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Thread: Hiding Out

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    Hiding Out

    Hiding Out

    Technology, it was our downfall. We allowed it to make us complacent, dull our instincts and forget who we are. We’re predators, it’s just that simple. And the human race; it’s full of malcontented, selfish, arrogant and prideful beings, who want to hate and destroy anything that is different from them. When they found out about us, we foolishly believed we were safe from their culling.

    We watched in horror as they hunted us down, went door to door and indiscriminately destroyed us. The humans did not care that we might be kind or compassionate, that we would pose them no threat; they killed us anyway, without mercy, because we were not them. Our group, we tried to save as many of our kind as we could and offer safe harbor from this genocide. But even then, our old disagreements and infighting prevented even that offer from saving lives. In the end, we did not need the humans to kill us; we were killing ourselves, simply by acting like them.

    There were so few of us then, but now, we are even less. It is our own fault that this occurred; we never should have allowed ourselves to be known in this world. We were safe; we thrived as long as we continued to be the perfect chameleon. But in my own arrogance, I had passed judgement on some of our brethren and thought they had acted the fool by exposing us to the world. After the culling we could only hope the humans would think us all gone. In obscurity we would thrive once more, but now this old way of thinking sounds offensive in my ears.

    Why should we hide? Why should we have to conceal ourselves from humans? Those of us that need blood to survive; we do not have to kill our meal in order to live. Show me where a human does not take the life of something living in order to survive? Who are the true murderers now?

    Such thoughts sound harsh, dark, cruel perhaps and maybe even arrogant from another’s point of view. It does not even sound like something that would have come out of my own mouth. I’ve changed.

    Why should we be destroyed, discriminated against just because we are not human? I understand my kind better now, but I see the hypocrisy that lies between all species and in this I no longer wish to be a hypocrite. I know who I am, and I will live accordingly, despite what others think, even my own kind. I do not need to kill to feed, there are other methods, but I will not judge those of my kind that do. If only humans could see their arrogant thinking, the hypocrisy at calling us monsters and murderers.

    It’s been 4 years. 4 Years without a word. We’re not sure who’s alive, there’s only hope. It’s likely none of us would be standing here if it wasn’t for a dream. Not mine, someone very close to me, someone like a sister. Unfortunately, the time that events would occur was unclear and what little preparations we made only allowed for the prevention of us all dying that day.

    4 years is a relatively short time for an immortal, but not knowing if friends, family and loved ones were alive. Well, it seems like forever. But it had been agreed upon; there would be no contact for 5 years. We were breaking up into smaller groups to keep a low profile. We would move around, make new places of refuge around the world. We would remove the target from our backs, change our looks, change our habits, blend in and prepare safe harbor from them all.

    Hiding, the idea wars within me. I’m so tired of hiding just because we are different. What gives humans the right to dictate whether my kind can live or die? Demons, some of them call us, and it is painfully obvious that they have not looked into a mirror lately. I hate that I have these thoughts and that I have to find a reason to not behave like them. We are just different and that is why they hunt us. They are many, we are few. If the tables were reversed, would they not be screaming at the top of their lungs about injustice?

    The day they came for us, the day they discovered our current place of safety we were not prepared. The organized small groups we had painstakingly put together never happened. Families, friends and loved ones were torn apart, separated. Who lived or who died, we’re uncertain. All we have is hope, and the knowledge of the group of beings that we called friends, family, and allies. The hope and trust that they would make sure they took care of each other, as we have done for them.

    Good, bad, evil, light, dark, they are all nonsensical words starting to blur and blend. I am only starting to see that we are different. I keep these things to myself now; it is not for me to share with the world. I have learned the painfully hard way that one’s beliefs, thoughts and opinions have to do only with that person and no one else. Who am I to push these upon others when there are billions on this tiny planet?

    I pray that I will not be jaded to the point of never having hope in others, of becoming too critical and not allow others to join our family. I pray that I will remain with those that are like minded, whether human, fae, vampire, lycan, or hybrid. I pray that I continue to be open-minded, not judging others and their beliefs. I also pray that when the time comes that they find our new home and try and take away our rights so that only their beliefs prevail, that I do not give into the raging beast within, and become worse than the humans have ever been. I pray that I do not become the bigger monster.
    Peace is a lie
    There is only passion
    Through passion I gain strength
    Through strength I gain power
    Through power I gain victory
    Through victory my chains are broken
    The Force shall set me free
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    A dog crested the hill top, barking in excitement and dancing around in circles as if playing with an unseen companion. It was late spring and a beautiful day for a walk to try and get one’s mind off of things. The hillside was green and lush, opening up into a small valley surrounded by trees and a small creek. A sharp whistle brought the Australian shepherd back towards a young woman who was walking with a small group. She stopped to ruffle the dog’s fur and gave her companion a concerned look.

    “How are the legs? Need me to carry you?” She added with a well-known smirk.

    Her companion blushed and then gave her a mock stare of indignation.

    “I’m fine.” She replied.

    The young woman reached out and took her hand, giving it a gentle squeeze, smiling despite all they had been through. True joy and happiness had not been felt in a long time, but here in these small moments, she found them.

    A taller dark haired male turned to regard the two young women.

    “We’ll take a rest down by the creek, in the shade of the trees. We need to remain cautious about burning girls.”

    The small group of travelers continued on in silence until they stopped at an agreed upon location amongst the shaded trees. It wasn’t always silence, even after everything that had happened in the last 4 years, but those they were separated from were always on their mind. Another female, taller than the other two, ran her hand through her male companion’s hair.

    “I’m not too sure; I like this hair on you.”

    He smiled at her.

    “You’re just saying that because I’m not fond of it.” He teased.

    She returned his smile and their gazes went to the two younger girls who were seated next to each other. The silence was nice, but she knew what they were thinking about, what they were feeling.

    “We’ll find a way girls, a way to find out what happened to everyone. Trust your instincts, they’ll serve you well.”

