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    Maleficent & King Stefan

    Sleeping Beauty

    Maleficent was her name now. She was Mallie, Queen of the Moors, no more. Mallie died the same day Stefan had burned the Moors to the ground. No, only Maleficent survived. Maleficent. A word that meant to do harm or evil. And that's exactly what she planned to do. She realized now why her mother had hidden that book. Why their fairy ancestors had forbidden the use of dark magic. Once you let it in, that's all that was left. Just the darkness and hate. She had embraced it all and was far more powerful then when she and Stefan had first battled. When he was a peasant leading a king's army and she was still a queen. Besides, all the stories that were said about her since her defeated called her evil. She might as well embrace that too.

    Stefan looked at her in shock. He felt like he was seeing a ghost.


    Stefan suddenly yelled.

    "They won't be able to help you."

    Maleficent said, rather calmly for the situation. She flicked her wrist and suddenly the guards and all the guests fell to the floor. Including the Royal Couple of Ulstead and Queen Leah. Only Maleficent and Stefan were still standing.

    "What did you do to them?"

    "I'm a naughty girl. I spiked their drinks. Don't worry, they'll be fine. They'll just have a nasty headache later."

    Maleficent replied with a sneer and lifted Aurora up from her bassinet. The baby began to cry and Maleficent rocked her.

    "Let her go or I'll-"

    "You'll what? I could slit her throat before you moved an inch."

    It was so tempting to do it. Stefan looked at her in fear. Fatherhood had made Stefan more fearful. He wasn't afraid for himself but for his child.

    "Please....Please don't hurt my daughter."

    Maleficent laughed.

    "Are you begging me? How many times did my people beg you? And yet you showed them no mercy!"

    She should just kill the baby but...

    "Luckily for Princess Aurora, I'm not like you. I would never harm an innocent child. No matter who her father is."

    She placed the baby back into her bassinet and Stefan looked at her in confusion.

    "Then what do you want?"

    "To give her a present. Like I said."

    Maleficent said with a grin and took the rose she had brought in and crumpled it into a fine dust that fell on the little princess. Casting a curse on her.

    "Princess Aurora will grow full of beauty and grace. She will be beloved by all that know her. But before the sun sets on her sixteenth birthday, she will prick her finger on the spindle of spinning wheel and fall into a sleep like death. A sleep she can never awaken from."

    Stefan looked at Maleficent in fear for his newborn child.

    "Please, no. I know you hate me and you have every right to, but she is innocent. Please, I beg you."

    "Oh, you're back to begging?"

    Maleficent said with a sneer and grabbed Stefan by his shoulders and forced him down onto his knees.

    "This is the proper way to beg."

    "Kill me, but please, spare Aurora."

    "It's too late, your Majesty."

    She said the words 'your Majesty' as a slur. Just like he had said them to her in the past.

    "The curse has already been set in motion."

    Diaval cawed at her and she thought a moment. She could add to the king's suffering. Give him some false hope. Making him suffer would be far greater then just killing him. Especially since she could tell his love for his daughter was true. Stefan could probably handle anything thrown at him but he was a whimpering coward when it came to his only child.

    "But since I like seeing you beg like the dog that you are, I'll add a small condition. Give you a glimmer of hope."

    "Yes, please."

    Stefan replied, grabbing at the skirt of Maleficent's black dress. She kicked him off of her and Maleficent sneered down at the king.

    "The princess will only be able to be awakened by true love's kiss."

    Stefan repeated the words and she lowered her head to whisper into Stefan's ear.

    "I suggest you enjoy your time with her. I'm sure raising children is like what Queen Mary said. That the time will fly by."

    Stefan glared at her, she could see the hate he had for her in his eyes. She hated him just as equally.

    "I'll make you pay for this, Maleficent."

    She scoffed.

    "You can try but no magic in our world can undo my curse. Perhaps, you should have taken my head and not my wings."

