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    Makes sense for me. And this way we'd each play one victim and one conspirator.

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    I agree. I'll play with the wife and her ex.

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    Awesome, I'll take the husband and his (crazy) ex. XD
    I'll have a small blurb on each probably over the weekend.

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    Sounds good.

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    Name: Michael Callaghan
    Age: 28 years old
    Personality: Mild-mannered, apparently shy, but very defensive of those he loves.
    Story: Michael's story is pretty unremarkable. He was born to a working class family, and lived as a working class man - a gardener - up until he met his current wife. The moment he saw her, it was as though his then fiancee, a girl names Julianne Wallis, had vanished from his mind, and he only had eyes and thoughts for the woman he later married.
    Misc: Michael is a very easy-going man, but he still feels very uncomfortable with the idea of having married a wealthy woman.

    Name: Julianne Wallis
    Age: 25 years old
    Personality: Unlike Michael, Julianne has a red hot temper. She is very smart, much smarter than her ex-boyfriend, but has very little impulse control. She is also very vengeful when she considers herself slighted.
    Story: Julianne, unlike Michael, was born to a wealthy family, but her father lost everything after a bad business decision. It was a rough strike for Julianne, who was very happy in her comfortable life. Despite the fact that she wasn't really happy with the idea of living a modest life, though, the girl adapted easily to her new lifestyle and new financial situation. When she met Michael, the idea of a modest life as a wife and mother seemed even more attractive, and she was crazy about him. At least up until she was switched by another woman in his affections. Once that happened, her love turned into hate, and she's now consumed with the idea of revenge - on both Michael and his new wife.
    Misc: Julianne still loves Michael, but she wants to make him suffer for daring to love another woman more than he loved her.

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    Took me a bit longer than I had planned, but there they are, the hubby and the crazy ex.

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    Name: Mercedes Callaghan (nee Lofton)
    Age: 26 years old
    Personality: Shy but friendly. Mercedes tries to be nice to everyone and not make waves. When she gets to know someone, she really opens up to them.
    Story: Mercedes is the daughter of a wealthy business tycoon, Samuel Lofton, and his second wife, Maria. Who also his former maid. Although it wasn't as scandalous as it sounds, Samuel's first wife had died in a car accident a few years before Mercedes' mother was hired. Mercedes didn't have to want for much in life but her parents instilled charity into her. She knew not everyone had it as lucky as her and she tries to help others as much as she can. Her father did not look down on Mercedes for getting involved with their gardener since he would have been a hypocrite, since his second wife used to be his maid. Once he realized Michael had married his daughter for love and not money, he gave his approval. Plus, he liked Michael far more then he had ever like her last boyfriend, Nathaniel.
    Misc: While born wealthy, her parents took great care not to spoil her and she does charity work for kids and war veterans.


    Name: Nathaniel Williams
    Age: 27 years old
    Personality: Impulsive, selfish, and prone to quick anger. He can be very possessive of people and thinks and holds long grudges. He is also a cheater.
    Story: Nathaniel was born into a very wealthy family. He comes from old money and has never worked a day in his life. Unlike his ex, he was raised as a spoiled brat and believes the world revolves around him. His father, Thomas, had very little to do with his upbringing and his mother, Cynthia, gave him anything he wanted. He always figured Mercedes should be grateful he had taken an interest in her, especially since her mother has Mexican heritage. His father is a former business partner of Samuel Lofton's and that is how they met. Cynthia set them up. He wasn't always that kind to Mercedes, making her believe she could do no better then him. That worked until Michael came along and she had the courage to dump him.
    Misc: Nathaniel is so selfish, that it isn't possible for him to love anyone but himself. However, he does view Mercedes as his and that the only way their relationship should have ended was when he decided it was over.
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    I got them up, hope you think the ex is a big enough asshole.

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    Oh, he definitely is, lol
    I have a feeling Julianne will have loads of fun boosting his ego before getting him involved in her web. XD

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    Yes, mission accomplished!

    And yeah, Nathaniel will love having Julianne stroke his ego.

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