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    Fallen Greek Gods - the IC thread

    Fallen Greek Gods - the IC thread

    Alexia Carlisle

    June 24th, 2017 - Saturday - 6:00 a.m.

    As always, Alexia had woken up early to start her day. Despite the fact that she wasn't needed in the library today, there was always something to be done. Especially something that would get her out of the house on Saturdays, when "mommy dearest" usually tried to enlist her services to her business.

    For today, she had planned to practice fencing for an hour or two, and then come back home to do some research for a future post on her blog.

    While she had breakfast - just a fruit platter, as she had to be light on her feet -, Alexia shot a text to her uncle.

    Morning, uncle. How are you? Well, I hope. Would you be willing to answer a few questions about your business later today, or at your earliest convenience? Many thanks in advance.

    After a quick proofread, Alexia sent the text and got back to her breakfast, hoping that she could finish eating and leave before her stepmother made her appearance and started trying to run - or ruin, depending on the point of view - her day.

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    Helena Carlisle

    June 24th, 2017 - Saturday - 6:00 a.m.

    Helena Carlisle wasn't always an early riser. But she was one on weekends. Especially on weekends where a wedding was taking place. Today, June 24th, was the wedding day of one of her clients. Which meant everything had to be perfect. The wedding was a 1:30 and Helena would be meeting the bride and her mother at 8 am sharp. Every last detail had to be perfect.

    Helena dressed for the day and saw her stepdaughter, Alexia, in the kitchen. Helena made herself a pot of coffee. She'd need lots of caffeine to get through the day.

    "Oh, good you're up. The Bates-Duncan wedding is today. I'm going to need your help setting it up."

    Helena wasn't making a request. Alexia's father was Helena's ex-husband. One of five. While Helena did a great job planning weddings, she never quite figured out marriage itself. She couldn't find herself a good decent man. She attracted liars and cheats. Alexia's father had ran off on both of them. Dumping her for a younger woman and leaving his motherless daughter at her house. At least, Alexia proved to be a good worker. One she didn't have to pay much for. Since she kept her housed and fed when she had no biological obligation to the girl at all. Helena did it out of the kindness of her heart. The least Alexia could do is help Helena with the business that kept a roof of their heads.

    "And I checked your work schedule, I know you aren't working at the library today."

    Helena added as she made her coffee.
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    Titian "Tian" Smith

    June 24th, 2017 - Saturday - 6:00 a.m.

    Titian Smith Sat in his wheelchair next to a rather
    large island in the middle of his spacious kitchen sipping
    cranberry juice and sprite. He sets the glass down onto
    the counter and wheels over to the counter on the far side
    of the kitchen to the small little machine with the blinking
    light, leaning forward he pushes the button and leans back into
    his wheelchair.

    "Tian, It's mac. The time is
    4:45 am, Joule called me 15 mins ago from the emergency room...
    Wes was on his way home last night when he blew a tire coming
    around Gale's Pass... He lost control and the car smashed through
    the guard rail into the ravine. Ironically some one swamping their
    own flat for their spare just down the road a ways saw him go
    off the edge and call it in. Doctors figure he'll be okay, But
    he's not going too be teaching any time soon.... Lakes agreed
    too cover his teaching times till Wes can return, but She's
    Got a funeral and a wedding today. I know it's short notice Tian,
    but can you cover Wes's classes today? His first one starts at

    Titian shakes his head but smiles at the same time. It was a
    good thing Titian had planed to go to the Collage at 7:00 am
    this morning. Titian rolled his wheelchair back over to the
    island and picked up his glass and had another drink of his juice.
    Putting his glass back down onto the counter, Titian reaches over
    an takes a half toasted tomato sandwich of the place next too
    his glass of juice. Titian sat in his wheelchair eating his
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    Harrison O'Brien

    June 24th, 2017 - Saturday - 6:00 a.m.

    Harrison O'Brien was already up when Alexia had sent her text message. He was her uncle through her father. If he thought about it, he wouldn't able to honestly say the last time he had heard from his brother. It had been a while. While his brother went through many women, Harrison was a bachelor. Single, with no wife or children. Just him, his dog, and his funeral home. Harrison was making himself and his dog, Pluto, breakfast. He loved his black Rottweiler. He spoiled the dog, you would think it was his child.

    Pluto was watching him cook bacon with great interest, when Harrison heard his phone beep. He always kept his phone, he ran the most popular funeral home in town. He had the morgue and hospitals on speed dial. He told them they could contact him day or night to receive a body. He tossed Pluto a piece of bacon, that he happily ate, as he checked the phone. He saw a message from his niece.

    He replied back.

    I'm fine, Alexia. I hope you're well too. Any time today would be fine.

    Things were slow right now at the funeral home. Unless someone died. That he couldn't control, but being that it was Saturday, he had no meetings or consultations scheduled. The only way he'd have to take a rain check on seeing his niece was if someone died and he had to get the body.

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    Alexia Carlisle

    Alexia was really hoping Helena would just ignore her as usual. Whenever her stepmother did talk to her, Alexia knew she wasn't about to have a good time. Probably, she would have to be dragged to some wedding venue and be stepmommy's servant for a few hours.

    "I have fencing training and an appointment with uncle Harrison", she replied without looking up from her phone. Not that it was her habit, but she really didn't want to see the expression in Helena's eyes after hearing a no for an answer.

    A part of her really didn't understand this whole marriage thing, let alone weddings. It sounded so tiring - time consuming, expensive, and just annoying for both sides, especially the women.