    “Another year, four already seems like a lifetime.” One of the girls remarked.

    “I’m not sure I can wait another year.”

    The older woman was about to reply when she smelled a familiar scent in the air. She gave a small smile and shook her head.

    “Come on out, I won’t be angry.”

    “Phyrre come too, Aunt Sasha?” The reply came as the young fae suddenly appeared as if out of nowhere.

    Sasha gave her a bigger smile and Phyrre leapt from the tree onto her aunt’s lap. This would explain Blue’s behavior.

    A little bigger and 4 years older had not changed the adorable fae’s disposition. She had hope, like the rest of them that they would be reunited with family, and as long as she was not alone in the world, Phyrre would thrive.

    “I know you girl’s miss your families and friends. It is the longest any of us have been without each other. But we are still a family, even in our small group, no one is alone.”

    It was what Sasha felt had saved them, that love and trust that they had developed as a community all those years ago. The reassurance that they would all take care of each other, even when separated, had helped them through these rough times. They had a few others they had found during this time, who were back in their safe haven, working diligently to finish preparations in hopes of bringing them all back together again. It had helped, finding these few, but there were so many other still out there.

    Roxanna squeezed Zora’s hand. She knew that they were thinking about the same things. It was the first time that Anya and Zora had been apart, since becoming family. And Zora, such a momma’s girl, missed Helen terribly, even as a young woman. And it wasn’t just Anya and Helen, it was her whole family, are they safe, were they alive, had they lost anyone, and where were they? It plagued her mind, as the unknown did with the rest of them. For Roxanna, it was her parents, Veronica, Jakob, Tash, Liliya and so many others.

    As if sensing Zora’s continued train of thought, Sasha spoke up.

    “5 years, that was what was agreed upon. I know it seems like a long time, but we have to make sure that we are not endangering anyone in our rashness to be back together. “

    “How the hell are we supposed to find them?” Roxanna asked.

    “Trust that we were together enough to know each other, to see the signs and know when someone is looking for us. The world was never safe girls, we allowed ourselves to believe in lies, and we let down our guard. We are predators, and we allowed ourselves to become the hunted. It is time to change that.”

    Roxanna laughed at the irony of Sasha’s words.

    “That was not the shit that was taught, not what was said about what I, or even my mother did. Why the change of heart now?

    “Because,” Sasha interrupted.

    “We were ignorant to truths, prideful and arrogant too. We have to know ourselves, know what is right for us and then live our lives without passing judgement on others, even when their ways are different from ours.”

    WE do not have to kill in order to live, humans and other creatures do. I see that irony and the mistakes that I have made, but you have to make them for yourselves in order to learn, and to grow.” Sasha replied.

    “Our kind is no different, we have those that would gladly play with their meal, kill indiscriminately and rule over others just because they can. You have to know who you want to be, by knowing who you truly are and to know where the right place for you is, even if it is by yourself.”

    Sasha regarded her niece.

    “Do you wish to go back who you were? Do you want to kill, just because you can, or do you want to be better?”

    Roxanna looked at Zora. The young vampire never expected to love again, but Zora’s selflessness towards others, how she was with others, her quality of character. It brought out a love that Roxanna never thought she could be capable of, a love for someone that had nothing to do with her. She would move heaven and earth to make sure that Zora was safe, to bring her some happiness that had absolutely nothing to do with her. And in that a beautiful friendship, they found love, one of the rarest.

    “No.” Roxanna replied.

    “I don’t want to kill if I don’t have to.”

    Roxanna studied her aunt for a moment. She had changed in the last four years. She never said why, did not share her beliefs or opinions anymore, and did not expect anything out of anyone other than to be what they were. But she did seem to make them question their own actions, where she hadn’t before. Sasha started making them think about the why in everything.

    They’d all changed Roxanna noticed, even Evan. It’s like he’d suddenly become this alpha type male, not that he hadn’t been before, but this was different. He lead them in all things concerning their safety, protected them and Sasha took the role of protecting the other females and children. It was what many would have considered a subservient role, but if anyone knew the two, the change had only made their relationship that much stronger. Fears, insecurities, they disappeared and the two never argued, no more fights.

    “Uncle Evan, when will we start looking for these signs?” Zora suddenly asked.

    “We’ve been looking for them all this time Zora. We didn’t say anything because we didn’t want you girls to get your hopes up or become depressed or lose hope. The truth is that what little of the plans we did make; it’s very possible they could have been compromised, so we’ve been looking all this time just to make sure we haven’t missed anyone. Considering the purges, five years would still be too soon to safely contact each other. We never know who is watching, who knows, or who might have betrayed us for a false sense of safety. “

    The small group sat there for a while and enjoyed the day, passing the time with small talk, projects and responsibilities that needed taken care of. Evan and Sasha knew that any day now, they would likely be receiving coded messages from around the world from family, friends and loved ones. It was a day they’d all been looking forward to for what seemed like a very long time.
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    They traveled back in relative silence, the same small amount of conversation that they had all grown accustom too while on the run. In four small years instinct had surfaced for some like nothing they’d ever experienced before. The small group of babies and toddlers that were with them had even had the instinct to remain quiet during times of danger. There may not have been the ability to comprehend, but they knew through instinct.

    Evan and Sasha had respectively taken on the hierarchy within their group, like that of a wolf pack, each taking responsibility as the alpha male and his female. In hind sight, Sasha knows it saved their lives on more than one occasion. Emotions cannot be on the battlefield when life and death are involved, it was why males of old where the ones to go to battle and not the women. It was the simple fact males had testosterone; they were biologically and hormonally built for this. It was the truth, women did not go to battle; sure there were a few exceptions throughout history if one looked closely. But in the end the truth was overwhelmingly obvious, warmongering, killing, power seeking; these are the ways of men, not women.

