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    Interconnected Storylines

    Interconnected Storylines

    Wondering if you guys would be willing to help me out here. A lot of the storylines going on right now seem to be interconnected, which is really cool but I'm starting to get kind of confused about which RPs share characters and plotlines and which are standalone. Would someone who is in the loop be willing to make a list of which stories go together? I would appreciate it.
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    You know I'm always willing to help you out.

    Three of the 1x1s stories that Shades and I started in another forum and brought here that are interconnected are "Hollywood Dreams", "Le Grand Hotel", and "Haunted House, Haunted Lives" are what she and I think of as a trilogy. The characters and stories are interconnected to each other.

    "Hollywood Dreams" comes first. Then "Le Grand Hotel" (which was actually the first one we started), and "Haunted House, Haunted Lives" is the final chapter. We're just writing them all at the same time.

    "Ouija" and "After the Funeral" are both stand alone stories. As I think is "Price of Fame". As are the new group ones we started. They were stories started in another forum but brought here. Thus why the first few posts are copies, but the characters aren't connected to each other.

    Hope that helps.

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    Thanks, that is very helpful!

    Are "Haunted House" (the group one,) "Murder in a Small Town," and/or "Hell Hath No Fury" connected?

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    Hey there, MK!

    Nope, those three are all stand alone stories.
    Sorry, was out during most of the day and only saw this now!

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    Okay, thanks! I'm pretty sure I'm up to speed now.

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    Any time!

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