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    And just to provoke Sojourn a lot more, Sprousette is gonna stake a claim on Optimus Prime. She takes him for the win and 4 Horseman Sprouse004 gets to mindwipe you and make you his personal horseman/slave. Since Sprousette is gonne get the beat down of her life, gotta make it interesting. apparently Sprousette is a very dirty fighter. She may look sweet, innocent and beautiful but she mean as a snake.

    So how do we want to do this? Sprousette agrees to the duel. a little smack talk between the ladies. as soon a sojourn turns around, Sprousette lets her have it. after that, then what happens? Sprouse001 has already made it clear that none of the others will be fighting.
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    By the way, Sojourn, I like how you refer to her as a clone in a bad way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sprouse001 View Post
    Those little Imps must be working overtime.
    Yup, that's the idea. Those imps work overtime when folks use the gun. The rest of the time, not so much.
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    Poor Optimus. Acting like he is some kind of prize.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sprouse001 View Post
    By the way, Sojourn, I like how you refer to her as a clone in a bad way.
    I couldn't resist.

    And it's all set up.
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    Sojourn, Slaves to the dragons for year? that's not to bad. we can feed them to make them happy. Perhaps making Sprousette your personal cleaning slave or something. I'll even let you use her in your posts.

    Optimus, you should be happy. you got 2 women fighting over you.
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    Nah, Sojourn's all the woman I need.
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    FYI: Everything Sprouse and I are doing in the fight is planned out. We've been discussing it over Facebook.
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  9. The following user said "Yay!" to Sojourn's post:

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin (09-10-2017)

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    Lots of ideas have been thrown around.
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