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    She wasn’t sure if a discussion about the Houses was going to be important to Alexis at the moment, but Oreina was prepared to answer her when Mortin offered his gourde filled with Tebryna’s water. Unsure of how Alexis would react, she stayed her tongue and watched her friend carefully. No response of familiarity at all – Oreina could feel Alexis’ frustration and her heart went out to her. This was going to be a long road to recovery.

    At least her manners hadn’t completely disappeared – inviting Mortin to breakfast was such a definitive Alexis move and Oreina couldn’t help but break into a smile, if even momentarily. Falling in beside Mortin, her face grew serious.

    “I’m not sure what caused your difficulty in arriving here, Mortin, but we have been fighting an all but invisible foe for quite some time now. It is possibly that … whoever it is or they are…behind it.”

    Her lips parted in a sad smile, “And everyone keeps saying that. In spite of the fact that I gathered up my memories, I didn’t manage to turn out quite the same person as I was before. I’m still deciding on whether or not that is a bad thing.” She shrugged and took an extra two strides to come alongside Alexis.

    She listened to her sister’s voice – the frustration, the longing, the questioning – and hoped that regaining memories would go better for Alexis than it had for her. Oreina chuckled lightly at Alexis’ admission, though.

    “You say that – but I’m sure once we get to practicing, you’ll be wishing for a seat at the table. Trust me, you will need all the energy you can get.”

    The cabin had been repaired since Asha’s quick response to her mistress’ suffering. It never ceased to amaze Oreina how the planet looked after all its inhabitants, even down to structures that weren’t quite natural. She skipped up the steps, counting the knotholes as she went. The number hadn’t changed over the years and she took some strange comfort in that. Less strange was the comfort of standing in the kitchen with a hot skillet and bodies in the room.

    “How do you want your eggs?” she asked, without looking at either of her companions.
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    Mortin accepted his Gourde back and attached it back too his waist again.

    "Sinister, right. I get that one wrong."

    Mortin reached into his armor and pulled out a small capsule and pushed it before
    dropping it too the ground, It a poof a large wardrobe stand appeared. Mortin remover
    his armor and placed in in an alcove, then remover his boots into anther alcove just
    below where he placed his amour. Finally he removed his gloves and placed them into
    a drawer. From another drawer he pulled a t-shirt that he put on over the spandex shirt
    and then remover some pants and a pair of boots which he put on before touching a
    button not the side of the stand. In another poof it disappeared back into the capsule
    which Mortin picked up and placed in his pocket... Mortin watched as Oreina and Alexis
    few too Alexis home... Air swirled a Mortin raised of the ground and few at speed
    to catch up shifting slightly from side to side to miss trees and bushes effortlessly.
    Mortin touched down in front of Alexis home. Mortin stepped in side removing his shoes
    at the front door. Walking in he passes Oreina and Alexis into the kitchen before
    pulling out a couple of frying pans and some bowls easily as if it was his own home.

    "That's okay Oreina, I'm quite happy too cook for you two. The usual

    Mortin looked at Alexis for a moment then scratched his head and smiled.

    "Sorry, Eggs & french toast with bacon?"
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    Alexis cast Oreina a sidelong glance.

    “Seriously, you think that this is preferential to flying, or running through the forest?”

    As she walked she turned her head fully to glance at Oreina, a slight sniff in the air to remind her of the wildness the two shared, and Alexis actually barked out laughter.

    “Why do I find that difficult to believe? Bring on it on sister!” She teased.

    She ignored the fact that Mortin was changing his clothes in the middle of the day out here in the open. She’d blushed enough at Oreina’s teasing, she wouldn’t be caught dead looking at him if he was stripping down to his skin. Truth be told, she was too occupied anyway by thoughts going in and out of her mind about this situation she was in.

    Thoughts like, why do I even care. I don’t remember these people, I don’t know them. It’s not my fault. But then, the little flashes of memory, Oriena had been one of two she saw with wings as she had slumbered. And she could not deny this strange bond of kinship, of sisterhood from the other goddess either. Mortin may not feel familiar, but that didn’t change the fact that the memories could return. And then there was Asha, the planet itself did feel like her child. It was strange, because Alexis could not recall any memories, let alone any “children.”

