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    Summer Block Party! OOC

    Summer Block Party! OOC

    Is the Block Party Cloney Style or Cont?
    Trying to catch M in posts

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    Cloney style. It's out of continuity. No major storyline for it. Just good old fun.
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    Ah, Cool. Wanted to check first.
    Have A Special Jacen for Cloney events
    like the Ophelia's.
    Other wise I use my regular IC Jacen Bell.
    Time to dust of the little old AV....
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    No problem and you're free to bring whoever you want. If it proves successful, we could even do this as an Annual or even Semi Annual event. Like how we used to do the Ophie Awards.
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    Normally unless a thread says OOC you stay in character, ie. your character
    believes they are real & no idea of us of anything like that.
    a non continuity event like this just normally means that what ever happens
    doesn't effect the regular IC events.... Like say if the Dragons arrived &
    stepped on young Jacen or Jr, they could be injured or killed & it wont
    effect other SL's & they would show up to the next non continuity event
    perfectly fine.

    Don't worry about it Anne, your used to a different RP style & not as familiar
    with the mess that is the original Crossgen Universe. Just play / Rp how your
    used too. Though some characters may see you as a little odd like QC#1.

    If you want a sort of cheat sheet or a little more info about this
    particular universe or what not you can see Cloney's Lil' Instruction Manual on RP in CG Universe
    just up a bit in the sticky's.
    Last edited by Jacen Bell; 06-30-2017 at 07:26 AM.
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    Thanks, Jacen. The group I was in originally wasn't particularly oriented towards role-playing, so I tended to "play myself" when I needed to act something out, like a party.

    I think I'd better check out that instruction manual. Thanks.
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    Np & no worries. As SF said, there is no wrong way to Rp a Non continuity SL.
    I myself grew up so too speak with this style/ here & http://rpol.net/ so
    I tend to follow certain guidelines.... but I think that's cause it's routine &
    routine is what structures my life making it easier. Also if your having issues
    or not sure about something or just questions in general don't be afraid to
    ask. Also if you get confused by the "family Bush", that's normal....
    the previous caretaker of it went mad from it, I'm able to stay sane ish
    cause my mother is a genealogist & I've done it before... which is why I
    volunteered to take over.... then again i may just have been crazy before
    so it didn't really change/ affect me as much....
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    Thanks, Jacen. I'll look that style over later. I'm mainly used to roleplaying in tabletop games, and the groups I was with were always more interested in other parts of the game than roleplaying in the strictest sense.

    I might get confused about the role-playing, but I doubt I'll get confused about the family bush. Between my father teaching genetics, me studying anthropology, and my time in a Hobbit-oriented community that occasionally brought up those family trees in the appendices, I think I can handle it without getting lost.
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    Cool, no worries Anne

    O.o had to do a double take
    it's the man, the myth the Legend George Cloney, The Great Orange One Qwaring's clone#1
    wow, long time no see Q.
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    The Great Orange One Qwaring's clone#1 is offline Qwaring's clone#1's Avatar
    Join Date
    Jun 2004
    Walking around.
    Hello, Jacen.

    I've been lurking around here whenever I could. Tonight, however, I had a bit of extra time, so I made a post.
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