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    Sweet, Can I ask a favor please Q?
    Could I please have a rar/zip file of all of your Allos drawings. or a link to them so I can see them again....
    Actually your beautiful work is what drew me back this time...

    an on another note, I'd actually been thinking going on a cruise on the Dorito 1 would be fun for some time now....
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    Trying to catch M in posts

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    Since the Inn was for a story that got abandoned, I moved these posts about the party into a separate OOC.
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    Hey Jacen, Feel free to use the Dorito 1 thread. somewhere in there is a deck list of everything you can do.

    By the way, does anyone remember what the Negation Bugs did or the actual name of them?
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigGator5 View Post
    Why not make the last five (that you can't come up with) for Dorito storage?

    Also, the Negation Bugs are called: Athranian Scout-Warriors.

    Hey, I ran the Negation invasion. I had to know this stuff.

    found this in Page 1, post 6 of ""Dorito 1" Deck by Deck.".
    hope it helps.
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    Thank you, Jacen.
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    Np, Sprouse. I've search through a bunch of the old CG board threads, haven't found any mention of them
    in there yet.
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    I'll try to remember to get back to that punch after the flying monkeys get sorted out. It's kind of important to me, since in real life alcohol REALLY upsets my vertigo. I've never tried to "set aside" my vertigo. I'd rather not pretend it doesn't exist, then have to go back to a life where it does. {lop-sided smile}
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    No worries Anne, If it happens it happens.... I learned a long time ago
    it's better to go with the flow then try to go back to something after the fact.
    That being said SL aside I understand how you feel. Though for me my
    characters are my escape from reality.... but I think that's more so
    because of the autism then really me... But everyone has something
    important that creeps up in things over & over....For me it's my Name...

    I am Jacen Bell..... I made the name for myself many many moons
    ago when I was younger... Based on a name of a character from
    DBZ & the Line "The Bell Tolls One" After that point. Every male
    character I've created in most games or at least one of them
    was named Jacen Bell..... Across the net I'm better Known as
    Jacen Bell..... Even my FB was Jacen Bell(Only changed it cause me
    wife refused to alter her status unless I changed to to my real name....
    though now me wife doesn't care..... been wrestling with the choice
    for some time now....) I love my birth name, It means a lot to me....
    But I'm also Jacen Bell.... Have even contemplated changing my
    name numerous times.... But respect for me Grandfather stops
    me every time.
    If it bother's you that much, IC ask Drinking Sprouse not too spike
    it...... Then again with QC#1 having been around for soo long,
    Sojourn & Optimus have a supply of unspike punch.....
    lol then again maybe someones discovered Altwaal's Unspikable Punch bowl....
    All in all it's just supposed to be in good humor, if there is a problem
    we can work it out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jacen Bell View Post
    Sweet, Can I ask a favor please Q?
    Could I please have a rar/zip file of all of your Allos drawings. or a link to them so I can see them again....
    Actually your beautiful work is what drew me back this time...
    Sure. I'll have to find where I have that stuff saved. I'll try to look for it over the weekend.
    If you want you could PM me and give me an email address to send it to. That's the only way I can think of to get them to you.
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    thanks for understanding, Jacen. When I was a kid and teenager, my balance was bad, but not that bad. Then it got terrible in my twenties. I'm now fighting to regain some, and have improved it more than I thought possible. {bite lips} But if I could, I'd dance, and scramble over lava flows and up hillsides like I did as a kid and teenager. That's not possible. I sometimes have my characters do it, but only characters who are distinctly not me. If I pretended I could, then had to go back to a life of struggling just to leave the pavement for the grass... I'm not made of stuff strong enough for that. Not if I don't absolutely have to... and in roleplaying, I really shouldn't absolutely have to. Especially not if I could have some other character who's not be do that instead. {Smile}

    That said, one of my fondest online memories was when a fellow who played the Lord of the Hunt wrote out a Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers style dance with me as his partner. He specified that his magic kept me up so I could dance, and described the whole dance in one post, so I could just let go and enjoy it.
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