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    Underworld: Aftermath - Bios 2.0

    Underworld: Aftermath - Bios 2.0

    Any Character being used for the Re-boot(NPC or PC) can be posted & listed here.

    Karina Kazlar
    Phyrre Kazlar
    Father Marek
    Evan Scott
    Roxanna Volkova
    Sasha Volkova
    Zora Yeats
    Declan McDermott
    Clare Murphy

    The Zaidi Family


    ================================================== ==================================================

    Quote Originally Posted by Quaxo9
    Underworld: Aftermath - Character Bios Sheet

    We'd like to see a lot of thought put into the characters in this RP and would like to see character biographies follow a guideline similar to the following:

    Physical Description:
    Personal Effects:

    Now, please do feel free to add to these categories, but we feel this is a good general outline to follow so everyone can get to know your characters a little better before their characters bump into them!
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    This is just a list of current characters. Bios will come up later once I know who all will be active. Statuses may change from time to time too.

    Sasha Volkova - hybrid (active)
    Evan Scot - Vampire (Sasha's mate - active)
    Siri Angelique - Hybrid 5 years old (Sasha and Evan's daughter)
    Millie Katherine - Hybrid 5 years old ( Siri's twin sister)
    Annelie Volkova - Vampire -15 years old (Annelie has a twin named Ash who is a Golem - she is MK's character. Annelie will be where ever Ash is )
    Mikhail - Human 9 years old (Adoptive son of Sasha and Evan)
    Alexander Volkov - hybrid (Sasha's twin brother - MIA)
    Katherine Volkova - Vampire (Alexander's wife - MIA)
    Jakob Volkov - Hybrid - 5yrs old (Alexander & Katherine's son - MIA)
    Roxanna Volkova - Vampire - 22 years old (Alexander & Katherine's adoptive daughter - Active)
    Angelique Valois - Vampire (MIA - possibly with Amelia's old coven)
    Stephan - Lycan (Angelique's mate - MIA but likely with Angelique)
    Danielle Rene Valois - Hyrbid - 5 years old (MIA - Angelique and Stephan's daughter. She would be where they are)
    Antonio - Vampire ( MIA - Likely with Davia and Rebecka)
    Rebecka Ten Feathers - lycan, shapeshifter (wolf) - 27 years old (MIA - Likely with Antonio and Davia)
    Jacques - Lycan (doctor) (MIA - Likely with Gabriella his wife and his two daughters)
    Gabriella - Vampire (MIA - Likely with Jacques and her daughters Nadine and Desiree (5 years old))
    Rosa Santiago - Lycan - (Surrogate family for Sergei, Sylvia, Marianna and Zach - MIA)
    Armand Santiago - Lycan - (Husband of Rosa - part of a secret society of immortals)
    Liesel - Vampire - (MIA - likely with her husband Chester and their children all posted by MK)
    Sergei - Lycan - Ex military, Police Chief (MIA but most likely with his wife Sylvia and children Marianna and Zach)
    Marianna - Hybrid 9 years old (MIA - most likely with her parents and brother)
    Lukas Kazlar - Lycan (MIA - with Millie and some of their kids)
    Phyrre - Fae healer 8 years old (Active with Sasha, Evan and their group)
    Sami - Human 10 years old (MIA- Likely with Lukas and Millie)
    Timotei - Human 11 years old (MIA - Likely with Lukas and Millie)
    Muriel - Pixie ll years old (MIA likely with Lukas and Millie)
    Emily - Vampire/Fae/Djinn 19 years old (MIA likely with Millie and Lukas)
    Anya - Lycan 24 years old ( MIA with Tim and Helen her adoptive parents most likely)
    Zora - Lycan 23 years old (Zora's sister and Tim and Helen's adoptive daughter - Active with Sasha and Evan)
    Pyotr - Human 14 years old (With his adoptive mom and dad Loreen and Boris most likely - MIA)
    Pavel - Human 12 years old (MIA Pyotr's brother)
    Alisa - Human 11 years old (MIA Pyotr's sister)
    Viktoriya - Hybrid by genetic experimentation - (Lukas' mother and Dmitri's wife - MIA - Likely with one or both of them)
    Karina - 17 years old but looks 23 - Hybrid by genetic manupulation (MIA - Daughter of Viktoriya and likely with one of her family membersL)
    Violet - Vampire ( MIA- Likely with her husband Shigure and daughter Arrah)
    Jesse - Vampire - 5 years old (MIA - With his mother and Shigure and Arrah most likely)
    Adrijana - Vamprie (MIA - Likely with her love and possibly with Amelia's Coven)
    Nicholas Thompson - Lycan (Lawyer) - (MIA - Likely with his son and Junie and her children)
    Dr. Megan Kearney - Lycan (Neurosurgeon) - ( Unknown)
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    Here's a brief list, expanded bios to come:

    Rachel Bardou- Vampire. 34 years old. Wife of Chase. Adopted mother of Ming and Piao. Biological mother of Rafe. Also adopted mother of Levi, who is missing.
    Jasmine Sinclair- Vampire. 51 years old. Wife of Bruno. Adopted mother of Toby, Ruthie, and Callie. Also adopted mother of Suzume, who is missing.
    Ming Bardou- Vampire. 16, almost 17, years old. Adopted daughter of Rachel of Chase. Biological half sister of Piao (shared biological mother). Adopted sister of Rafe and Levi.
    Ruthie Sinclair- Vampire. 15 years old. Adopted daughter of Jasmine and Bruno. Biological half sister of Toby (shared biological mother). Biological full sister of Callie. Adopted sister of Suzume.
    Callie Sinclair- Lycan. 13 years old. Adopted daughter of Jasmine and Bruno. Biological half sister of Toby (shared biological mother). Biological full sister of Ruthie. Adopted sister of Suzume.
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    Chase Bardou- Lycan. 38 years old. Husband of Rachel. Adopted father of Ming and Piao. Biological father of Rafe. Also adopted father of Levi, who is missing.
    Bruno Sinclair- Vampire. 53 years old. Husband of Jasmine. Biological father of Toby. Adopted father of Ruthie and Callie. Also adopted father of Suzume, who is missing.
    Toby Sinclair-Lycan. 22 years old. Biological son of Bruno. Adopted son of Jasmine. Biological half brother of Ruthie and Callie (shared biological mother). Also adopted brother of Suzume.
    Piao Bardou- Lycan. 7 years old. Adopted son of Rachel and Chase. Biological half brother of Ming (shared biological mother). Adopted brother of Rafe and Levi.
    Rafe Bardou-Hybrid. 5 years old. Biological son of Rachel and Chase. Adopted brother of Ming, Piao, and Levi.

    I'll do expanded bios later.

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    The Zaidi Family

    Asif: A Lycan. He is a skilled fighter but engages in combat only reluctantly, having tired of war long before, but he always seems to be dragged into battle to protect someone or defend his home.

    Lina: A Lycan. Asif's wife and an accountant by profession. She was badly injured by a landmine prior to being turned, and now uses a wheelchair. For many years Lina was missing and presumed dead, but she and Asif were reunited while the group was living in Budapest. Lina is a calm, steady, determined person.

    Shazia: A Lycan. She is twenty years old. She is their niece and has lived with them for a number of years since she and her sister were rescued from a pack of vile Lycans. Shazia is quiet, smart, and studious. She would like to go to medical school someday, but the current immortal situation prevents that.

    Samira: A Lycan. She is nineteen years old and is Shazia's biological sister. She too is Asif and Lina's niece and lives with them. Samira is more outgoing and gregarious than her older sister.

    Charu: A Fae. She is seventeen years old. She was taken in by Asif and Lina's family and became an honorary niece too. She has really blossomed living with them, and has grown into a strong and compassionate person.

    Taara: A Lycan. She is Asif and Lina's daughter. She is five years old. Her parents have done their best to give her the most normal life possible under the circumstances of the persecution of immortals, and she is a confident, happy child.
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    Hild-brand Heri-mann-son, a local gnome from a nearby clan who've been laying low right along. He looks like short, gnarled Caucasian.

    Mokihana, his wife. A Mu from Hawai'i - one of the the taller, less magical little folk of that land. She looks like a 4 foot 9 inch Polynesian.