    She said with a sneer on her face. Pleased to see the great King Stefan reduced to begging and knowing there was nothing he could do to stop her curse and protect his child. She flicked her wrist and left with her beloved raven in a cloud of black mist.
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    "I hate these things!"

    Kalona's son - a boy almost five, almost old enough eat with the men of the village in their eating house - threw down the snaring stones he'd been practicing with. They bounced, trying to hit the boy in the face, but he dodged out of the way.

    At least his dodging practice was going well, Kalona thought. He sighed and told his son, "You might as well stop. You have to go to spear practice soon."

    He looked at the stones for a moment, then turned to stare at the posts his son had been trying to get them to wrap around. He'd been working with them for almost a year, but the boy still sometimes missed the posts completely, and even when he hit it, they bounced off more often than they wrapped around properly. Nothing Kalona had tried with the boy seemed to help; not different grips, or different throwing heights, or anything else.

    Suddenly the stones and their cord flew into view, wrapping around the posts beautifully.

    "That's my boy! You're finally..."

    Kalona turned, and gaped, stopping mid-sentence. His son was no where in sight, but his three year old daughter was standing right where the stones had lain, looking hopefully proud. His daughter... but girls didn't fight. Warrior women were so rare, good ones came along only a few times a century...

    ...then again, a great warrior woman won renown more easily than other warriors, simply by virtue of her sex. A girl with promise could become the best warrior woman of her century.

    Kalona unwrapped the snare from the target posts, and took it to the girl.

    "That's a good girl! Throw the stones again for Daddy."

    The girl took the snare, looked at the posts, pulled her arm back, and threw the stones. They wrapped around the posts perfectly again.

    Kalona beamed with pride, and started to hatch a plan. Why, even the teacher of a good warrior woman would gain extra fame and respect...
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    Sleeping Beauty

    Maleficent and Diaval left the king on his knees and returned to Grimm Hall. She was laughing. She had certainly ruined King Stefan's day, hadn't she? She felt wonderful!

    "Diaval, did you see him? On his knees, begging me to not hurt his little girl? That's probably how he looked when he was a peasant. It was so hilarious!"

    Maleficent was laughing, but it wasn't a joyful laughter. It was an evil sounding laughter.

    "I almost should have hurt the baby. Just think what he would have done? He-"

    Diaval had flown off her shoulder and sitting on a window sill. He cawed at her and gave her what looked like a disapproving look. Maleficent gave him a look back.

    "Oh, don't give me that look. I wouldn't have really hurt the baby. I'm not that awful. It's not her fault her father's an asshole."

    Although Aurora would probably grow up to be one as well. How could she not with King Stefan as her father? She shrugged her shoulders.

    "She's just the best way to hurt him. Besides, what I did was far worse then murder. He's going to spend the next sixteen years knowing there's nothing he can do. He'll drive himself crazy!"

    She was practically bouncing for joy. After seven long years, she had finally truly hurt King Stefan!

    "And to think, he doesn't even realize that his little princess falling asleep is just the beginning."

    An evil smile appeared on her face as she looked at her reflection in an old dusty mirror. She had even bigger plans for Perrault then just putting its princess in an endless coma. She could barely wait.

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    King Stefan & Queen Leah

    Sleeping Beauty

    Maleficent was right, what she did to the princess almost drove King Stefan crazy. What she had done to his daughter was far worse then anything she could have physically done to him. He couldn't fight Maleficent's curse with his army or his own bare hands. There was no amount of money he could throw at this to make it go away. There was nothing he could do but wait. And that was horrible to the peasant turned king. He was the most powerful man in his kingdom and there was nothing he could to protect his child.

    When Maleficent left the party, everyone began to come to. The joyous day was ruined. Instead, all King Stefan could think about was what Maleficent had done to his daughter. He picked up Aurora, his enemy hadn't physically harmed her at all. Just cursed her, instead. That seemed so much worse.


