lost after smashing against a tree.

    After taking a moment to breathe and get back to normal, the couple looked around. They definitely had no idea where they were, and the GPS on either phone couldn’t help them too much. It basically showed a blank spot on the map. That was odd, but Drina came to the conclusion the impact had affected their phones. With a sigh, both Peter and Drina unfastened their seat belts. “Are you all right?”, they asked at the same time, nodding to each other. As they stepped out of the car, the couple picked up their bags and an umbrella Drina usually kept in the car. “What are we going to do now?”, the woman asked, a concerned expression on her freckled face. The man sighed as he picked up his doctor’s bag. “We find shelter and wait it out”, the man decided, practical as usual.

    Drina wasn’t sure that they would find a place, but it was better than waiting inside the car, so she decided to trust her husband. “Very well”, she agreed, allowing Peter to follow ahead while she walked carefully behind him.

    As luck had it, the couple wouldn’t have to walk for long. After about ten minutes, Peter noticed what seemed like an abandoned inn. The place seemed ancient, but at the same time, it looked structurally sound enough for them to wait in there for the storm to go away, or for the morning.

    Holding hands - it was good to stay together, since the place was dark -, the couple started walking around the first floor, their bags abandoned right by the door. It wasn’t as though someone else would walk in, right?

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    Richard & Helena Vanderbilt

    A weekend holiday had sounded like a good idea at the time. That was until she began to complain about cell service and that she was bored. Richard Vanderbilt and his much younger wife, Helena, were driving down a country road. Richard was old enough to pass for Helena's father. He knew people often judged them. Especially since they got married only a few months after his first wife, Daphne, had passed away. He knew his five children disliked their stepmother with a passion. Especially when his youngest was the same age as Helena. Sadly, Helena seemed to share the same dislike for them. She made no effort to get along with his children or grandchildren.

    'Age is only a number,' Richard would often tell himself. Helena made him happy, most of the time. She was beautiful and full of energy. Others times, like right now, she drove him crazy. Helena was grumbling that her phone would not get any service.

    "Richard, this why I didn't want to go to the country. I can't get any bloody service!"

    Richard was driving and keeping his eyes on the road. It had started to rain. He told his young wife.

    "Helena, you can live without that phone. It wasn't until the-"

    He was about to say how long mobile phones had been around and that until about the last twenty years, people got along without them just fine. In fact, he had a very simple phone, for business purposes only. Not Helena, though. She had to always be texting, or posting on Facebook and Instagram. He swore she had her face more focused on that little screen, then she did with the rest of the world.

    "Don't tell me what I can't live without!"

    Helena snapped at him. Richard glared as he drove.

    "Don't act like a child. Read a book or look out the bloody window and enjoy the scenery."

    Daphne never complained like this. She used to enjoy country drives. It was times like this that he missed his late first wife. Daphne had such simpler needs and never acted like a spoiled little brat. Helena didn't like being lectured and said.

    "Yeah, I'll just look at the fucking rain. How exciting."

    Helena scoffed at Richard, slumping down in her seat. Like a disobedient teenage girl. She was certainly not acting her age and Richard was angry about it. It was starting to rain hard and he needed to focus on the road. Before he could say anything else, suddenly he heard the loud pop of the back tire of their car. It was flat and he had to pull off to the side of the road.

    "What the hell was that?!"

    Helena asked as Richard got out of the car. He started to curse as he saw what had happened. Helena didn't want to get wet and was yelling at him through the window. Richard, who was starting to get soaked, stomped over to her side of the car and yelled back.

    "The back tire is flat and we don't have the spare since you needed room for your bag of shoes!"

    Richard usually had a spare tire in the trunk, but no...Helena hadn't had enough room and she refused to put her luggage in the back seat of the car. Wanting to save it for things she wanted to buy. She argued that they never had to use the spare tire. Well, they could have used it now! Helena glared at her husband.

    "Well, what the hell are we going to do? I can't get any service and your phone is from the time of the dinosaurs!"