    It was just this feeling, and if anything is true about having amnesia, wouldn’t one stay true to their character? Unless of course they were hiding behind a mask regarding their true nature, but somehow that didn’t feel like her. She didn’t feel like one to hide behind masks or anything really.

    The whoosh of air as Mortin passed them both brought Alexis out of her deep thoughts. It was only when she was faced with two strangers in her home standing in front of her with pans that Alexis felt another familiar feeling.

    “Somehow….this feels wrong, like I should be the one over there, and not the other way around.”

    Alexis didn’t say this because this was supposedly her home, but purely on instinct. If Mortin didn’t notice, Oreina would definitely detect the slight dilation of her pupils as she looked at the two of them, as if dazed. She refocused when Mortin addressed her.


    Alexis in her youth, was controlled more by her feral nature and the sound of bacon had caused her to salivate. It had to be a meat; why else would she react in such a manner. Her stomach growled.

    “Umm..that sounds wonderful, thank you.” She replied to Mortin.

    “Are both of you cooking?” Alexis added.

    “Because if not…” She began, turning her gaze to Oreina.

    “I was hoping that you could answer some questions about William and why he seems to stir anger in you.”
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    There was a moment of relief when Alexis indicated that she felt like she should be the one in the kitchen, not the other two. Sure, it wasn’t a full memory, but it was something. Her smile faded a bit with Alexis’ request. So she’d caught that, had she. Apparently the young amnesiac hadn’t forgotten how to be an empath. She sighed lightly, set the kettle on the back of the stove, tossed some herbs from Lyria into the teapot and set herself down on a chair at the table.

    “I’m sorry Alexis. I shouldn’t have let you see that.” She pressed her index finger against her left temple and squinted, but not because she was having difficulty remembering the details, but more to set them into an order that would be best received by her friend. The last thing she wanted to do was predispose Alexis toward a negative impression of William. It wasn’t going to be easy, but nothing was going to come easy for Alexis, so why should she shy away from the hard questions?

    “Yes, ask questions. Always ask questions. As for why I don’t always feel amicable towards William, I suppose it’s that…” oh this was hard. To have to say it outloud made it so much more…certain. “the way he isn’t there to back you up when you need him. He wasn’t present for the birth of most of your children. It just…reminds me of how…my husband acted before he left.”

    There. That was it. She didn’t like how Alexis’ marriage mirrored her own. But maybe, just maybe she wondered why Alexis and William managed to make it work and she and Jas didn’t.

    “I don’t want to leave you with just that. You and William have always had a strong marriage. You both have this drive to protect worlds and galaxies that can’t take care of themselves. It’s that drive that often has you in different places.”

    She leaned back in her chair and let out a puff of air.

    “I just…I guess I just never understood what you two have.”

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    "You would, but from time to time I'd cook for you."

    Mortin caught the odd look from Alexis and laughed.

    "Right, you've no memories & I'm from...."

    Mortin trailed off, before picking it up again....

    "Where I'm from, Originally before I met Oriena. Is very different
    from this place... I've tried too adapt, but I still find some things persist. Bacon being
    one of them."

    Mortin paused for a moment at Alexis question.

    "Honestly, I can't really say much.... I've only met him a couple times....
    He's a nice guy.... as far as our conversations. They've all been about you.... The last time
    we talked he said he was going too be gone for awhile and asked if I could watch out for you, well
    he was gone.... Beyond that I don't really know him..."

    Mortin turned back too preparing the food and reading the pans. Mortin caught him self
    sneaking a peek back at Alexis.... She definitely didn't look the same as the last time he
    saw her...

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    They say light can travel for so long and even reach the very end of the known universes. They also say you could be bathing under the light of a star that died for so long ago. Light had been the subject of such admiration for every civilization that ever existed. Light has always been paired with life. And as suns rose, the spark of living things popped all over the worlds. The death of a sun also meant the end of everything. Such was the power of sunlight.

    But what about the light that wasn't pure enough? The light that didn't have a right of its own. The light that was just a simple reflection of a mayor star. That kind of light wasn't as revered as the sun's, and was so often related with mental illness and all kinds of hidden passions. What about the mooonlight? It didn't have the strenght to lighten an entire world, since it was just a fake reflection, a dream of power that never was.