    Leah said, she felt groggy as she came to. The Queen had no idea what had happened. Stefan placed their daughter back into the bassinet and helped his wife to her feet.

    "Are you okay, Leah?"

    "I...I think so...."

    Leah said, holding onto Stefan's hand for support. Her daughter's birth had only been a week ago and she was still recovering from it. But she had agreed when Stefan had told her that Aurora's birth was such a grand thing, that a celebration could not wait. Stefan kissed her cheek as she asked.

    "What happened?"

    "Maleficent....She....She cursed our daughter..."

    Stefan said, feeling like a failure as a father. A man should be able to protect his child and yet he hadn't. Leah looked at him in a mixture of shock and terror. And Stefan explained to her the curse that was cast. Leah picked up her baby and held her close.

    "But why...Why would she do such an awful thing?"

    Leah had no idea that Maleficent used to Queen Mallie of the Moors. She had no idea all the terrible things her father and husband had done to the former fairy queen. She had no idea they were the same woman and Stefan didn't want her to know. He knew Leah had an idealistic view of him. She had no idea of the things he had done to win her father's war. The awful things he was capable of. He didn't want to change Leah's view of him. He didn't want his queen thinking he was anything less then a hero. The hero she believed him to be.

    "Because...she's evil. Pure evil."

    Stefan told Leah, wrapping his arms around her and holding her and Aurora close to him.

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    Princess Aurora & Briar Rose

    Sleeping Beauty

    Sixteen years later

    Evil, that's how Maleficent was described. Eventually, the stories people spread called her the 'Mistress of Evil'. A terrible woman, who hated all things good and pure. To even speak her name might mean she'd curse you as well.

    The same day that Maleficent ruined Aurora's party, King Stefan ordered all the spinning wheels in the Kingdom of Perrault to be burned. And it was forbidden to own one. All seamstresses and tailors were exiled from Perrault. His friendship with King William of Ulstead was solidified that day. King William's kingdom was already Perrault's largest trading partner and the only way people were able to get new clothes was from Ulstead. The exiled people were given new homes there. And, before Aurora was a month old, her father officially betrothed her to Ulstead's Prince Phillip.

    For sixteen years, Stefan tried everything he could to find a way to reverse Maleficent's curse. He consulted many people versed in magic. But all told him the same thing. The Mistress of Evil's magic was too strong. There was no way to reverse her spell. There was nothing that could be done.

    So, Stefan thought he could keep Aurora locked away in his castle. If he always had eyes on her, there was no way harm could come to her. And it worked, when she was little. But no child liked being locked away. Seeing the sun outside her window but not being able to play. Not being able to be a normal child. Queen Leah eventually got him to relent a little. They could not stop Maleficent's curse, but they shouldn't keep Aurora from having a life either. By the time Aurora turned seven, she was allowed outside, with a constant set of guards.

    Her mother knew how lonely it could be to grow up as a princess. Even without a curse that was each day growing closer, it could be a lonely life. Especially since Leah and Stefan agreed that Aurora would be their only child. They couldn't imagine trying to have another child. Maleficent would probably come back and harm that one as well. So, Leah was able to convince Stefan to allow Aurora to play with the servant children.

    One of Aurora's favorite friends was a girl named Briar Rose. She was the daughter of one of the Queen's handmaidens and when she enough old, she became a handmaiden to Aurora. Aurora loved Briar Rose, she felt like she was a sister to her. Aurora didn't care if Briar Rose was of a different class. She just liked having a friend.

    Today was Aurora's sixteenth birthday. The day her father had been dreading since she was a week old. Not that Aurora knew the exact reason why. Her parents didn't tell her about the curse. They thought her not knowing would protect her.

    Briar Rose was brushing the princess' hair and said.

    "Happy birthday, Aurora."

    Aurora had insisted many years ago that Briar Rose did not have to call her any formal titles. Like 'your Highness'. Aurora smiled, but it looked a little sad.

