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    Oh No, Anything But That!

    Oh No, Anything But That!

    **It's always the same. Lee's in the car with his family. His parents in the front and his siblings in the back with him. He's a kid again, on another family trip. Except he's not a kid, he knows this, he also knows what's going to come next. But even with this knowledge he can't stop what's to come. Even if this is a dream Lee is still aware of everything, and that's what frightens the teen the most. As always the landscape passes by outside of the window, but it's not what he remembers from those old family trips. It seems stranger, more alien.
    This time Lee thinks about the power ring, the fantastic peice of jewelry that has the power to do whatever the wielder is able to will it to do, he could use that to put an end to this nightmare. But he knows that even if he can actively use his ring while asleep it won't matter here, dreams are just in his head, the ring isn't. Lee is still helpless. His parents and siblings never show any awareness of what's to come, they chat and laugh like normal. But they aren't normal, they seem faded. Their voices are harder to hear. This is something that has begun to develope, Lee can't see or hear his family clearly because ever since he gained the power ring he's been seperated from them. For their own safety he couldn't be with them and now they're getting harder to remember, even in this horrible place in his mind.
    It is by this time, always by this time, that Lee knows someone's following them. As always he's unaware of who is following them, but he's too terrified to turn around and see who's trailing the family car. No one else in the car seems to care or even notice that there is some unthinkable doom persuing them. Lee is alone and helpless with only faded, happy people to keep him company on this trip that was destined for tragedy from the moment he went to sleep this night. The teen now tries to warn his sister. He pleads with her, but she doesn't care. He cries out to his parents, who only respond with an amused smile or small chuckle. These dream people always find some humor in Lee's warnings. Whenever Lee gets to the point where he just wants to shout out at this dream and force himself to awaken he remembers who's following them and he becomes frozen by terror. The Qwardians are after him. A race of cold blooded, sadistic aliens who created Lee's power ring. When the ring became bonded to the teen the Qwardians tortured him in order to figure out how to remove the powerful item. Pain and agony in the name of science. Lee just wants to cry now. He knows who's behind the car and he knows what they'll do when they catch them. Worst of all is that he's the only one that knows and there's nothing he can do. If only he could wake up. Why did he go to sleep. Why.
    But the car doesn't last through the entire dream. It fades away in favor of a cold examination table and straps. Lee's tied down to the table, the Qwardian's have somehow caught up and have captured him. He can't see them yet, but they're close. They're preparing their foul scientific instruments and tools of pain. And still his family is cheerful and unaware, but then again they aren't the ones bound to the examination table about to relive the worst moments of their lives. Lee is all alone in this respect as well. The teen shouts out, this time to the Qwardians. He pleads and begs. He wants to give them what they want, just for one night he wants the easy way out. But even in real life the ring can't be removed, so bargains are out of the question even in this dream place.
    But unlike always Lee realizes that the screaming is off. It isn't right. It's not the same as the dozens of other times this dream has plagued his nights. It's not him screaming. The teen has become silent in order to hear this noise. It's a faint scream, but getting louder. It's new, out of all the times Lee has had to endure this terror it's always been his screams and only his. Lee looks around madly in search of the source. Something new might mean things have changed enough to escape this dream. To escape his tormentors. The scream gets louder, but the Qwardians haven't seemed to notice because they haven't paused in their preperations. The alien tormentors have finshed gathering their tools and are descending upon Lee. The scream gets louder. The teen isn't as afraid now. The new sound is making the dream less believable. He's still scared but now he has one foot in reality. He has to find the screamer. The alien torturers are standing over Lee now. And the screamer drops on top of them all.
    He fell from the sky, and possibly whatever lies beyond the nightmare heavens. A screaming man made up of glowing orange. In comparison to the bleak, nearly lightless nightmare this bright man almost hurts Lee's eyes. The screaming man's bright blue Hawaiian shirt isn't any better. The teen assumes this fallen man must be so bright that he himself must wear those sunglasses because of it. This bizarre figure fell out of the sky and crashed into the Qwardians standing over Lee and is now lying ontop of the tied down teen. The orange man shakes his head in order to recover his senses and glances at the aliens that he had knocked unconscious and then at Lee. Seeming extremely confused, yet somehow still having an idiotic grin plastered across his orange face, the sunglass wearing man speaks to Lee.**

    Erh, hey, kid, sorry. I didn't mean to wreck your hair cut and or dentisting thingie.

    **Lee jumps up, his eyes are wide circles. He is in his bed in the Teen Titans tower. Awake. The nightmare is over and he is greeted by his darkened and silent bedroom. It's just like so many times before, except this time his mind dwells on the new piece of insanity that had dropped in on his usual bad dream. Lee doesn't know if having a bizarre orange man rescue him from his worst fear is a good thing or a sign that he's finally going completely insane. All he knows for sure is that he's going to need a few cups of coffee, because he's done dreaming for tonight, and possibly for as many sleepless nights as he can endure.
    As he climbs out of bed and off to the tower's kitchen Lee is completely unaware of the slight tingling from his power ring. The teen is too shaken to notice that the ring is now occupied by a little something.
    Something orange.**
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    (( This will prove being real intersting!!!! * ))
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    ((Thanks. I hope so, M.))

    **Somewhere in whatever higher dimensional plane that metaphysical cosmic entities of vague origin and even vague-er purpose gather together for meetings and conferences, a group of cosmic entities are holding a meeting. Their names are unpronouncable by mortal toungues. Their forms are uncomprehensible to mortal eyes. But human noses will definately recognize the scent of Old Spice, because even if you are a cosmic entity that has evolved beyond biology and concepts such as gender you still want to smell your best in a manly, macho sort of way. One entity, and for the sake of this narrative lets translate his unpronouncable name into "Earl", speaks to his fellow very important beings.**

    Earl: There is a disturbance in the Dynaquantoclysmius-Cosmosiac universe, otherwise known as the DC universe.

    Betty: *Another cosmic thingie.* Another one, I just got through fixing that Lex Luthor situation.

    Clay: *Yet another cosmic being.* He is still bald isn't he? You can't get rid of that. Lex just isn't Lex with hair.

    Earl: Ahem. I was trying to tell all of you about a potential armegeddon level event, but if you'd rather discuss Luthor's hair then be my guest.

    Clay: Cool. What do you guys think he did with all of that hair that he lost. I say he has it locked in a drawer someplace and when he's all alone he takes it out, spreads it over his bed and-

    Betty: Sshhh. He was being sarcastic!

    Earl: Now. As I was saying, there is a disturbance in the DC universe. And not the usual internal error in the local continuum. This is from the outside. The disturbance entered through the Dreamscape, the Realm of Nightmares to be exact.

    Abby: *Looks up from her magezine after deciding to almost take an interest in the conversation.* So what? Something oozed in from the Realm of Nightmares. Something's always oozing in from some realm. Why bother with the meeting about it.

    Earl: Because this disturbance is none other than the scourge to all of our kind. The great confuser himself, the only being in the multiverse that can bypass our every barrier, can rewrite our every law, can generally tick me off...

    Abby: *Putting her magezine down and showing genuine interest and some fear.* You mean-!?!

    Earl: Yes, George Cloney. *Creates an illusion of the clone with his usual dopey grin and giving a big thumbs up, in order further illistrate his point.*

    All: Gasp

    Clay: Do you think he would look better bald?
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