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Thread: Simple-ooc

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    Creates anti poking armor and sells it to his team mates at a premium.
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    I feel like I just killed the mood here.

    Um.....I destroy the anti poking armor. Feel free to poke everyone......that sounds a little weird.
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    I'm still here. Just been waiting on Mattson. I know he's been pretty swamped lately.
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    My appologies to all. Real life has been something lately. I'm probably streatched too thin to plot properly lately. I'll probably see about getting a co-ploter for this to keep it going.

    Lord Mattson, LM, Matts, its all the same.
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    I wasn't trying to rush the plot along. But rather searching for witty banter and one liners from everyone.

    You all posted a few and then mine kind of killed it. I feel guilty
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    Who killed what? o_0

    *goes to check*
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    Oh, you meant this thread! I ended up checking if y'all starting posting ICly! I swear I'm not this slow all the time!

    And don't feel guilty, NH! You didn't kill it! As for me, I just have a really short attention span and end up forgetting where to check and where to post.
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    Now I feel better.

    *walks back to the corner with his 'Will Role Play for Food' sign.*
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    Must... check... in... more... often...

    And help Mattson come up with plottification. Must do that too. SIMPLE is kinda my baby too after all.
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    You said plotification....I am not sure I am old enough to play this game anymore....
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