    Leinani, Mokihana's (and Hild-brand's) hanai (adopted) niece. Older hapai (genetic) sister to 'Ohia'ai and Kalani. She looks like 3 foot 6 inch Polynesian.

    'Ohia'ai, Mokihana's (and Hild-brand's) hanai (adopted) nephew. Younger hapai (genetic) brother to Leinani. Hapai twin brother to Kalani; older by ten minutes. He looks like 3 foot 3 inch Polynesian.

    Kalani, Mokihana's (and Hild-brand's) hanai (adopted) nephew. Younger hapai (genetic) brother to Leinani. Hapai twin brother to Kalani; younger by ten minutes. He looks like 3 foot 4 inch Polynesian.
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    Clara Crooktail, a European bobcat/human shape shifter. She is Horace's older sister, and appears Caucasian in human form.

    Horace Crooktail, a European bobcat/human shape shifter. He is Clara's younger brother, and appears Caucasian in human form.
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    Sasha Volkova

    Sasha is a hybrid by birth; she and her twin brother Alexander were born in raised in Russia. For centuries they lived there with a family group of like minded mortals and immortals. Sasha’s first encounter with Boris’ Pack in Budapest was through the Fae Millie Yeats. A bond formed between the two women and eventually Sasha’s own family began to migrate to Budapest to form an alliance with both groups. Through disastrous circumstances, the Volkova home in Russia was destroyed and the remaining Volkova family members, both human and immortal joined with Boris’ Pack. A new family was formed and they have weathered the changing climate together.

    Sasha can be stubborn and set in her ways. She is very caring and often driven to martyr herself for the ones she loves. She is currently on a road to new discovery, re-examining her ideals, beliefs and behavior. The hybrid is discovering that you truly never stop evolving and changing and when you do, you are truly dead. Sasha’s mate is Evan and together they have two biological twin daughters Siri and Little Millie, one adopted human son Mikhail, and two adoptive twin daughters, Annelie a vampire and Ash a golem.

    Evan Scott

    Evan is a vampire from England. He was turned in his 30’s by a rogue vampire. Evan is quiet by nature, not one to desire the spot light put on him. He is protective, patient very self-sacrificing. Evan is very willing to see to others needs above his own. Recently, he has risen above his desire to let others lead and taken on the leadership of the group that escaped the immortal purge. He is Sasha’s mate and is constantly astounded at how his love grows for her more each day.

    Roxanna Volkova

    Roxanna lost her human parents when she was just three; her uncle adopted her and abused her as a child. Once her uncle was finished with her, he sold her to a brothel where she spent the remainder of her human life until she was 17. When Roxanna was in the brothel, she anonymously tried to take care of another little girl Liliya when she could by leaving her food when she had it. The brothel burned down and Roxanna was living on the streets. During that time one of Viktor’s old Coven members, Adrijiana turned Roxanna. The young teenage vampire was left unattended and went on a wild rampage in the streets of Budapest.

    She was rescued and adopted by Katherine Volkova, Sasha’s sister-in-law. Having shared a similar beginning Katherine and Alexander adopted the reluctant teen. Things were difficult for Roxanna for a while, but with the help of Liliya, Tash and her sister Veronika, Roxanna adjusted to life as a Volkova. When the purge happened, she was separated from part of her family while saving Zora Yeats. The two have since then kindled a romantic relationship.

    Roxanna is a no nonsense type of vampire, she speaks her mind often without thinking. She can come across as rude, crude and non-caring when in fact the opposite is true. Roxanna looks at life practically; fairy tales are something you read about in books, although at times she feels like she’s dreaming with having a family and Zora in her life.

    Zora Yeats

    Zora is a Lycan who was turned in a small village in Europe. Zora is quiet by nature and can be very shy; and she is a very happy go lucky type of gal. Turned at the age of 16 she was taken in by Anya, a young lycan who had lost her parents to an accident. Having been raised by an elderly couple, Zora left and traveled with Anya for a year before an old enemy of the Volkov family tricked the girls and held them prisoner. Anya protected Zora from Tyr and his men by taking the brunt of the abuse. Luckily, the newly formed alliance with Boris’ Pack and the Volkov Family brought about a rescue when Millie Yeats had been captured.