    Sasha found an unbelievable freedom in this change, and felt for the first time that the feelings of worthlessness would never return. She was a mother, and as such she would be the mother bear protecting her young. As a hybrid, she would protect the weaker, including the other females in their group. But it was not a solitary effort, all the females were like a pride of lionesses, protecting each other and protecting their young. In the same and more natural way the males provided protection for the entirety of their group, by taking on the bulk of the fighting. They prevented their enemy access to the women and children, and in the process protected each other on the field of battle, wherever that maybe at any given time.

    In those early days, when all hell broke loose, Evan and Sasha’s group had to go through some painful learning curves as to just how sorely they had allowed their instincts to become lax. Compared to a human, it would seem like nothing, but to what they were; it had nearly cost them a few of their own. Now most of them had honed their instincts to impressive predatory levels, it was the only way they would survive. And survived they had, including the few humans that had been with Sasha and Evan when the attack had first happened.

    From the onset, it was to protect each other, live and find shelter, somewhere safe from the madness happening in the large cities around the world. Zora had called them witch hunts, and told the others about what she had learned in history, especially in the early days of America. Sasha had excused herself before the end of the brief history lesson, her sudden anger needing to be brought under control and kept away from the younger children.

    They were different, that was all. They were no less or no worse than humans themselves, and yet her kind were being slaughtered in the streets for just being what they were. How many would never have hurt a human in their lives, and yet the humans didn’t care because they saw immortals as a threat that needed to be exterminated without any higher thought or perception given to the situation. First, Viktor’s stupid war against the lycans that eventually exposed their own kind to the treachery of humans. Sasha knew in her heart that they were not all bad, but when men were in power and perceived a threat, you can forget any kind of rational or higher cognitive thinking being involved that did not deal with bigotry or racism.

    It was a thirty minute hike back through the woods to where they had set up their home base, a simple looking log cabin in the middle of nowhere. It appeared as any ordinary cabin, a quaint get-a-way or a home for someone who did not mind being so far away from civilization. It had been long abandoned when they had discovered it and the group immediately went to repairing and fixing it. The cabin was inconspicuous, not something a group of runaway immortals would seek to find shelter in, and in a way it was perfect. When the group finished with the underground preparations, no one would ever be the wiser that this place would hold multiple families and supplies.

    As Sasha and Evan walked hand in hand through the door they made their way to the hidden underground passage. Phyrre walked right beside them, holding Sasha’s other hand. She’d grown clingier since the raid on their home in Northern Russia. Sasha could see it in her disposition every day; she missed Millie and Lukas and her brothers and sisters. She often looked out the window or from one of the higher branches in the trees, hoping they would come up the path. She wasn’t alone, they had several families that were not whole and were made up of extended family. But at least they were surviving.

    One thing Sasha was grateful for was that Boris had mentioned what had been on all of their minds that day. Speak to the children, prepare them as much as possible about the fact that plans don’t always work the way you want them to. Make sure that the young kids understood that they might have to go with one of their aunts or uncles. He refrained from using the term separated from their families, knowing that would be an even more terrifying thought to the children. It was still a separation, but reinforcing the idea they were with other family members would hopefully be less traumatizing. And like any other parent in that room, the thought of being separated from your child was indescribable. Thank heavens they were one large family now, all knowing and spending time with each other. It would still be difficult, but much less so knowing the children would feel safe and loved with their extended family.

    Sasha, Evan and Phyrre headed down the stairs and branched off the main hall to the left, towards the common rooms. Roxanna, Zora and Blue headed toward the right of the main hall toward the dormitories. Despite the situation they were all in, the group tried to maintain some normalcy during this time and Zora and Roxanna had picked up where they had left off in Roxanna’s tutoring.
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    Zora Yeats & Roxanna Volkova

    As they entered their room, Blue laid down in her dog bed and Zora sat on the bed she shared with Roxanna and stretched her legs out along the covers. Without so much as a word or outward sign, she stretched the muscles in her lower back and legs. Roxanna knew she was hurting, but you would never hear the young lycan complain.

    “Take them off!” Roxanna said, indicating Zora’s pants.

    “What?!” Zora replied with a tinge of color to her cheeks.

    Roxanna gave her a trade mark smirk.

    “Your pants and no, I’m not flirting with you….yet.” She added with a fill blown smile.

    “I can tell you’re hurting, let me give you a massage and then another shot.”
    She added more seriously.

    Zora’s cheeks colored more, realizing where her mind had original gone, a fact that Roxanna was well aware of by the smirk that still graced her face.

    “That’s not funny.” Zora replied more quietly.

    “Oh, oh yes it is, you have no idea!” Roxanna laughed.

    “The shirt too.” Roxanna said.

    “But….” Zora began to protest with a suspicious look on her face.

    Roxanna approached the bed and gently removed the pants that Zora had half way down her legs.

    “No one ever comes in without knocking, so quit worrying. It’s not like I asked you to get naked.” Roxanna replied as the smirk began to creep back into a smile.

    Zora cast another suspicious look before complying with Roxanna’s request. Down to her bra and panties, Zora lay on her stomach and wrapped her arms around their pillow. It wasn’t until Roxanna began kneading away at the sore muscles that the first little indication of a grimace crossed her face. It was always that initial beginning of the massage that gave forth the only indication that she was hurting. Roxanna seemed to discover it every time she did this. It didn’t matter if it were in her legs this time, or her back, it’s like the other girl knew exactly where it was.

    “I think you enjoy torturing me.” Zora muffled from the pillow.

    “You always find the sore spot”

    Roxanna’s smile softened to a wistful look and her hands paused in their massage.

    “No, it’s just….I’ve become very aware over the last few years where you’re hurting.”

    Zora turned over at the sound of her Roxanna’s voice and the pause in attention to aching muscles. They had been talking quietly on the way back from their walk about how things had changed, even within themselves. And that introspective look was on Roxanna’s face again.

    “You know the very first kiss you gave me, back when I was first tutoring you. I asked my mom that day if I was gay. I was so confused then.” Zora replied out of the blue.

