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Thread: Character Bios

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    Character Bios

    Character Bios

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    The Snow White Characters

    Isobel, a.k.a. The Evil Queen

    After an arranged marriage with a king, Isobel found herself relegated to the role of relatively powerless queen and the stepmother of a young woman more of an age to be a sister than a daughter to her. Things went rapidly downhill from there.


    Blanche, a.k.a. Snow White

    The fairest of them all.

    Trust her.


    Aden, a.k.a. Prince Charming

    Prince of a neighboring kingdom, and man of leisure with no apparent responsibilities. Hobbies include requesting pretty dead bodies and devising torture schemes to celebrate blessed events, because that's all totally normal.


    Nial, a.k.a. The King

    Always loved his only daughter dearly. Less so his wife, who he saw as a mere convenience. He is dead as of Chapter One, but appears in the Prologue.


    Willard, a.k.a. The Huntsman

    The royal huntsman. Originally loyal to the king and queen, he now serves Snow White and Prince Charming.



    A forest witch with healing powers and the ability to take animal form. She saved the queen's life after the wedding.
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    Sleeping Beauty Characters

    Maleficent, The Mistress of Evil

    Maleficent is a fallen fairy and the Queen of the Moors, the fairy forest. Seeking power, a human named Stefan lead an army into her kingdom. Trying to destroy it. In retaliation, Maleficent embraced dark magic and became his mortal enemy.

    Princess Aurora, Sleeping Beauty

    Daughter of King Stefan and Queen Leah. She is their only child and heir to the throne of Perrault.

    Prince Phillip

    Heir to the throne of Ulstead. Betrothed to Princess Aurora since her birth, although they have never met.

    King Stefan

    King of Perrault, husband of Queen Leah, father of Princess Aurora. Stefan grew up poor but was always ambitious. His late father-in-law, King Henry, wanted to expand his kingdom and sought to conquer the Moors. He said whoever could conquer the fairy forest, would be given his daughter's hand in marriage and his throne. Stefan stepped up to the task.

    Queen Leah

    Queen of Perrault, wife of King Stefan, mother of Princess Aurora. She was the only child of the late King Henry.


    Diaval was once a human blacksmith and Maleficent's beloved. When Stefan tried to kill Maleficent, Diaval sacrificed himself to save her life. Not wanting him to die, Maleficent used her magic to turn him into a raven.

    King Henry

    King of Perrault, father of Queen Leah, grandfather of Princess Aurora. Henry's actions before his death set everything into motion.

    Briar Rose

    Handmaiden and friend to Princess Aurora of Perrault.

    Queen Mary

    Queen of Ulstead, wife of the late King William, mother of Prince Phillip.

    Lady Song

    Sister of Queen Mary and aunt of Prince Phillip of Ulstead.
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    Kalona is widely recognized as the best arms master of O'ahu. He has two children, a son, and a daughter, Koa'iki.

    Kawelo, Chief of Kaua'i

    Kawelo is the current chief of Kaua'i, having killed the former chief, who'd taken over by killing Kawelo's father, the previous chief. He adopted two sons who were lads about his own age. ONe betrayed him, and Kawelo was forced to sit judgment and execute him. The other is faithful and still with him. He is married to Koa'iki


    Koa'iki is Kawelo's wife, and was Kalona's daughter until he disowned her for agreeing to marry Kawelo. She is close to Meki Leaf, Kawelo's faithful adopted son.


    Ka-ele was Kawelo's favorite of his two adopted sons. However, he betrayed Kawelo, telling his opponent of Kawelo's plans while Kawelo was taking Kaua'i back from the man who took it form his father. When Ka-ele's betrayal was discovered after the battle, Kawelo sat judgment, and executed his own son.

    Meki Leaf

    Meki Leaf is Kawelo's other adopted son. He has been faithful to his father, despite Kawelo's favoritism towards Ka-ele. He is close to Koa'iki, Kawelo's wife.

    Kamalama "Kama"

    Kama is Kawelo's loyal but peaceful borther. He's very comforting, but wants nothing to do with fighting.
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    Pinocchio ("Lord Pino") The Puppetmaster

    Pinocchio was originally a puppet carved from a block of wood by his maker/father, and was magically imbued with life. He got into many scrapes during his misspent youth, ranging from simple mischief to outright debauchery and criminality. He was lucky to escape with his life, only through the intervention of his father Geppetto and the kindly Blue Fairy. Somehow, Pinocchio never quite managed to learn his lesson, and every time he promised to change his ways, he would eventually sink back into his old patterns and have to be rescued again.

    Eventually, Pinocchio found an opportunity presenting itself to him. In the hopes of getting her to owe him a major favor, Pinocchio used his savings to pay the medical bills of the Blue Fairy. She assumed his reason was generosity, and as a result she rewarded him by turning him into a "real boy," a creature of flesh rather than wood. Pinocchio was very displeased with this turn of events - rather than getting the boon of his choosing from the Blue Fairy later, he was now stuck in a weakened body and burdened with psychological conundrums that had never troubled his previously simple mind before.

    He is determined that someday, he will return to what he once was, and he hopes that his father's grimoire will allow him to do so. In the meantime, he has honed his own skills. He is a shrewd manipulator with a habit of spying on those who could prove useful to him, and also has developed the skill of influencing minions, both living puppets he has created for himself and unwitting humans he has bewitched into serving him.



    Geppetto was a kindly woodcarver who was thrilled when he was able to become a father by using his magical powers to carve his son out of a block of special wood. Unfortunately for Geppetto, fatherhood did not turn out as he had hoped. Pinocchio's lack of conscience and inability to make good choices worried him greatly, both for his son and for others that Pinocchio could put in harm's way.

    When Pinocchio demanded his father's grimoire to change himself from flesh back to wood, Geppetto feared that his son would use the book of spells for evil rather than good. He wanted to give Pinocchio a chance, though, so he set up a series of challenges in an abandoned castle so that Pinocchio could prove himself worthy of his father's trust.

    What happened next, only Geppetto and Pinocchio know. Currently Geppetto is missing, and Pinocchio has given himself free run of the castle in his father's absence.

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