    Zora and Anya were adopted by Millie’s adopted parents, Tim and Helen Yeats. Zora adors Helen and took after her mother in a desire to be a teacher. Zora was injured in a terrorist blast while taking her entrance exams for University. Zora almost lost the use of her legs through a spinal injury that her natural healing could not completely repair. If it had not been for her sister Anya, she would likely be bound to a wheel chair.

    During the purge, Zora was separated from her family when the attack happened on the compound. Nearly knocked unconscious, she was rescued by Roxanna and escaped with Evan and Sasha’s small group. During the four years a blossoming love developed with Roxanna and the two have been together since. Zora has spent her time helping keep a sense of normalcy by teaching the younger kids and helping teach new languages so the group can blend in to society. She, like many of the others is patiently counting down the time she can be reunited with the rest of her family. She has never been separated from Anya, since the two were together.

    Karina Kazlar

    Karina is a genetically engineered hybrid. It is not fully known what all Karina is or can do. She was born to Viktoryia and Richard Kazlar, both lycans. Karina’s mother was turned, and for 13 years she did not know that her mother’s abusive ex-husband was her father. Richard was born a lycan and a mean drunk who had little regard for anything other than himself.

    Karina’s environment was in isolation, beneath the ground in labs. From conception her DNA had been altered and toyed with. Her only saving grace was her mother Viktoryia. Her mother was the calm in her storm, the reason in an irrational and chaotic world. Any sense of emotion, values or morals been influenced by her mother. Viktoriya taught Karina to be who she is, regardless of what men may or may not have done to her.

    She and her mother were rescued when the military captured one of their experiments that had gotten away from them, Rebecka Ten Feathers. The young hybrid was reunited with her brother Lukas, whom she had heard of but had never met. In the process, Karina discovered a large family who was very acceptant of her differences. Shortly after their rescue, Karina’s mom fell in love with a vampire named Dimitri, who had been a Death Dealer in Viktor’s old coven. Dmitri helped Karina with her struggles of being created as a killing machine, introduced her to ballet and treated her as if she had been his own daughter. Karina also has a sister Dawn, whom she has shared a passion for the ballet with and a younger adopted sister named Darya who is human. When the purge happened, Karina’s mother was pregnant and she was separated from her entire family in the chaos.

    Karina has had 12 years of programming by the military; she is a very proficient killer, very analytical and contains a strategic mind. She is quiet and introspective by nature, seeming aloof but is always listening and paying attention to the things around her. She has a love for ballet and a fascination with seeing other places after having spent most of her life in doors. Karina appears to be the age of a young woman in her early twenty’s due to the genetic manipulation, but she is only 16.
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    Phyrre Kazlar

    Phyrre is a fae. She was discovered at the age of 3 by Millie and Lukas Kazlar while vacationing in Canada. Phyrre’s parents had died protecting her from a hungry grizzly bear. Phyrre’s species of fae are healers, and she is no exception. Their species of fae are very trusting; they have met no stranger as the term goes. It is because of this and their appearance that have driven them to near extinction. Phyrre’s people in literary terms are demonic looking, according to the written word of men. They have red skin, a forked tail, horns and usually dark hair. They have three fingers and toes on each hand and foot.

    Phyrre is an exceptional healer for her age; she is agile, and for someone so small she is very strong, especially her tail. Phyrre has a tendency to leap and jump almost primate like and she will never grow past the height of 4’. Phyrre is very loving and accepting; her favorite things are cuddling and “fixing,” which is her way of asking to heal someone. And Phyrre is very prone to getting into trouble, innocently, and loves to sleep in the beds of her siblings.

    Phyrre is the second smallest and youngest of Millie and Lukas’ children. She misses her family very much and has been prone to constantly be looking for them. Sasha, Evan and the others have taken to keeping the youg fae occupied and loved on so she will not be melancholy.
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    Father Marek: A Vampire. He was working as a Catholic priest in a poor neighborhood when he attempted to help what he thought was a homeless human teenager and ended up being turned against his will and dragged into the world of immortals. Marek was defrocked and excommunicated by the Church when humans learned about immortals and it was discovered that he was a Vampire, but he still considers himself a priest and seeks to serve as best he can wherever he finds himself.

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