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    Harrison O'Brien

    Harrison had never truly cared for Helena. He wasn't sure what his brother had saw in her. Physically she was attractive but her personality...Oh boy. He was sure snakes were nicer then her. But his brother was never in love with a woman, always in lust. Harrison had tried to warn Helena that. That his brother's attention span didn't last long. He'd only be with her until the next pretty thing in a skirt came along. But, of course, that stubborn woman didn't listen to him. She had went through with the marriage.

    Why she took Alexia in, he didn't understand. When his brother left, Harrison offered to take in Alexia. She was family, but Helena refused. He figured she wanted to make herself a martyr, taking in the poor child. It seemed today was finally the day that Alexia snapped. He knew someday it would happen. Helena and Alexia were like fire and gasoline.

    Yes, of course. I'll be right there.

    He replied back in his text. He called in his assistant and told the woman something he rarely told her.

    "Maria, I have to leave. Family emergency."

    "Don't worry about us, I hope Alexia is okay."

    Alexia was the only family that Harrison ever talked about and surely the only family he'd leave work for. He smiled at Maria.

    "I hope so too."

    He said and grabbed his coat. After he got Pluto, he drove to the house. He had only been there a handful of times. When his brother was still in town. After Helena took it over, he stopped going. She didn't welcome his company. Harrison supposed he reminded her too much of his younger brother. The bastard that had broken her heart. Plus, knowing Helena, she probably didn't want to admit he had been right.

    Harrison was waiting with Pluto outside the house for Alexia to show up. His dog barked when he caught her scent.

    "Alexia? What's going on?"

    He knew things weren't easy with her stepmother but he wasn't sure what made his niece finally snap and want to leave.

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    Alexia Carlisle

    Alexia was really relieved to be leaving that blasted house. Sure, it was her house, in theory. Her father had bought it to live with her, Helena and whatever other children. He hadn't stayed for long, though. She supposed she could get Helena out of the house if she was feeling spiteful. But Alexia didn't want to stoop this low. She just wanted out, maybe away from everything and to figure out where her father was. For now, though, she just wanted out.

    While Harrison was on his way, she was busy picking up her meager personal possessions - Alexia had always been frugal, never caring much about material things - and shoving them in a large camping backpack. When he finally arrived with Pluto, she was done. After taking some time to say goodbye to the house she'd lived in for a long time, Alexia finally walked outside.

    She showed a forced smile and leaned forward to greet the dog with an ear-scratch before turning to Harrison. "I don't know." She shook her head, apparently unhappy and more uncertain than she had ever been in her life. "I just can't take it anymore. This... wedding she's working on. It was this horrible place. Like a rip-off Parthenon, I don't know." Alexia shook her head again. "You know how much I appreciate ancient Greek culture. It bothered me in a weird way, I felt like I was going to have a panic attack or something. It was very much... not me."

    Clearing her throat, Alexia straightened her back, looking a bit more like herself - and a lot more like her father. "I'm gonna find out where my father is and confront him, even if I have to drag him back here. He owes me an explanation about all of this. I... you don't need to help me. I'll figure it out. I just need a place to stay for a while."

    Her expression softened a little and she offered Harrison a somewhat shy hug. "I'm sorry, I'm not myself right now. I won't do anything crazy. I just need to get out of here, and get some closure. Okay? I'm alright."

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    Harrison O'Brien

    When Harrison and Pluto arrived at the house, he found her with just a backpack. Pluto barked hello to her and he nodded his head when she said she had no idea what happened. He had never seen his niece like this. He knew her life with Helena wasn't easy but he never seen her so unhappy.


    He replied. He wasn't sure what to say. He knew how much Alexia liked to study Ancient Greek history, but he didn't think a wedding would bother her so much. After all, Helena was a wedding planner for a living and she had forced Alexia to help her out with them many times. He wondered what had happened at this particular wedding that had finally been the straw that broke the camel's back. He frowned when she brought up her father. Harrison had never thought it was right for his brother to just up and leave his child.

    "Alexia...You can try but...Your father, he's a stubborn man."

    Harrison told her, he didn't want her to get hurt. He returned her hug and said.

    "It's okay, I'm sorry that whatever happened at the wedding got to you. You can stay with me as long as you need. And if you want me to help you find him, I will."

    He had questions for his brother as well. Perhaps knowing why he had up and abandoned her would help Alexia move forward with her.