    Caught off guard by the remark, Roxanna looked at Zora and burst out laughing.

    “What the f***?!” She replied and for the first time ever in front of Zora, Roxanna blushed.

    It was short lived, as Zora herself blushed at her blazon remark.

    “Sorry, I didn’t mean to embarrass you. Life’s been too serious lately and I thought we could use some levity.” Zora remarked rather shyly.

    It was then that it struck the two even more so, how much they had changed. But even then, they were very much the same.

    Roxanna shook her head in amusement and pointed at Zora to lie back on the bed so she could finish her task. There was a soft laugh from Zora as she buried her face back into the pillow. The two remained relatively quiet while Roxanna work Zora’s muscles in her back and legs. Zora was pretty sure she would not be moving as well as she was if Roxanna hadn’t taken this sudden idea to task years ago. It helped, especially with no real doctor in their group and Phyrre not fully trained in her magick skills of healing.
    Roxanna finished just as she felt Zora beginning to fall asleep. Removing her shoes, she joined Zora on the bed and held her girlfriend’s body against her.

    “I’ll give you a shot later, let’s just rest.” Roxanna whispered near her ear.

    Zora hummed softly, before turning suddenly to face Roxanna.

    “Do you think everyone else has changed as much? I mean logically it makes sense that they would but…”

    Zora thought for a moment before continuing.

    “You don’t think it’s affected them in a bad way, do you?”

    Roxanna studied Zora for a moment. Warmth spread through her, the same one she felt when she realized that she loved Zora. A love she had for her long before either of them felt a romantic love for one another. A love that had nothing to do with Roxanna at all, it was a love for her purity and innocence of soul. A love that she would feel regardless of whether they had ever had romantic love for each other, and a love that would continue, not matter what ever happened between them. She would die for Zora; do whatever it took to protect her, so that innocence and purity could thrive in this world.

    “If you’re talking about going totally off the wall bat shit crazy or mass murderer, then no, I don’t think so. But, I wouldn’t put it past a few of them to betray, lie, cheat or steal from the group to protect their own hides.”

    Zora’s eye’s grew wide in concern and Roxanna realized her mistake and spoke before Zora could reply.

    “I mean, you know the ones we know the best, our family and friends. I didn’t know everyone that well and there are a few that you could kind of get the feeling they were capable of that kind of crap.”
    Roxanna added.

    “But just in case you were talking more of the subtleties in behavior, I don’t think anything drastic. Like I don’t think my mom’s gone back to killing just for the sake of it, you know.”

    Zora was quiet for a moment before looking back up into Roxanna’s eyes.

    “I know it’s selfish of me, but I hate thinking of any of them becoming negative or hardening their hearts.” Zora said before going quiet once more.

    “I miss Anya, my mom and dad and brothers and sisters…” Zora sighed.

    “I miss everyone and I hate thinking that they might have drastically changed, that maybe there’s nothing left of who I knew.”

    Roxanna pulled Zora in close and gave her a gentle kiss.

    "I miss V, and my parents...I miss them all too." Roxanna said as she thought of Jakob and the rest of their family and friends.

    “I don’t think they have. I could be wrong, but I didn’t go back to the old me straight off the streets, surely they wouldn’t change that much.”
    Roxanna said, trying to reassure Zora.

    They lay on the bed in each other’s arms until they drifted off to sleep. Both young women full of hopes and dreams about their families and friends that they hadn’t seen in four years.
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    ​Sasha Volkova & Evan Scott

    The underground sanctuary much more crude than any they had been in before, but the current state of the world did not allow the luxury of large purchases, building materials and other such supplies for construction. It would be more than obvious and draw too much attention to their little seen cabin in the woods. At least these forward sections of the tunnels had light and minor livable conditions. The further back you went, torches lit the path and spread light upon nothing but mounds of earth.

    Sasha, Evan and Phrrye entered the room that had become the meeting room. A wooden table surrounded by folding chairs, lights that hung by wire from the wooden struts and boards that made up the ceiling along with maps and scraps of paper stacked on top of the table was the scene that greeted them. The rooms, or dormitories as some had come to call them, were in much better shape. The places where they slept and ate, or heaven forbid the injured we taken were the first to make as habitable as possible.

    It was during construction and completion of these areas that Sasha particularly missed the skills of their allies. Those that still ate solid meals missed Viktoryia terribly at times, but they did their best as a group to try and make up for her absence. Evan and Sasha wondered just how unequal the groups had been split. Had some been heavy with fighters and no medical, or plenty of medical support and no fighters? Questions like these we often discussed and then realized that it was a waste of energy. You cannot undo what has already been done. You hope for the best and push forward to keep those in your company alive, just as sure as they knew the others were doing the exact same thing.

    Phyrre hopped up on one of the folding chairs and reached for some fruit in the middle of the table. Sasha and Evan sat down beside each other and began looking at the mornings notes on construction of the tunnels, supply needs and other topics of the morning meeting. She glanced over at the young fae and noticed she was no sitting on top of the table contentedly eating her fruit. Children were so resilient Sasha noticed. Despite being away from her adoptive parents, Phyrre had grown. She still spoke differently from the rest of the kids, but Sasha let her be naturally who she was. She knew without a doubt that’s how Millie and Lukas would want it to be. It’s how it should be will all children, but Sasha had been witness to parents curtailing their children, molding them and shaping them to be like themselves.

    Phyrre looked up when she noticed Sasha looking at her, and smiled in a way that her pointed teeth were displayed. The hybrid smiled back, laughing in her head at Phyrre’s behavior. No, Phyrre didn’t sound like them, talk like them and most certainly didn’t act like them and Sasha was glad for it. What an atrocity that Phyrre’s own species had been nearly driven to extinction merely because of the way they looked. This loving little healer was a prime example of the fact you should never judge someone, especially on looks alone.

    “Phyrre share fruit.” She said with a smile as she held out her pear toward Sasha and Evan.

    Sasha laughed softly. She loved how Phyrre spoke and it made her think of another adorable little girl.