    "Thank you, Rose."

    "Is something wrong?"

    "I'm just nervous."


    Briar Rose asked and Aurora replied.

    "Tomorrow....My father said I'm going to meet Prince Phillip."


    Briar Rose replied, knowing who Prince Phillip was. He was the prince of Ulstead and Aurora's betrothed. The man the princess was supposed to marry.

    "What if I don't like him?"

    Aurora said, not liking the idea. She knew she was royalty and wasn't naive. She knew for a princess, things weren't like in stories. Royalty didn't have the option to chose their spouses. They didn't marry for love. And her parents were one of the lucky ones. Her grandfather, King Henry, had arranged her parents' marriage, but they had fallen in love. What if that didn't work for her? What if she and Phillip hated each other?

    Briar Rose set down the brush and said.

    "I think you should give him a chance. He might have the same concerns you do."

    Aurora nodded her head. She supposed that was true. She was told that Phillip was only about a year older then her. He hadn't been given an option in this arrangement either.

    "I suppose, you're right. Although, I don't see why my father won't allow us to have spinning wheels here."

    As far as she knew the marriage arrangement had been created because Ulstead provided clothing to them. Briar Rose smiled.

    "I have no idea. It does seem odd. Perhaps, your father has a phobia of spindles."

    Aurora laughed.


    Although she had no idea how true that was. Briar Rose helped her finish getting ready and got ready herself. Her parents were throwing her a grand birthday celebration. Like they did every year. This year, though, it felt different. More special and her parents seemed to be more on edge. Aurora assumed that was because of her formal meeting with Prince Phillip and his family tomorrow. She was sixteen now and not a little girl anymore.
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    Princess Aurora & Briar Rose

    Sleeping Beauty

    Aurora tried to have fun at the party. She was very nervous about meeting Prince Phillip and that kept her from really enjoying herself. Plus, her father seemed on edge. Still, the princess assumed it had to with tomorrow. She was his only child and surely her meeting her future husband was a lot for him too. Even if he was the one who arranged the whole thing.

    Everyone who knew Princess Aurora seemed to adore her. She had the same reputation her mother had in the Kingdom of Perrault. She was almost overwhelmed by all the well wishes. The party had been going on for hours, it was almost sun set. Briar Rose seemed to pick up on it and took her arm.

    "Aurora, you'll never believe what my sister Lily found in the high tower."

    "What is it?"

    Aurora asked, suddenly curious. Lily was a ten years old and liked to explore the castle. Queen Leah allowed her to do so since the castle would never have another small child in it. Not unless Aurora and Phillip made this castle their residence. The Queen liked to hear the sound of children having fun. Briar Rose whispered to her.

    "I can't tell you here. But I can show you."

    Aurora nodded her head and the two young women made their way out of the party. Aurora didn't even know a lot of the guests, they were friends of her parents. A small adventure sounded like fun. Briar Rose led the way up to the tower. When Aurora was younger, she used to explore the castle a lot with Briar Rose. Although, she hadn't been up the tower in a few years. Eventually, her father had wanted to her to focus on her studies and not play as much.

    "Rose, will you please tell me?"

    "It's a surprise."

    Briar Rose replied with a smile and Aurora rolled her eyes. Rose did like her surprises. Aurora knew her friend long enough to know there was no way she could pry it out of her either. She just had to go along with it. Briar Rose opened the door and inside the room was a spinning wheel. And a black raven sitting on the window sill. Although the princess didn't really pay attention to the bird. Her focus was on the wheel.

    "Look, there are spinning wheels in Perrault, after all."

    Briar Rose said and Aurora stared at it. Suddenly she felt like she was in a trance. And the wheel began to spin for the princess.


    A voice called to her.

    'Come here, Princess Aurora.'

