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    Fallen Olympians discussion thread

    Fallen Olympians discussion thread

    All right, family, here's what I have been thinking.
    First of all, I'm kind of curious about which characters you guys would like to keep and which ones you'd like to discard.

    As for myself, I'm keeping Athena, but not Aphrodite, I just didn't mesh well with her, so I'll keep Athena and obviously Zeus as an NPC (which I'm looking at all of us being able to use as needed).

    So, I'm still looking to see which characters you guys will be taking, of course, but I'm playing with the idea of them ending up as family on Earth as well, which would kind of make it easier and probably more interesting for them when they start remembering things? Of course, I'm super open to input from both of you, since it's the three of us for this.

    Looking forward to your opinions!

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    Well, I definitely want to keep Hera. I've always loved playing her. LOL

    I could keep Persephone too. Unless you wanted us to really only have one character.

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    Oh, no, feel free to take as many as you like. I just didn't mesh well with writing Aphrodite, lol
    I'll write Athena and eventually Zeus, for now, and take another if I feel a need for it along the way.

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    This one I did forget about, lol
    Will brother be keeping Hades? No rush, just posted here before I forget again

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    Yeah, I'll still play him. Work has been a little crazy and I forgot I hadn't posted here yet.

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    Awesome. And don't worry, my life has been a constant series of "wait, wasn't I supposed to have posted for this a month ago?".
    I'll make a few changes to my character and post her up over the weekend.

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    Sounds good and no worries.

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    That reminds me, I'll keep both characters.

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    Finally got around to adding the template and Athena's sheet. Basically I added only the divine trait (explained on the template) and the relations to the other characters. I think everything else is pretty much the same.

    Take your time, no rush!

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