    The gates of hell have opened, she texted quickly to her uncle, deciding to give in partially, to keep the peace. "Fine. I will go there, help set up, and slip away before the ceremony". It was not a question either. It was a statement. "And I will not wear a dress, don't even try - pants and a dress shirt, or nothing".

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    Helena Carlisle

    Alexia should have known by now, her stepmother rarely every gave her what she wanted. After the way Alexia's father had dumped the girl on her, Helena thought the girl should show more gratitude. She wasn't her blood, she hadn't gave birth to her, she didn't really owe her anything. She resisted the urge to throw her stepdaughter's phone in the trash. She hated when Alexia kept her eyes totally focused on it.

    "I'm sure your uncle will understand and it's not like you're paid to go fencing."

    Helena said with a roll of her eyes. She didn't see why the girl had such an interest in fencing. It's not like she could make a career out of it. It seemed like a waste of time. And Helena personally loved weddings. The romance, the grandeur. She always got a little teary eye at them. It was just the marriage part she couldn't get right. As many failed relationships as she had, one would think Helena would have figured out the wedding was just a day. But she still hadn't.

    Although, it was good that Alexia realized it was better to go long, then argue. It saved them both a lot of time, since Helena would just make sure she got her way, anyway.

    "Fine. But dress pants, no jeans. I need you to head to the flower shop to pick up the flowers."

    This bride had wanted many, many flowers. Live flowers for all the bouquets, flowers for the pews. Flowers around the altar. Flowers all over the reception hall. She had literally spent thousands of dollars on just the flowers.

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    Harrison O'Brien

    "Want to go for a walk, Pluto?"

    Harrison asked, scratching his dog behind his ears. Pluto barked in excitement. He loved to go for walks. Harrison went to get his dog's leash when his phone beeped again. He picked it up and chuckled at Alexia's text.

    Better give the queen what she wants or she'll have your head.

    The queen was how he referred to Helena. She certainly acted like one. Honestly, though, if she hadn't insisted on Alexia staying with her, probably for the free labor, Harrison would have let the girl come live him after his brother abandoned them. Helena said it would look creepy for bachelor to take in his niece. Personally, he thought Helena liked having Alexia there so she could look like she was a great person. Taking in a girl she didn't have to. She loved to play the martyr at times.

    Since it was Saturday, he was sure Alexia was getting roped into a wedding set up. Saturdays were popular days for that.

    Unless someone drops dead, I'm free all day.

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    Alexia Carlisle

    Alexia felt really burdened by her stepmother's "charity" now that she was older and wanted some independence. A part of her wanted to pack her bags and leave. Another one worried about what Helena would do if she dared. And a very small part felt it wouldn't be fair.

    "Not all pay out is financial", she relied to her stepmother. It was true for her. Fencing made her feel more relaxed and happier. As for weddings, they were the pinnacle of boredom for Alexia. She was sure that she would never marry, and even if she would, she wanted something fast and simple.

    "All right. Dress pants", she agreed, not really bothering to look up. The girl rolled her eyes again when Helan spoke about the flowers. "Fine, I better do it now. The sooner I go, the sooner it'll all be over".

    With those words, Alexia stood up and stretched for a moment, before the phone beeped again indicating a text from her uncle. The girl laughed quietly and typed back. I'll call you if she drops dead. And I'll personally pay for her funeral. Here's hoping.

    After sending the text, the girl showed a bright smile to her stepmother. "If you excuse me. Also, don't tell people you love me as your own. Please". The 'everyone knows it's bullshit' was implied, but not said, and Alexia didn't stay around to wait for an answer.

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    Harrison O'Brien

    Harrison hooked Pluto's leash to his collar and began to walk him. Pluto loved the walks. Although the dog adored Harrison, he didn't like very many other people. He tended to bark and growl at others. Alexia was one of the few people that Pluto actually liked. He didn't care for Helena very much, not that Harrison blamed him. Helena was a very tiring woman to know.

    While Pluto sniffed a bush, Harrison saw that Alexia had texted him back.

    I'm sure you would but don't hold your breath. She's pretty stubborn. She'll live to be a hundred just to spite you.

    He hit send on the text and Pluto barked to continue on his walk.

    "All right, all right."

    He said, pocketing his phone and continuing the walk.

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    Helena Carlisle

    Helena rolled her eyes at Alexia's reply. It sounded like age old wisdom crap that people posted on Facebook and Twitter. Her stepdaughter loved throwing those quotes at her.

    "Maybe, but financial ones pay the bills and put food on the table."

    And it was Helena's job that paid the bills. And Alexia would never be able to repay her for all the things she had done for her. Things she didn't have to do. Since she had no biological ties to the girl. The very least she could do was help her out with the weddings. Since the weddings were the reasons they were able to have the type of life they did.

    Helena knew Alexia didn't care for weddings, but Helena didn't care. There were somethings in their lives that Helena wouldn't give her a choice about.

    "Good, I'm glad we agree."

    Although she would have preferred that Alexia wear a damn dress. But she wasn't going to push the issue too much. Alexia would be gone before the wedding party even arrived.

    "I'd never dream of it, dear...Don't forget it's the Bates-Duncan wedding!"

    She yelled at her stepdaughter. Blum's Flowers was the best floral shop in town. Helena used them for all her weddings and she had more then one order there. She wanted to make sure Alexia brought the right flowers.

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