    Aurora stepped into the room and Briar Rose moved back. A sinister look appeared on the girl's face. Aurora had no control over her body, she walked to the wheel. It's spindle almost sparkled with the setting sun. And she held her index finger out. It felt like the world around her had stopped. All that was in Aurora's world was her and the spinning wheel. And her finger pricked the spindle.

    Blood ran down her finger and the princess collapsed to the floor. Evil laughter could be heard from the tower.
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    Maleficent, Briar Rose, & King Stefan

    Sleeping Beauty

    King Stefan was happy, the day was almost done. Once the sun set, his beloved daughter would be safe. And tomorrow she could meet her future husband and they could all move on with their lives. He had spent sixteen years keeping spinning wheels from his Kingdom. Maleficent would not win. Aurora was surrounded by too many people. She-Where was she?!

    Aurora was missing! A quick search said that the last person Aurora had been seen with was her handmaiden, Briar Rose. The king found the girl with her younger sister.

    "Briar Rose!"

    "Your Majesty."

    Briar Rose curtsied to him. He looked very angry and upset and she was nervous. He was generally a good king, but he was not as kind as his wife or daughter. The girl didn't like being the source of his anger.

    "Where is Aurora?"

    Stefan demanded and Briar Rose looked at him in confusion.

    "Your Majesty, I do not know."

    "How could you not? You were the last one seen with her!"

    "I'm not sure who told you that, but it is not true, your Majesty. My sister, Lily, she spilled punch all over her dress. I had to help her clean up the mess and change."

    Lily, a girl about ten years old, nodded her head. She was too nervous to speak to the king. He cursed at the girl's reply and then a guard told him he heard laughing, or maybe it was more like cackling, from the high tower.

    King Stefan took off in a run, up the stairs. He heard the raven's caw and ran faster then he had in years. She was waiting for him at the door on the top of the stairs. 'Briar Rose'. The raven was now on her shoulder. Stefan knew instantly that this not the same young woman that his daughter was friends with. It was her...

    "Hello, your Majesty."

    The woman said, proud of herself. Behind her, Stefan could see the spinning wheel. Maleficent was blocking his full view of the room.


    He said and Maleficent dropped her disguise and held her head high and proud as she stepped back and let him see Aurora on the floor. Fast asleep.


    He yelled and rushed to her side. Cradling her in his arms.

    "I had to make sure she got her birthday present."

    Maleficent told him with a sneer and flickered her wrist to disappear with Diaval.
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    Maleficent, King Stefan, & Queen Leah

    Sleeping Beauty

    The birthday party was over. The people were upset, their beloved princess, cursed. King Stefan put her in her bedroom. Queen Leah was crying.

    "What are we going to do, Stefan?"

    She asked, looking at her husband for the answer. The king and queen were in their private chambers. Stefan replied.

    "Try to calm yourself, Leah. Prince Phillip is coming tomorrow. Maybe he'll-"

    "Oh, Stefan! Just because you betrothed Aurora to him doesn't mean he's her true love!"

    Leah exclaimed and her husband knew that was true. Royal marriages weren't often based on love. True love...

    "Wait...The witch told me Aurora would be awoken by true love's kiss."

    "Yes, I know that!"

    Leah replied, upset, not seeing why Stefan was repeating himself. She knew exactly what the Mistress of Evil's curse was. She had thought of very little else for sixteen years!

    "Leah, she didn't say it had to be romantic love."

    Leah's mouth dropped and suddenly had the same idea her king did.

    "Our love for her is true."

    Stefan nodded his head.

    "Let's go-Leah!"

    He exclaimed when his wife suddenly collapsed the floor. Fast asleep, just like their daughter.


    Stefan said and yelled for his guards. No one replied. He opened his door and saw everyone in his castle sleeping.

    "What the-"

    He heard the raven's caw. He had come to associate the raven with Maleficent. He turned and saw her. So proud of herself. Finally, after sixteen years, her curse had went into effect. And if she had her way, it would never be broken.

    "You did this."