    She yelled back, making no effort to get out of the car or make any suggestions. Richard want to shake her all the sudden and told himself to count backwards from one hundred to calm down. He looked around and saw an old inn.

    "We'll go there, maybe they'll have phone we can borrow."

    Richard said and Helena nodded her head.

    "Grab the bags, I don't want someone stealing our stuff."

    At least, her stuff anyway. Her clothing cost a great deal of money and Helena could easily see some poorer people rummaging through cars to take things. Richard sighed at her.

    "Helena, I-"

    He saw the look on her face that she was damn determined to take her fucking clothes and decided to not fight her. He was already soaking wet. Hopefully this place would have a phone and a place for him to dry up. He had did have a bag of his own clothes in the trunk too.

    "Fine. Come on."

    Richard told Helena, grabbing the little cart they had taken with them to drag all of Helena's bags around. She made him pull the cart as they headed up the hill. At least, Helena grabbed the umbrellas they always had in the car too. Not that Richard saw the point taking one for himself now. He was already soaking wet.

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    Ryan McFarlene

    Ryan McFarlene was putting as much distance as he could between himself and his ex girlfriend. He was sure Gina probably called the cops on him. He did beat the living shit out of that bloke he had caught her in bed with. Well, that and the fact he couldn't stand her face anymore. He could put up with a lot of shit, cheating wasn't one of those things. And to think, he was actually going to ask her to marry him. Good thing he hadn't given her the ring! Well, if he could get the jeweler to take it back, he'd pawn it. Maybe he needed a bigger change then just go across country. Maybe he needed a fresh start in a new country. That sounded very tempting.

    Ryan didn't mind at first when the rain started. It wasn't too bad and was actually kind of soothing. Especially since when he had jumped on his bike so enraged. He had been a soldier, he had been willing to die to defend his country and this was the thanks he got. He got back stabbed and he was pissed.

    As the rain got harder, Ryan knew he'd need to stop somewhere and wait out the storm. After all, he'd ruin his motorcycle and probably get sick. Neither would help his goal in starting a new life far away from what he had just left. Ryan was about to pull over to look at a map for a nearby town when he heard his bike's front tire go flat.


    He yelled, as he pulled off to the side of the road. Last thing he needed was to get stranded on a back country road. But apparently he was going to be. He'd need to find somewhere to make a phone call and get his bike taken to a shop. He looked around and saw an inn in the distant. Maybe they had a phone there. It was worth a try. He pulled his hood up and headed that direction, with his backpack on.

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    Peter & Drina Chisholm

    While everyone else was making their way up to the inn, the good doctor and his wife were exploring around the place. From what they could see, using their phones for lighting, the place had indeed been an inn. They had yet to see the upper floors, but they could notice there were no rooms on this one. There was the entrance hall - where they had left their bags, another small room they could notice seemed to be an office, with a desk, two chairs and a filing cabinet, a small laundry room - very primitive, they didn't have a washing machine in there - and the room they were in now, which seemed to be a kitchen. For the looks of it - or from what little they could see now -, it seemed very old as well, with a stove that probably ran on wood. Awesome. Not only were they in the middle of nowhere, they were in a house that seemed to be at least a hundred years old.

    With an audible sigh, the couple exchanged glances.

    "Well, what should we do now?", the woman asked. "It doesn't seem as though we'll find a working phone here".

    The man nodded in agreement. "I'm sorry, Drina, I really didn't mean to get us in this situation", the man replied, tapping his chin softly while he thought about a solution for their predicament.

    Drina shook her head, easy-going as usual. "I know, dear. It's all right. We're at an inn, so maybe we will find a decent bed to spend the night. Everything looks better in the morning", the woman suggested.

    With a sigh - she was so easy to deal with, despite her other flaws -, Peter nodded and took the lead into going back to the entrance hall - the stairs to the second floor were there, after all.

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    Ryan McFarlene

    The leather jacket Ryan kept him getting entirely soaked from the rain. Once he reached the inn, Ryan shook his head, trying to get rid of some of the excess water. The door was unlocked and he walked inside. It didn't take him long to realize that the inn was old and probably not in business anymore. Although, he wasn't the only one who decided to come here. He saw someone's bags.