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    Helena Carlisle

    When Alexia left her sight, Helena turned her attention back to her clients. While Alexia could get on her last nerves and bring out her inner bitch, she was quite charming to her clients. She had to be. No one wanted to hire an utter bitch to help plan their dream wedding. There was two sides to Helena. The charming one that her clients saw and the side that Alexia saw. Helena always blamed her stepdaughter for bringing out the worst in her. Sometimes, she wished her damn father had taken her with him when he left. Helena was certain she'd be happy.

    "Marco? Where the hel...Where is Alexia?"

    Helena asked about a half hour later, when she realized her disrespectful stepdaughter was no where to be found and none of the list she had given her was done. She resisted the urge to curse, so her clients didn't see her angry.

    "I'm not sure..."

    He admitted. He was one of Helena's assistants and he had seen her bad side. He didn't like being on her bad side. But he honestly hadn't been paying much attention to Alexia. She always acted like she never liked being here anyway and he had his own job to do. He wasn't the girl's keeper. Helena glared at him.

    "Well, find her."

    She hissed at him. Good help was so hard to find these days. Good thing that bride and her mother were with the bridesmaids getting their hair and makeup done. They would be quite shocked to see the change in Helena's attitude. Alexia always brought out the worst in her.

    About ten minutes later, Marco handed her the note he found. She read it and crumpled it up in her fury. She was disrespectful?! That was the pot calling the kettle black! She thought with a snort. She wanted to wring Alexia's neck. The girl was lucky she had to make sure her client had a her dream wedding. She took a deep breath and texted Alexia.

    I'm glad you're leaving you ungrateful little brat. I have wasted too much of my life with you. I hope you rot in Hell.

    Satisfied with what she wrote, she put her phone away and put on a big smile as she ordered Marco around to finish the last minute preparations. Alexia would not ruin her client's wedding.

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    Alexia Carlisle

    Alexia felt her heart break a little to think she was leaving the house she had known as her home, but at the same time, she knew she needed to leave. Giving Pluto an ear scratch made her feel a little bit better. At least less crappy than she had been feeling up until now. It still felt too confusing, and she hoped her father would have some explanations.

    Harrison's words about her father being stubborn got a sad smile out of Alexia. "It runs in the family."

    Hearing her uncle offer help made Alexia relax a little. She was about to say something when her phone pinged with a message. She read Helena's text and shook her head.

    See you there, mommy, she sent back, before blocking Helena's number and turning her attention back to Harrison. "She's found the note I left her. I think we'd better get out of here before she shows up with a machine gun, or something. You know how she is when someone tells her no." Before picking up her backpack again, she smirked. "You might want to turn your phone off for a while."

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    Helena Carlisle

    Helena almost broke her phone when she saw Alexia's reply. Ungrateful, that's what she thought of her stepdaughter. She wasted too much of her life on her.

    As ungrateful as you are, I see why your father and real mommy left you.

    Helena tried to text back and cursed when she realized Alexia had blocked her number.

    'Fine, be that way.'

    She thought and texted Harrison instead.

    I know she called you. She always does. Have fun with the little bitch. I wasted enough of my life on her, now she's your problem.

    Satisfied with what she wrote, she turned her attention back to the wedding and making sure her client had the best day of her life. Alexia would not ruin this day.

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    Harrison O'Brien

    "That it does."

    Harrison replied to Alexia with a smile. Stubbornness was a definitely a family trait, one that Alexia had gotten from her father. At least she hadn't inherited his lack of responsibility. For the life of him, he would never understand why his brother had done what he did to his own child. Of course, he also didn't see what his brother had seen in Helena either.

    He smirked when he got Helena's text. He turned off his phone without replying to her.

    "It would probably be best to leave. She's pretty mad at you."

    That was probably understatement, when he truly thought about it. He asked.

    "So where to next?"

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    Alexia Carlisle

    Alexia smiled back at her uncle. A part of her felt a little bad that she hadn't spent a lot of time with him as she grew up, but there was Helena. The woman had held way too much power over her during a large part of her life, but that was in the past now. She was lucky Harrison had still managed to stick around and be there for her in the limited way he could.

    She didn't plan on being a burden on him now, though.

    "According to Helena, to Hell, but I think it's a bit early for that, so I guess your house will have to do for a while."

    Alexia smirked before turning more serious. "I just need a place to crash for a while. I won't be here for long. I'll figure out where I can find my dad and get an explanation out of him about what he did." She scratched Pluto's neck and sighed. "I feel that he owes me that much at least. All of us, actually. He's gone off and left you and Helena to hold the bag of a kid he probably should never have had in the first place."

    After a sigh, Alexia straightened her back. "Never mind that. Let's get out of here, and I'll figure out what to do. I promise I won't be a bother for long."

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