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    Haunted house investigation

    Haunted house investigation

    I promise I keep trying not to have new ideas, but my brain just won't cooperate. >.>

    Well, this is actually an old-ish idea, since I had this as a roleplay elsewhere, but ended up dropping it. Without further ado, here goes nothing:

    Plot blurb: The story would be centered around a small group of paranormal investigators. They would be called whenever a house or location seemed to be haunted and given free reign to investigate and rid the place of the spirits - if at all possible. The team would count with three characters: a spirit medium (I'd be taking this one), an investigator - probably, but not necessarily, someone with ties to the police force (free) and a priest of any religious denomination, to help with the getting rid of them part (free). These three would probably be a pretty close-knit group, and have been together for a while, having gone through some rough moments as a group that have solidified their friendship. Ages, places of origin, backstory, gender, etc, it would all be up to the takers. If needed, maybe we can fit in more characters, though I don't really have an idea about it for now.

    So, I guess that would be it. Oh, yeah. Slow pace, characters would be regular humans. Any questions or interest, feel free to reply here!

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    I really want to do this again with you. I'm just torn between the investigator or the priest. Leaning towards investigator personally.

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    Nice! I really hope someone picks up the priest!

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