    He called out.

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    Richard & Helena Vanderbilt

    The entire walk to the old inn was hell for Helena. At least, she acted like it was. She hated walking, she hated getting wet. Basically, this woman hated everything tonight and her much older husband got to hear all about it.

    "Who the hell would put an inn the middle of nowhere?!"

    Helena declared as they finally reached the door.

    "A person who wanted to get travelers like us, my dear."

    Richard replied.

    "Well, they should have built it closer to the road. My shoes are ruined!"

    Helena retorted. 'You'll live, you got more in these bags,' but Richard decided to keep that thought to himself. Helena turned her nose up when she entered the inn.

    "And hire a new decorator. This place is absolutely ghastly!"

    "Well, it definitely is not the Bulgari."

    Richard replied in agreement. Although it was dry and he was grateful to be able to put their bags down and get out of the rain. Especially since Helena had hogged the umbrella.

    "I wonder where the help is."

    "Maybe buying some new paint."

    Helena said grumpily, not liking the look of the inn at all. Richard just shook his head at her. Helena saw Ryan and assumed he worked here. He looked poor, just like this inn did.

    "You there, we want a room.""

    She told him dismissively.

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    Peter & Drina Chisholm

    Peter and Drina were just about to head upstairs, when they heard someone's voice. So, someone else had gotten here. Probably because of the rain outside, they both came to the conclusion. After exchanging a glance, as though to decide who would be the one to reply, a red haired woman came out from a door. "Hello!", she greeted politely. "Have you gotten stuck due to the storm?", she asked curiously.

    Before anything else could be said, though, two more people had reached the inn. Not too nice people, apparently, judging by the woman's words.

    It was Peter, who had walked up right behind his area, who spoke to Helena. "I'm sorry to disappoint, but this place is abandoned", he pointed out in a polite intonation.

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    Richard & Helena Vanderbilt

    Helena looked at Ryan impatiently to answer her beck and call, when the doctor and his wife arrived. She instantly did not like Drina. She appeared to be far too cheerful. Richard nodded his head to the woman.

    "That we have. We-"

    Before he could continue, Helena interrupted the conversation. She waved dismissively at Ryan as she said to Peter.

    "You're wrong. He clearly works here. Look at how he is dressed."

    Although she did plan to write a rather nasty letter to this inn's owners. The place looked horrible and its only worker looked like a biker thug. No wonder they had no business.

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    Ryan McFarlene

    Ryan had a feeling that the inn would just be a place to wait out the storm. It looked like it hadn't had guests or employees in a long time. When Helena rudely addressed him, he gave the woman a glare.

    "Listen, lady-"

    And he was using the term lady loosely with her. He could think of some other words that would describe her much better.

    "If I did work here, I'd send you right back out into the storm."

    Maybe getting soaked in the rain would do her some good. Probably not, but it would at least ruin her fancy shoes.

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    Peter & Drina Chisholm

    Drina smiled politely at Richard. She liked the man right away. Sure, he was way too old for her, but he was handsome and a gentleman. The woman he had come with sounded like a bitch, though. Drina could feel it would be a long night. Hopefully, the rain would clear out soon and they would be all back on their way.

    Peter wasn't too happy with the crowd they had either, but he decided to try and keep the peace. It was his usual stance, after all.

    "I really don't think so", he replied in a peaceful intonation when Helena said Ryan clearly worked in the inn.

    When the situation started getting tense, Drina tried to intervene. It was just her nature, she liked to try and get everyone to get along and 'play nice'. "Please, everyone, let us not fight", the woman pleaded. "It's raining outside and we're stuck here, so the least we can do is to try and get along, or at least not fight each other, right?".

    Peter nodded, trying to back his wife up. "We were just about to take a look upstairs and see what the rooms look like. Would you all like to come?", the man invited, hoping they would get distracted with seeing the rooms and picking out where they would spend the night.

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