    He said and she nodded her head, with a wicked smile on her face.

    "I did. I'm sorry. You know, I just realized I forgot to tell you something sixteen years ago. Not only will Princess Aurora sleep until true love's kiss comes, but so will you and your whole kingdom."

    Stefan yelled and tried to charge at her, but the curse had finally taken its effect on him and he was collapsed to the floor. Fast asleep, just like his family and all his servants and people of Perrault.

    "Sleep well, King Stefan."

    Maleficent told the sleeping king. She bent down to him.

    "I just figured you loved your daughter so much, you wanted to be with her. For eternity."
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    Prince Phillip, Queen Mary, & Lady Song

    Sleeping Beauty

    Four years later

    For four long years the Kingdom of Perrault and all its people slept. It became known as the Sleeping Kingdom. Cursed by the Mistress of Evil. Stories were told in the neighboring lands. Princess Aurora was called the 'Sleeping Beauty'. It was believed that if a brave man could find her in the castle and awaken her with a kiss, then surely King Stefan and Queen Leah would be so grateful to the man for saving the Kingdom, they would be given her hand in marriage. Many a brave man tried, but all failed.

    Maleficent, the Mistress of Evil, did not want anyone to awake the Sleeping Beauty. She used her dark magic and to create thrones to surrounded the castle. And she used her magic to create terrible beasts that guarded it. All that came, she killed. Eventually, the castle was not just surrounded by thrones but also the bones of Princess Aurora's would be saviors.

    It was such a sad tale, to know that evil was winning. And it was a popular topic of discussion. It was the topic Queen Mary of Ulstead was having. She was Queen Regent of her land, had been for three years. Since her husband, King William had died. By Ulstead law, her only son would not be crowned king until his twenty first birthday. Which wasn't far away. The Queen was talking to her sister, Lady Song, in the throne room. Making plans for Phillip's coronation celebration.

    "It is hard to believe little Phillip will be king soon."

    Song said and her sister nodded her head.

    "I know, it doesn't seem that long ago he was a baby."

    Amazing how children grew. Song agreed with her and asked.

    "Have you chosen a queen for him?"

    "Not yet....Well, it's actually a rather delicate situation."

    "What do you mean?"

    Song asked, not knowing that Phillip had been betrothed since he was about a year old. Queen Mary hadn't wanted to arrange his marriage so young but her husband had made the decision.

    "He's actually already betrothed."

    "To who?"

    Song asked in surprise and Mary replied.

    "To Princess Aurora of Perrault."

    "The Sleeping Beauty?"

    Mary nodded her head.

    "Yes, William set it up years ago. We were actually supposed to take Phillip to Perrault to meet her when the curse struck."

    They hadn't told Phillip, he was a head strong young man. He might not have taken too well to his father picking his bride. Not that he wouldn't have given a choice. William had said their son had needed to accept he could not always have his way. A king had to do things that were best for his people. A formal union of Ulstead and Perrault would be beneficial to both. Mary had been able to at least convince her husband to not tell Phillip about the arrangement. Let him at least get to know Aurora before hand. Then the curse struck and they hadn't went. Neither had told Phillip that Princess Aurora was his intended. Mary had no intention of telling him either. But that was out of her hands now. As she talked to her sister, she had no idea that Phillip had been nearby and overheard them in the hallway. He entered the throne room.

    "Mother? Princess Aurora is the one I'm supposed to marry?"

    He looked at his mother in shock and Queen Mary nodded her head.

    "Yes...Your father arranged it many years ago."

    "Why didn't you tell me?"

    "Because I know you. You are brave, Phillip. As brave as your father. I knew if you knew you'd want to try and rescue her."

    "Of course I will. I have to."

    Phillip replied, he was indeed brave. The men he would lead into battle would respect him fondly. For he was a king that would have great courage. Mary and Song exchanged a sad look.