    “I bet Marianna is driving Sylvia wild with her vocabulary. I wouldn’t put it past her to be secretly looking up the words when no one was around.” Sasha replied in her thick Russian accent.

    Evan, whose attention had been taken from the meeting notes at the sound of Phyrre’s voice, had been quietly observing the young fae too.

    “Thank you Phyrre, but Aunt Sasha and Uncle Evan are fine.”
    He replied.

    He laughed at Sasha’s remark. They had just started to get to know Sergei when they were all separated and he hoped that his entire family was safe. He had missed their times together as a family when still in Budapest.

    “No doubt, but I would venture a further guess as to the fact she’s probably trying to learn as well. Sylvia maybe competitive and a little insecure, but she’s driven when she sets her mind to a task.” Evan replied.

    “Stubbornly so.” Sasha added with a bit of laughter.

    “Yes.” Evan said.

    “Just like a certain hybrid I know and love so well.” He added with a smile.

    Phyrre watched the banter with fascination as pear juice dripped down her chin. She had no idea what they were talking about, but the laughter was a good thing. Seeing as the other two were occupied in conversation Phyrre finished her pear and began to unbuckle her overalls. Without her sisters here to make her clothes and the unnatural feel of clothing anyway, she had resorted to going back to streaking whenever she could. The sudden determined feeling Sasha picked up from Phyrre, brought the hybrids eyes back to the little fae.


    The little red fae’s attention went from her half removed clothing to her aunt. She gave Sasha a sharp toothed grin.

    “Phyrre wants out of these.” She replied, indicating her clothes.

    Sasha had no issues with nudity; the awkwardness was really just a societal taboo. If it hadn’t been for the trauma that many of the girls in their group had suffered, it would only be natural. Humans had sexualized nudity, made it something dirty. If they were living as Phyrre’s clan, her people, this would not be an issue. In truth, the hybrid realized as she began to see more of the world, many cultures still separated their young men and women when they reached adulthood, meaning the time that one either could become pregnant or impregnate someone.

    “I know Phyrre. Aunt Sasha has a better idea than those.” She said indicating the overalls.

    She looked back at Evan. They had just been talking about a supply run and it had not escaped her mind that there were a few birthday’s coming up. It would be the first chance they could really do something fun in a long time.

    “Aunt Sasha has to go shopping. We will get Phyrre something she likes and will wear.”

    Evan chuckled.

    “I think she’s training you well.” Evan replied.

    “Is this Sasha speak?”

    Sasha gave him a mock glare and disregarded the nonsense that had just left his mouth. Phyrre turned her head slightly to the side, trying to figure out what the two adults were talking about. It was all quite fascinating, in a strange way.

    “Come on Phyrre, let’s leave Uncle Evan to the boring paperwork and Aunt Sasha will show you what she means.”

    Momentarily forgetting about her half naked state, Phyrre squealed with delight and lept into Sasha’s awaiting arms. This had a potential for some excitement and fun!
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    Rachel Bardou & Jasmine Sinclair

    'Kill him.'

    Jasmine told the vampire she was training. Nathan Betancourt, her creator and master, had her training the newest recruit on his Coven. She was his right hand Vampire. Loyal to a fault. He saved her from life of prostitution. Saved her from her abusive ex-husband. Made her stronger then she had ever been as a human. She owed him everything and she did everything he demanded. Today, he wanted her to show the new girl the ropes. Yvonne, that was the new blood's name, looked up at Jasmine, with a mixture of being upset and fear on her face. Jasmine had taken her out on her first hunt for blood. A young man, no older then twenty, laid at their feet in a dark alley. Bleeding out from his neck wound.

    'But do I have to? I mean....Can't I just take enough to survive and-'

    'No! We don't let our food live.'

    'Food?! But he's a person and-'

    Jasmine grabbed the young woman by her neck and slammed her against a nearby wall. If Yvonne wasn't afraid before, she was shaking in fear now.

    'No, he's not! He is our food, our prey!'

    Jasmine was repeating what Nathan had told her since he had turned her. Humans were their prey, they were nothing.

    'But I was human and-'

    'You aren't now! You're something better, something greater. Vampires are the superior species on this planet!'

    Jasmine could see Nathan in the shadows, a look of approval on his face as he watched her.

    'We are....'

    "....apex predators."

    Jasmine said quietly to herself out loud to herself.


    A female voice next to her said. Jasmine turned to her companion with an embarrassed smile.

    "Sorry, just an old memory."

    Her companion was Rachel Bardou. Another Vampire, turned by Nathan as well. Although there was a big difference in the circumstances of their turnings. Jasmine wanted Nathan to turn her, Nathan had tried to murder Rachel when she was pregnant with her son, Rafe. Nathan hadn't succeeded, thankfully the community had been able to save her and her son. Looking at Rafe now, at five years old, one would not believe the Hybrid boy had been premature.

    Nathan was the reason they were in each other's lives and had found the community that they had called home. Nathan had hated Rachel and her husband, Chase, for killing his twin brother. Although the killing had been justified, Ethan had tried to attack Rachel. Chase, a Lycan, had killed him to protect his girlfriend. Nathan's actions against the two and others in his home country weren't appreciated and he ran to America to escape persecution. Eventually, Jasmine had met Nathan and he promised her a better life. After what she had went through as a human, being unwanted child and becoming a prostitute to survive, a Vampire and member of his Coven sounded like a better deal.

    And it had been for a decade, until she met the people in Budapest who gave her a chance. Let her have a better life. She had married another one of her old Coven members, Bruno, and they had adopted children together. Four wonderful kids. They had such a good life together until the attack. Too bad one of them was missing. It had been four years and she missed Suzume so much. Was she okay? Did she escape? Jasmine prayed she did. Suzume had been visiting friends when the humans attacked them. She and Bruno had escaped with Toby, Ruthie, and Callie but they didn't find their daughter. She prayed the people Suzume had been with had escaped and she was safe with them. One more year and then she'd know.

