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    a far as I'm aware it does, or at least it use to. not 100% sure about the new set up.
    then again it probably just depends on how the sub is set up.
    Trying to catch M in posts


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    I created the sub forum. It's called "The Library" and it is off the Inn. I believe it will show you when there is a new post. I created a test thread for you, Anne. If that will work out, then we can move the other thread there.

    As for the other sub forums being locked, I did it so spammers would stop posting in them. Myself or Optimus could unlock them and move them back to the main sections if there was ever renewed interested in them.
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    Thanks, Sojourn. It did work out, so I did move that thread over. Now to see what else might work there. {SMILE}

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    You're welcome, Anne. I'm glad it worked out.

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