    "Please, my son, won't you reconsider? Princess Aurora is trapped in Perrault's castle. The Mistress of Evil uses her evil powers to keep all away. She's so powerful...All that have gone against her have fallen."

    "I will not fall. I will not fail."

    Phillip said and his mother and aunt knew the look on his face. A look of great determination. There would be no stopping him. Mary asked him.

    "Then I cannot stop you. But what if you go, defeat the Mistress of Evil, and you do find the princess? What if you kiss her and she does not awake? What then?"

    "Then I will find the one who will awake her. And free her of the marriage arrangement."

    Phillip replied. He didn't love Aurora, he knew very little about her. Mostly just the stories the people told of the Sleeping Beauty. But she was cursed, a prisoner. He couldn't stand by and do nothing. Evil triumphed when good people did nothing. And the prince was a good man. Willing to risk his life to save someone he didn't know. Because it was the right thing to do. Queen Mary walked over to the throne and reached up and took down her husband's sword that hung on the wall above it. She handed it to Phillip.

    "You will need this then."

    "Father's sword."

    Phillip said and Mary nodded her head. She gave her son a hug and told him she loved him. He replied he loved her as well and kissed her and his aunt goodbye. The two women watched Phillip ride his white horse towards Perrault from the castle's balcony. Praying it would not be the last time they saw him.
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    Maleficent & Prince Phillip

    Sleeping Beauty

    When Prince Phillip arrived at Perrault, he realized quickly that the stories didn't do the place justice. It was even darker and more dangerous then people said. The sky was dark, like the night, and thrones surrounded the castle. Everyone was asleep. Except for the beasts that Maleficent sent to guard it. It was a scary place but Prince Phillip was a courageous man and was not afraid. Even when he noticed the bones of the Sleeping Beauty's would be saviors hanging from the castle walls.

    It was a hard battle to make his way to the castle and he bruised and injured. But he did not surrender. He was not like the others. He would not fail. Anything Maleficent sent to him, he defeated. But Maleficent what didn't know was that Phillip's sword was enchanted. By good fairy magic. It had been enchanted years ago by her own great-great-grandmother. A present to Phillip's ancestor for protecting the Moors from a foreign invader. It had been passed down for generations. How ironic that was.

    "Come face me yourself, Mistress of Evil!"

    Phillip yelled as he slayed another one of her beasts. Maleficent, who had taken up residence inside Castle Perrault, was shocked. He was different the rest, she could tell. Her magic was starting to weaken, she was spending lots of it trying to kill him. Diaval cawed at her but she ignored him. The last four years she was winning. Her ego told her this human prince was just luckier then the rest. He would fail, like the others. She flicked her wrist and did what he asked. She appeared in front of the castle to face him.

    "What is your name?"

    "Prince Phillip of Ulstead."

    Phillip replied and Maleficent sneered at him.

    "Well, Prince Phillip of Ulstead, you have once last chance. Leave now or join them."

    She said, waving her hand to the skeletons she had hung of the failed saviors of Sleeping Beauty.

    "Never. Your reign of terror comes to an end."

    Phillip replied tightening his grip on his sword. Maleficent glared at him. Her blue eyes turned red, like fire.

    "Then you shall deal with me and all the powers of hell!"

    She used her dark magic to transform herself into a massive and powerful black dragon. She attempted to set the prince on fire. He dodged her and ran. 'Good,' Maleficent thought. 'Run away, little prince. Run far away.' But Prince Phillip had other ideas. While she was able to burn his foot a little as he jumped into a tree, ignoring the pain his hands had from the thrones that surrounded it, he jumped off the tree and yelled.

    "I'll send you to hell!"

    Maleficent screamed as he shoved the sword into her chest. She grabbed him with her dragon hand and flung him away from her. Phillip hit the thorn bushes and Maleficent's magic faded. The good magic enchanted in the sword, conquered the dark magic she used. She turned back into her normal form and collapsed in a bloody mess onto the ground.
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