    And what about a lost shred of moonlight? What about a soft broken ray of light that lost its course and just bounced from world to world looking for something it could recognize? The universe seemed the same, yet it was different, and it knew it all too well.

    For how long it traveled, it was impossible to comprehend, but it saw something familiar at Asha and it just had to be there. Even if its glow was starting to fade. Even if it was growing extinct. It just had to be there.

    The reflection of a long gone moon finally arrived to Asha and from there it reached a place that called to it. It didn't know if it was a castle, a home, or just its final destination. It just recognized the light vibrations of some creatures dwelling it. Alexis... Oreina... Mortin... They seemed so familiar, it needed to join them, to be there.

    The shred of light went through a window and crashed it as it started to look all too human for its own good. The broken glass cut through her face, arms and torso as she fell on a very cold floor. It should have been hurt, but just by looking into her face you could tell she was not in pain. In fact, she was smiling.

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    She could feel it in the shift of the mood in Asha, in Oreina and even slightly in Mortin. There was a sadness, anger, and commitment that raged through them all at the moment. And as Alexis' mind sifted through these emotions, she watched and listened to Oreina and Mortin.

    "Don't apologize."
    She replied to Oreina.

    "I have no reference as to what marriage, having children or any of this is. I suppose, it's like being an infant again. It's a clean slate, waiting to be filled."

    Alexis wasn't sure where her words came from, intuition maybe? She just felt it, as if it was right for her. Instinct maybe, it was the strongest thing in her and she was connected not only to Asha, but to every living thing on this planet.

    "Honestly Oreina, I have no...ill feelings toward this William. I don't even remember him."

    She felt the hesitation, saw it in Oreina and even though she was the one without the memory, her heart felt this ache for this woman, this kindred spirit. Then the words of truth came out from this feeling that Oreina finally spoke. Alexis pondered her words and said the only thing she could, she went with her intuition.

    "Most mammals take mates to continue their species. They don't stay with each other, they don't couple up. I know there are some creatures in the wild that do, but it is a rarity. Maybe the answer is just that simple. Maybe this William and I were compatible enough to want to raise a family, but his presence wasn't always needed."

    That left the underlying question of love. It was the word that formed in the back of her mind, that feeling she felt from Oreina, that strange need to want to help and protect this woman despite her own dilema. Except, Alexis didn't really see a dilema. She had no memories, what was she supposed to do about it? For the sake of these nagging feeling that "her children' were in danger, Alexis would not feel compelled to want to force any memories back into her mind. She would except regaining them or never having them return. Only, there was a sense of urgency and she put her own feelings back so that she could focus on this need to find the children.

    This experience was definitely strange. The feelings, the thoughts that swirled around her from everyone and from herself. There would be answers, she knew this but she felt no need to focus on them if they were not pertinent to helping to find her kids. They were in trouble, she felt it, even if she didn't remember them.

    Two different perspectives of the same being, only Alexis could not add her own at the moment. Mortin's experience seems to be less, emotional? Was that what she was feeling? She drew on her instant knowledge of instinct and pulling from the creatures that lived on Asha, she knew it was because of the purpose that males and females each held. Females are meant to be nurturing, emotional, males were not. Was it simply because they were made to send on their seed and protect that which was theirs? Males were expendable, they could not do as females did, nor the other way around. Was it really this simple?

    "I appreciate you looking out for me." Alexis said to Mortin, before turning to Oreina.

    "Both of you."

    Her mind was turning these thoughts over and over when she felt the sudden alarm of Asha. Before she could even respond, a female form crashed through the window of the cabin smiled at them from the floor. Alexis raised an eyebrow. Things were never dull around here were they. She quickly stood.

    "Are you alright?" She replied as she approached the newest addition to their group.

    It struck her funny when she turned to the others.

    "It looks as if there will be more for breakfast."

    Alexis stepped over to offer her aide to this new being, all the while amazed at how strange this world and being alive really felt at this moment.

    "I am Alexis, this is my....sister Oreina and our friend Mortin."