    It was awful not knowing but she knew Rachel knew exactly how she felt. After all, Rachel and Chase were missing a child as well. Their adopted son, Levi, had been with his friends too when the attack hit. He was separated from his parents and siblings as well.

    Rachel gave Jasmine a look as she chopped up some carrots. Although she and Jasmine could not enjoy food, others with them still did. Chase was a Lycan as was their adopted son, Piao. Two fo Jasmine's children, Toby and Callie, were also Lycans. They were cooking dinner for the Lycans together. Cooking, it was something that Jasmine had never enjoyed much as a human. She never had enough money to enjoy a good meal. It was in the community and meeting Viktoriya that had gotten her interested in it. It was nice being able to cook, even if she could only enjoy the smell.

    "A Nathan memory?"

    Rachel asked. That's what they called them. 'Nathan memories'. When a Vampire was created, memories from their creator were passed one. Nathan created them both and they had his memories. Very few were pleasant ones. He had been a horrible person. It was good he was dead. He had done enough horrible things to last many lifetimes.

    "Is there any other?"

    Jasmine replied with a half smile and sighed.

    "I was just remembering how he told me humans were nothing to us. Just food and that Vampires were hunters. Apex predators. That we should never, ever forget that.....Maybe he was right...."

    If they had remembered that, maybe their home would have stayed safe. Maybe she'd still have all her children. Rachel sighed.

    "Nathan was a monster. He told you that because he truly believed it. He thought everyone in the world was beneath him. But even after what has happened. Even though I miss Levi just as much as you miss Suzume and all our other family and friends...I don't think he's right. Not all humans are bad. I wasn't."

    Rachel said, she had been a human until about five years ago. She had never judged Chase for what he was. She loved him and accepted him. But she knew now that she was one of the rare humans that weren't afraid of things that were different then them. A majority of humans...It was terrible what the human race could do out of fear.

    "And neither is Oksana."

    Rachel added, referring to the old human, Russian woman that was a part of their group.

    "Apparently you two were one of the few."

    Jasmine said with a smile, stirring the stew in the pot.

    "Callie! Come in and taste this!"

    She called to her youngest child. Her Lycan daughter always tasted the food to see if her mother put too or not enough spices in something. One problem of being a vampire who cooked was not being able to taste your own cooking.

    "Coming, Mom!"

    Callie called back to her. Callie had been her designated food taster since she and Bruno had brought her and Ruthie home. Callie seemed to really enjoy helping her mom and Aunt Rachel in the kitchen.
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    Chase Bardou & Bruno Sinclair

    Living in a nice cabin in the European woods would seem like a dream, except for the fact they were hiding. They had been hiding for the last four years. Ever since the humans attacked their home. To think they used to think it was a sanctuary. They fooled themselves, Chase Bardou thought. It didn't matter if you were nice to them, or helped them. Humans still hated you from being different from them. If you were immortal, you should never let your guard down. Or you would pay the price. He should have remembered that lesson from when he was a kid.

    Chase had been born a Lycan, his family had hidden themselves in the woods in New Zealand too. It was better to stay safe and hidden. It had been a lonely life, though. All he had then was his Pack. It wasn't until he desired to be a doctor that he had actually met other people. He had meet Rachel at the university. She had been a human but different. She never feared him. Not like the most of the human race. She loved him for who he was, even when he hated what he was.

    He used to think he could cure himself. That's why he had went to be a doctor. To cure the Lycan virus. That had been a fool's dream. Rachel never thought he needed to be cured. In time, he had learned to accept that being a Lycan was what he was. He couldn't change that. Nor would he want to now. He wouldn't be able to protect the family he and Rachel had created together. Four awesome kids.

    Chase was making a list of medical supplies as he watched his kids play a board game with Callie and Ruthie, the daughters of his and Rachel's companions. The girls, along with his only daughter Ming, were all teenagers, but they didn't mind playing with the younger boys, Piao and Rafe. He wondered if it helped them not worry so much about what had happened. Their family and friends who were missing. One of his sons was missing. His human son, Levi. One more year. Chase had to tell himself that almost every day. One more year and then he'd know if Levi had been safe all this time. Just missing them as much as they missed him. He had no doubt that Bruno had the same thoughts about his missing daughter, Suzume.

    Chase wouldn't allow himself to imagine any other alternative. When Jasmine called for Callie, Bruno, her husband, came in the room. The Vampire said to him.

    "I figure after we eat, the boy and I will get the supplies from town."

    Chase nodded his head.

    "Did you want me to come with you?"

    Going into town was dangerous, but it was necessary. They needed to get medical supplies. And not just basic ones either. Ming, who had suffered greatly before she had been rescued and adopted, needed antibiotics for her lingering health issues. And Toby, that boy who wasn't really at boy at twenty two, had a prosthetic leg. He hadn't even known Bruno was his father until the night he and Jasmine had rescued him from the people who were forcing the poor kid to be in immortal death matches. Toby had ran and they had shot him in the leg with a silver bullet to try and kill him. Obviously, the boy hadn't died but he had lost his leg in the process. Not that one could tell. He didn't let his disability keep him down but he did need bandages for his leg to keep it from getting chaffed where it met the prosthetic. Plus, Chase needed other supplies to keep creating the sunlight inoculation shots for the Vampires in their group. It didn't make them totally immune from the sun, but they didn't have to only go out at night either. As long as they weren't out around high noon, they were generally safe. Not the mention the kids needed clothes as they got older. And new toys and books so they didn't get too bored.

    Bruno thought a moment and shook his head. It was tempting to take Chase with them, there was safety in numbers, after all. They might be immortal, but humans outnumbered them. It was better to keep your head down and grab what you need. Even if it was hard for the former boxer who was about three pounds and seven feet tall. At least Toby was about as tall as him and people just often commented how tall they were together.

