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    Word from BigGator5

    Word from BigGator5

    I spoke with him via AIM this evening. He wanted me to pass on a couple messages.

    First, he wanted to say "hello." He has been pretty tied up with Kings of Chaos, and hasn't been around.

    Because of his addition to Kings of Chaos, he is offering his characters (except his main account, of course) to anyone who wants them. If you're interested, shout out here.
    QC1: From this day forth you shall be called "Sprinkle Berryweather".

    Kevin Flynn: The Grid. A digital frontier. I tried to picture clusters of information as they moved through the computer. What did they look like? Ships, motorcycles? Were the circuits like freeways? I kept dreaming of a world I thought I'd never see. And then, one day... ...I got in!

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    Well, I'm glad he's okay. *He had quite some interesting characters, but I'm not sure if I could take over any of them. *I particularly liked Python, but mostly because of the interaction my characters had with him. *Taking over him would force me to interact with myself .

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    WOW BG5 has a lot of characters

    Yawgmoth Phyrexian Overlord BigGator5

    Steve Mortal BigGator5

    Meatwad Mortal BigGator5

    Master Shake Mortal BigGator5

    Magin Phyrexian Deamon BigGator5

    Frylock Mortal BigGator5

    Dr. Weird Mortal BigGator5

    Byfasse Mortal BigGator5

    Barthis Phyrexian Deamon BigGator5

    General Aloder "Swe-Quan" Kolin General BigGator5

    Reikai Sigil Bearer BigGator5

    Kindra Sigil Bearer BigGator5

    Jon Mentor BigGator5

    Ezri Mentor BigGator5

    Yama Demigod of Death Hindu * BigGator5

    Khorne Demigod of Blood * * BigGator5

    TIEofSinister God of Death of the First First Sinister BigGator5

    THETA Famine Goddess of Starvation Secundae Sinister BigGator5

    SIGMA Death Touch of Death Secundae Sinister BigGator5

    Python * First Sinister BigGator5

    OMEGA Pestilence God of Decay Secundae Sinister BigGator5

    EITofDexter Goddess of Rebirth and Life of The First First Dexter

    ALPHA War God of War Secundae Sinister BigGator5

    Python looks interesting
    but then again I could only find A bio for Python(btw I just copied and pasted the above from *Who's Who*)
    Trying to catch M in posts

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