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    CS template and character sheets

    CS template and character sheets

    Template for characters:

    Human name:
    Divine name:
    Age (human):


    Divine mark (thought I'd add this - something like a birth mark, eye color, tattoo, or even some aptitude, anything that would link them to their divine personality):

    Relation to the other gods:

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    Human name: Alexia (surname to be defined when Hera is created)
    Divine name: Athena
    Age (human): 24 years old

    Personality: Alexia is very kept to herself, so it's hard to actually tell what she is like deep down inside. For those who know her, she's a really intelligent girl, and generally easy-going, unless it's something she considers wrong or unfair according to her moral code, in which case she will fight tooth and nail to make things right.
    Profession: Alexia is a librarian - the perfect choice for her book-worm tendencies - and keeps a blog about legends and myths in her spare time.
    Hobbies: Reading, writing, researching for her blog. On the physical side, Alexia has taken a liking to fencing, and practices whenever she can.

    Divine mark: Alexia has an owl tattooed on her left arm, though it's often covered by her sleeves. She has had it done at 18, after having a recurring dream about owls telling her important secrets about life.

    Relation to the other gods: Hera: Stepdaughter; Persephone: Half-sister (on her - deceased according to her belief - father's side); Hades: niece, equally on her father's side.

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    Human name: Harrison O'Brien
    Divine name: Hades
    Age (human): 55

    Personality: Harrison is often viewed as bi-polar by all people he encounters. He can either be kind or cruel, depending on his moods. He is prone to anger and has no patience for idiots. However, he can also treat people very well who he believes deserve it. Sometimes his employees are afraid to come to work, because they have no idea what mood he is in at any given day. Harrison takes his job very seriously and has become quite successful in his profession. Taking great care in making sure everything goes smoothly for people during their times of grieving. His personal life is rather lonely, however. He has no wife or kids.
    Profession: Funeral Home Director
    Hobbies: Harrison loves his dog, a large Rottweiler named Pluto (after the Roman God of the Underworld, not Mickey's dog). He always had an interest mythology, especially myths about the after life. He also likes to collect coins. Practically rare ones.

    Divine mark: Harrison has an ornate key tattooed on his wrist, that is often covered up because he wears suits at work. Once an employee saw and it asked why he had it. He said he always wanted one because, in way, they were the deceased person's key to the afterlife.

    Relation to the other gods: Hera: Sister-in law, Persephone: Consort and niece, Athena: Niece

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    Human name: Helena Carlisle
    Divine name: Hera
    Age (human): 35

    Personality: Helena is a very quick to anger and a jealous woman. She is also a perfectionist, which makes her great her job. On the flip side, she can also be very generous to people she likes. She can either be someone's best friend or their worst nightmare. Also, while Helena is great at her job and making sure couples have the perfect wedding, her own love life is a mess. She has horrible choices in men. Often picking men who cheat on her, which makes her jealously issues even worse.
    Profession: Wedding Planner
    Hobbies: Helena loves peacocks and collects peacock statues and paintings. She has an interest in ancient history and loves to travel in her free time.

    Divine mark: Helena has a tattoo of a peacock feather on the small of her back.

    Relation to the other gods: Hades: Brother-in-law, Stepdaughters: Athena and Persephone

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    Human name: Penelope Blum
    Divine name: Persephone
    Age (human): 25

    Personality: Penelope is a somewhat shy and quiet girl. She is good natured and friendly. She enjoys plants and has a green thumb. While Persephone seems pretty innocent, she has a darker side and has interests that surprise people, like her love of horror movies.
    Profession: Florist
    Hobbies: Penelope loves to garden at home, as well as at work. Her friends often come to her for advice for their own gardens. She is obsessed with Halloween and is not bother as much by the funeral home profession as people would assume.

    Divine mark: Persephone has a tattoo of a flower wreath around her left ankle.

    Relation to the other gods: Hera: Step Mother, Athena: Half Sister, Hades: Uncle and Consort

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    Human name: Titian "Tian" Smith
    Divine name: Hephaestus
    Age (human): 18
    Height: 4'2

    Appearance: Titian Stands at 4'2 inches tall, Birth defects have left him with his left leg ending
    just after the knee joint and his right foot is missing the second and fourth toes. Titian Normally
    has a long full beard, however a recent accident during a training seminar lift him with singed hair
    and he was forced to trim it to clean it up and make it look better, At the same time he changed
    his hair style it make it more manageable. Titian has Various scars & burns across his body from the
    years of working at a forge.At a young age Titian made a prosthetic leg for himself which he
    is constantly tweaking, fine tuning or altering to fit his current need. He also wears a special
    boot he made to make up for the loose of his two toes on his right foot.

    Personality: Despite his disfigurements Titian is a happy young male with a positive outlook.He is
    passionate about his craft an enjoys teaching others, especially young people about blacksmithing.
    Spending most of his time making thing with a forge there at his home shop or at the community center
    shop teaching others.
    Profession: Blacksmith/farrier
    Hobbies: studying & making ancient tools,weapons and armor. Making models of non-motorized
    boats of the past. Studying ancient Greek language both written and spoken.

    Divine mark: Tattoo of an anvil on his right pec(pointed end facing left,with the flat side just
    toughing the right areola.)

    Relation to the other gods: son of Hera
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