    "Nah, you should stay here and help Jas and Rachel keep the kids safe. Besides, you're the only doctor we got. Makes you pretty valuable."


    Chase replied with a small smile. Thinking it was ironic that Bruno thought he was valuable. His former boss certainly did not think it. After all, Nathan Betancourt had wanted him dead for killing his twin. An action that Chase never regretted and would have done again. Even it met Nathan hunting him and Rachel for over a decade. If Nathan hadn't been turned to dust when he was finally killed, he would probably have been rolling over in his grave knowing that two of his former Coven members were here with his enemy.

    Piao, a seven year old Lycan, tugged at Bruno's hand.

    "When you go on supply run, can you bring back some chocolate, Uncle Bruno?"

    The kids would use the terms aunt and uncle in the cabin. Although Chase and Rachel weren't technically family with Jasmine and Bruno, they were still one. Nathan might have brought them together, but the community made them a family. It was just sad that so much of their extended family was missing. Bruno gave Chase's adopted son a grin.

    "Of course, Piao. If you eat all your food, I'll bring you a king-sized candy bar."

    Bruno said, holding out his hands to show the size of the candy bar he'd bring back.

    "Yay! Thank you!"

    Piao said with a grin and gave Bruno a hug. It was mostly his leg that the young boy hugged, since Bruno was so tall. Chase smiled back, even though he was sure that Piao would have a sugar rush from it. Piao hoped that his mommy and Aunt Jasmine had food done soon. So he could eat and Uncle Bruno and Toby could bring him back a candy bar.
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    ((Eden's memory is a joint collaboration between me and Optimus. ))

    Eden McComb

    'What's this?'

    Eden asked Toby when he handed her a small box. It was wrapped in paper and a had a bow on top of the little box.

    'A present, duh.'

    He told her, pretending to be offended. Eden slapped his arm with a smile on her face.

    'I figured that.'

    'Well, stop staring at it, Eden. It won't open itself.'

    Toby replied and Eden did just that. Inside was a beautiful gold ring. The stone was a ruby, her birthstone.

    'Oh, Toby, it's beautiful! Thank you!'

    Eden exclaimed and tried it on right away. It felt her finger perfectly. She gave her boyfriend a kiss. Toby smiled, pleased his present went over so well.

    'You're welcome.'

    'But what's the special occasion?'

    It wasn't her birthday or what they considered their anniversary. Which was the day they admitted how much they had liked each other after she had been rescued from Nathan Betancourt. Toby smiled at her.

    'You're special and you deserved something special. And....'

    He took a hold of her hand as he added.

    '....It's a promise ring. That I will always be there for you. That someday we'll get married and have a family of our own. And that I love you.'

    "....I love you too, Toby. I still do."

    Eden McComb said sadly to herself as she looked down at the ring Toby had given her all those years ago. She wore it everyday, never took it off. It had been four years since she had seen him. It felt like a lifetime. They had just been teenagers then and now they were both young adults. They had known each other before they were turned. They had went to school together. Life had taken a crazy turn for them both. He had become a Lycan and she a Vampire. She missed him so much.

    Toby wasn't the only one she missed. She missed her uncle AJ and her aunt Ivy. And little Nora, her baby cousin. Well, shit, Nora had to be about five years old now. Not so much of a baby. If she was alive. Eden hoped they were. She missed her family, she couldn't bare the idea of them being dead. Of Toby being dead. It was bad enough her mother had died of cancer before all this had happened. When she and her uncle were still human. She had barely handled losing her mother, especially when she had never had a father. Her uncle and aunt had filled the void she had needed so much in her life being an orphan. Even though she knew it was possible they could be gone. Sasha and Evan tried to keep things positive, but the attack and the continued threat from the humans....It was very likely not everyone survived after all this time.

    Eden would not have survived if not for Sasha. The young Vampire owed the Hybrid her life. She had been with Sasha's group since the attack. She hadn't known Roxanne and Zora too well before all this happened but she considered them good friends now. She liked the family she had here but it didn't mean she didn't miss the rest of her family or Toby. Eden decided it was too depressing to sit in her room and think of who was missing in her lives. Instead, she'd go see what the ones she was with her up to. She left her room to do just that.
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    Hild-brand, Mokihana, and family

    "So the place where the Larson brothers tunneled into somebody else's tunnel is up ahead?" Mokihana looked sharply down at her husband.

    Hild-brand grunted. "That's what they said."

    "So why are they sending us again?" Mokihana pressed.

    "Because you Mu are almost 5 feet tall, so you can just about pass for a short human. None of us gnomes can. We're too short and too gnarled. We might be able to pass for a dwarfs, but even then..." Hild-brand trailed off. The gnomes had done better than most Fae in the purging four years ago, since they'd mostly stuck to their caves underground, and not tried to integrate with humans. That meant they were already in hiding when the mess began. But they were concerned for the others. Not that most would admit it. They worried about their trading partners... and worried they'd need some special pricing if they were found. Few wanted that. That was the other reason they'd been sent, not he'd remind his wife of that. She really resented the way her husband's people treated their non-gnomish trading partners. She often complained that her husband's folk were worse than the menehune (her nephews and niece excepted).

    "Uncle Hild? Are we there yet?" a young voice whined, breaking Hild-brand out of his reverie.

    "Almost," he said, looking back over his shoulder at his niece Leinani. He wasn't quite sure how his wife could be a full-blooded Mu, and have three full-blooded menehune calling her "auntie," but there they were, right behind them. They'd been visiting when the mess started, so they were visiting still. Not even the hardest-hearted of the gnomes in his clan were for sending them back to their family in Hawai'i now. He just wished he trusted the rest of his clan to babysit the kids when they sent him and Mokihana on errands like this, but for all the danger of the errands, both he and Mokihana felt the kids were safer with them.

    "I think I found it! Mokihana called from ahead. Her longer stride had taken her ahead again while was thinking.