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    At Alexis' words this young creature's smile fell into a state of numbness. Not really aware of what was going on, it touched her own face and didn't seem to recognize it. It didn't know of who-- or what it was. The sense of humanity within felt distant and not easy to understand, yet there it was.

    When Alexis's spoke, both her stare and her presence seemed to hit just the right chords.

    The creature touched its wounds as if trying to understand the pain they should provide, but once again, it couldn't fully understand how they felt. Pale blood poured out of the cuts in her face, arms and torso and it still couldn't grasp its meaning. Should it make it sad or happy?

    It tried to take hold of itself and did its best to stand up, but it didn't seem to have the strenght to do so. Maybe it was too hurt. Maybe it forgot how to make this strange body shape work.

    As it heard Alexis voice introducing herself and those around her, it looked at her with big eyes and parted its lips. Words. It knew it could speak, too. As strange as it was, it knew how to do it. Maybe it was a long lost memory; it knew how it could be done, and so it did. After a little effort, it finally managed to breathe aire into its words.

    "I-- I know you all, but I'm not the same I was-- Can you recognize me? You can call me Scion, the None."

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    So matter of fact. So simply stated. So...biological. Alexis' answer was almost emotionless - but Oreina remembered it was the answer given by someone who didn't know they had ever been in love. She'd give her share of those answers. As for anyone who received them, certainly the answer seemed logical, but somehow lost its power in the face of reality.

    A slight, almost haunted smile, played across her face even as she served up three cups of tea. One she passed to Alexis, the other she placed on the table at Mortin's spot, the third was hers. She brought her feet up to the seat of the chair, knees pulled to her chest, and cradled the cup between both hands. The herbs' strong odour threatened to make her sneeze, but she drew it in nonetheless. It was a tea that brewed wisdom and clarity even as it steeped itself.

    Oreina's thin smile softened somewhat as Alexis' thanked her and Mortin. Her green eyes searched Alexis' own through the steam rising from her cup. It was a lovely moment...directly proceeding hell breaking loose...for the third time that day. What was it with everyone giving Asha the meteorite treatment? Oreina had enough time to set down her tea and raise her sword arm to protect her eyes from the hail of glass before the new arrival thudded to the floor. Alexis was the first to respond, albeit not in a concerned way. It annoyed Oreina momentarily that the young goddess seemed nonplussed by the invader - there was a secret entity out to kill them after all - but presently she remembered that wasn't something on Alexis' radar. Anyway, the woman on the floor didn't appear overly threatening. The fact that Alexis just introduced her as her sister didn't go unnoticed, but there was little time to consider that as their guest appeared injured.

    "Mortin, I think we may have need of that gourde of yours..."

    Oreina approached the somehow familiar woman by stepping on the table and lowering herself to the ground on the other side. The face, she didn't recognize, but the scent...she happened upon the person's identity as she introduced herself. Of course, Scion the Nun. They had only met in passing, so Oreina was a little proud of herself for actually pairing the name and the person. Scion seemed a bit confused, possibly due to the fact she'd just crashed through a cabin from the atmosphere. She sighed lightly - another amnesiac. Was Asha collecting them? Should they start a club? Oreina placed her hands over the most grievous wounds. There was no sense in binding them as the healing waters would take care of that, but she could slow the blood loss until that happened.

    "Hello Scion. I wouldn't expect you to remember us, either. We don't exactly look the same as the last time we bumped into each other." The sarcastic thoughts surfaced slightly and she gave the woman a wolfish grin. "So, welcome to the club."

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    Scion the None.jpg

    The new arrival felt a little threatened by the woman of the wolfish grin who didn't seem all too pleased by her arrival; but the nursing of her wounds was so careful and so soft, that Scion the None was struck by emotion. She needed all of her strenght to stay calm. This was not the place nor the time to go emotional.

    After a little putting herself together, she looked at those three surrounding her and she knew there was tension in the air. She knew she was interrupting something important. She thought about leaving right away but she had no place to go, nowhere to call home. Chosing this destination had taken everything she had, and she just had so little to begin with.

    "I am at a loss of words," she finally said. "This name is all I have, yet I do know it is not entirely right--"

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