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    Recently, a friend from my online MU games talked me into running a setting he built with influences from several animes with a horror/supernatural bent. After 5 sessions, I've found it a very good setting and was wondering if there was interest here. 5-6 people are what I can take and make the ideas I have work best.

    SIMPLE is a soceity designed to handle supernatural problems in soceity. For those who don't follow the anime Hellsing (which is the biggest influence), you can think of it like Hellboy's group, LXG modernized or the like. I'll give more details as interest is shown and will gladly work with people regarding what freaky powers and where they came from work best. And for a side note to Joe, yes I will use the same basic plot as the game I am currently running.
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    Well, SIMPLE Dayton is wrapping up next week and despite a few speedbumps, I had a great run there. I greatly enjoyed the universe and would love to run around there again. Futher more, I'm trying to persuade its creator and one of biggest contributors to the settings development to join the boards and figured this would be a good way to hook them.

    Now, I'd love to introduce many of the great RPers here to that setting and the NPCs I've built for it. So can I get people interested in trying something new and enjoying a nice blend of horror, comedy, action and drama?

    And maybe if you checkthe SIMPLE site, you might become convinced

    Lord Mattson, LM, Matts, its all the same.
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    *raises hand*
    Feel free to feed the Kulit!

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    Vewy intewesting.

    ...must resist urge to create new character(s)...

    Oh well, might as well count me in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kulit
    *raises hand*
    whoa A Kulit sighting! *

    Nice game Mattson,Sounds interesting.
    Trying to catch M in posts

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    Count me in!

    Count me in!

    *pops into the briefing room just in time*

    Hmmm. *Too obscure a Star Wars reference? *Probly.

    What to play, though... *Oooh. *Teehee.
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    Ladies and gentlemen, the major contributor I mentioned above.
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    Ok. Here is the basic rundown on setting.

    The world- Vampires, werewolves, witches, zombies. All this is real. They prey upon humanity for food or enjoyment, striking from the shadows and retreating back at whim. Yet somehow the populace remain oblivious to their inhumans around them for the most part. For ages secret groups have hunted those in the shadows to protect the populace and study these mythological beings.

    The groups- Weather secret circles of magic users or other brave adventurers, men and women have faught with the darkness and sometimes used the darkness to keep itself at bay. *England has long had the Hellsing Organization (see the anime and manga if you wish). The Catholic Church has their Secion XIII. Soveit Russia crafted the psudo-science group, KIRA. And America has SIMPLE (Society for the Investigation of Magical, Paranormal and Legendary Entities)

    SIMPLE- Each region or major city has a branch at operates mostly independently of each other. They may exchange information and personel but a SIMPLE chapter in New York would be hard pressed to send a squad to Las Vegas. For the same of simplicity, this group will revolved around the city of Dayton, Ohio. Despite its size, Dayton is a good staging ground for several major cities inthe midwest. But Mattson, that other group is in Dayton. Well, thats not a problem. We will be doing a multiverse bit with this game. The other groups exploits don't matter here. Sure several of the NPCs remain but thats it.

    Things that go bump in the night- Vampires, both real and artificial exist. Many are blood thirsty madmen but some can be used to stop worse things. Craft Users are magic users who specialize in a type of magic and go crazy the more they use it. Masters, on the other hand, are magic users who are more specialized but also more mentally stable. Magic users are people who learned spells while this doesn't mean they are nuts, many often are. Divines are individuals whose beleif in a religion grants them power. Psicics are mentalists with KIRA being the most powerful. And these are the normal paranormals. Others exist but are less defined-damphirs, werecreatures, fae or stranger could be out there.

    What am I? You are a new recruit to SIMPLE or a potential recruit. You're probably not baseline human or if you are, you make James Bond look like a loser. Drop ideas on this thread and we can work from there.

    Inspirational Sources- Hellsing (the anime and manga), Read or Die (anime and manga), Witch Hunter Robin (anime), Chrono Crusade (anime and manga), Hellboy (comic and movie), Men In Black (movies), League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (movie and comics), Howling Commandos (comic), Demonology 101 (web comic), classic novels like Dracula, Franenstein, etc. Pulp novels.
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    Gonna go with a re-imagined version of Gillian, I believe. *Similar background, but starting from a more emotionally mature place. *Also, a little less brimstone, a little more mind flayer. *Gotta hit the sack now, more detail later.
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    Dayton 411

    Dayton 411

    Here should give you a start for the factual overview. Here is the fiction below.

    The Nelson Building, located northeast of Dayton proper, is a short distance from the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. It is most known for its extensive private library but does hold a few research firms as well.

    Well, thats what the public knows. The Nelson Building is actually the head quarters of SIMPLE in the area. The library covers much of the public face while the research firms are actually SIMPLE companies. Those businesses don't do any actual revenue making work but are smokescreens for SIMPLE operations. When asked, they have government contracts. Within its bowels, Ambrose Winzy runs the entire project.

    Ambrose has run the branch for years. No one is sure how long.

    Eve serves as cheifl medical officer and scary little devil girl.

    Kelly is the new head librarian and despite her shyness handles the task well.

    Rosa is Ambrose's assistent. The consummate professional and a latino beauty

    The SIMPLEtons are assisted by a military squad tied to the Air Force base with its Commander Anders and his top sniper, Lt. Wolf. (links to follow once I make the bios)
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