    "Let me see!" Hild-brand called back. He rounded the curve, and found his wife crouched down where the tunnel ended. At the base was some wood where good dirt should be in the tunnel wall. "Yes, that matches their description," He agreed.

    "Let me see! Let me see!" Leilani and her two brothers, 'Ohia'ai and Kalani, cried as they ran to catch up with the grownups.

    All five looked at the wood.

    "Well? What do we do now? Mokihana finally asked.

    Hild-brand just grunted. He knelt, and shoved at the wood. It slid forward. He shoved it more, until there was enough room for him to crawl thru.

    "Well? What do you see Uncle Hild?" Kalani called, excited to finally be doing something besides walking.

    "It's a tunnel," Hild-brand told him. "It's not Gnomish-make but it shouldn't collapse today." He crawled back thru the hole to join the rest.

    "So... my turn." Mokihana firmed her lips, knelt down, and crowled thru the hole, glad she was slimmer than her husband. It was a tight fit for him, but she made it without too much trouble. "Yeah, it's a tunnel. Stay here. Let me go ahead to see what I find. She walked down the tunnel, carefully making a tiny pile of stones when it branched, to show her which way she'd come from. Eventually she found some light ahead, and approached cautiously. When she heard voices she froze, then carefully peeked around the corner, wondering who and what she'd find.
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    Blog Entries

    ​Zora Yeats & Roxanna Volkova

    It was a nightmare, the sound of bullets zipping in the air, the screaming and crying, and then the blood. So much blood. Roxanna absently licked her lips. What a hellish way to start the night. Preparations were being made to evacuate everyone safely, groups had been made up of family units, some of the older kids split to other groups so they could keep a balance of skill sets amongst them all. But it had all fallen to shit, in a matter of moments. Still, as much as her parents had prepared her and V for this moment, she was still shocked.

    Living on the street for awhile, it was a war zone in its own way, but this, this was insanity. She’s been raised in a brothel for most of her existence, but none of that life had even prepared her for this moment. Roxanna didn’t even have a word to describe how time seemed to go fast and slow at the same time. Living beings, some she did not know that well, falling to stray bullets, running while consumed by fire, it was utter madness.

    She was almost always with Veronika, wherever they went and tonight was no different. They had just finished saying goodnight to the Kazlar’s, telling all their kids they’d see them in the morning. What a joke?! She understood for the first time what it meant when Father Marek spoke about not saying you will go her and do this today, or go there. She couldn’t quite remember the sermon, but the concept stuck. Arrogance and pride to think the individual was actually in control of anything.

    Flashes of Tash and Liliya flashed through her mind, their friends, extended family. Roxanna saw the same look at Veronika when she looked at her face. It was only a second of time as they dashed with immortal speed to make their way to their own family. Hiding behind a partition, long enough to catch their breath.

    “V!” It was the only word Roxanna got out of her mouth before they were startled by Katherine.

    “Girls, now, move. Follow me, we’re getting all of you out of here first.”

    That was when Roxanna realized that everyone was moving the children to safety and that all the others were fighting and distracting their invaders so that they could make their escape. Verionika was the first one to voice Jakob and Katherine assured them they he was fine and that they would all be joining him soon. They quickly followed Katherine and Roxanna would freely admit, this was the first time she’d actually cared enough about her own life to be afraid of losing it.

    An explosion rocked the ground and bodies and debris littered the air. It was difficult to ascertain friend from foe, but Roxanna saw Alexander hit the wall with a heavy thud.


    She didn’t even have time to respond further than that, because Katherine was beside her with a firm grip on her arm. Her shocked face looked up at Katherine, and then she saw the determination in her mother’s eyes, the calm of her face.

    “Trust him Roxanna, we have to get you out of here. Let’s go.”

    A glance back and she was torn, but she went to obey her mother’s request. Veronika was ahead of them with her cat tucked in her shirt and her dog faithfully remaining by her side to protect her. A step forward and then another, her body was moving again but it seemed so slow. She looked around at the debris, hearing her mother’s voice in the background noise. She looked up and Katherine was once again leading them out of the destruction, shielding them from anything that might take them away from her.

    That’s when movement caught her out of the corner of her eye, a body in the debris.

    “Zora!” There was no thinking, she immediately ran to the fallen lycan and began pitching debris aside to help her to her feet.

    Somewhere in the back of her mind she heard Veronika yelling her name. She spared a glance and in that moment the two sisters shared words without ever uttering them. She had this, she would look after Zora and try and meet up with them. But the look was more than that, it was saying, live. It was a promise that they would see each other again, promises that Roxanna rarely made unless they meant something. With reluctance, she saw her sister nod her head and move to follow Katherine.

    Roxanna quickly turned her attentions back to Zora, and began lightly slapping the side of the girls face.

    “Zora, you have to get up, we need to leave!”


    “Roxanna, wake up, I’m here.” Zora urged.

    A soft hand touched the side of Roxanna’s face as the younger vampire’s eyes fluttered open. She was greeted with a sad smile, something Roxanna thought still looked remarkably beautiful despite the sadness part.

    “Sorry, it’s been awhile, I don’t know what brought that on.”

    Roxanna sat up in their bed and rubbed her eyes, while Zora scrutinized her girlfriends well being.

    “What?!” Roxanna laughed.

    “I’m fine, really.”

    Zora gave her a dubious look and then crawled over time Roxanna, stopping long enough to kiss her and then set about getting herself dressed. Roxanna just watched, stuck between the nightmare and watching Zora. She must have been half asleep when Zora startled her with an offered hand to help her off the bed.

    “Come on, let’s go get something to eat. Maybe Eden is around, I think we can all use some time together.”

    Roxanna just smirked, quickly put her shoes back on and took the offered hand. They left their room hand in hand working their way to the common sections of the tunnels when they met up with Eden.

    “Hey Eden!” Roxanna greeted the other girl.

    “Hi Eden.” Zora replied much softer.

    “Roxanna and I were just headed to the common areas, specifically to get something to eat. Would you like to join us?!
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