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Thread: Hiding Out

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    Rachel Bardou

    Rachel gave Lina a smile back.

    "It definitely is not. Marriage is work, but it is worth it."

    Rachel never regretted once her decision to marry Chase. She'd go through everything all over again, to be with him.

    "He entered our life at the right time. Just like how Ming, Piao, and Levi did."

    Levi...She missed him so. She felt awful that he was not with them. He had no one before and it didn't seem it was that long before they were separated from him. She hoped to be reunited with him again someday.
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    Chase Bardou

    Chase gave Shazia a kind smile when he saw her tear up when he gave her the book. Education was something that many people in the world took for granted. For immortals, a formal education was not possible now. He'd do his best to be a good teacher and mentor to her, though. He truly believed she would be a good doctor.

    "You're welcome."

    He replied back to her.

    "There is a lot to learn, but it'll be worth it."

    He told her. Becoming a doctor was a long journey but it was a rewarding one. Especially when people got into the field for the right reasons.

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