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Thread: Locations

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    A reference guide to some important locations in the Fractured Fairy Tales storyline.

    The Kingdom of Azure
    *Carrie's Cottage
    *Castle Florian
    *Castle Riordan
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    Castle Riordan

    Castle Riordan, located on the Northern Coast of the kingdom of Azure, was the home of the kings and queens of that realm until King Nial II (great-grandfather of the more recent King Nial) relocated the seat of government to a more convenient location in the capital city of Sonnet. For the next fifty years, Castle Riordan was used by the royal family while they were traveling in the north, but its relatively inaccessible location on the edge of a cliff and the area's frequent bouts of bad weather caused it to fall out of favor, and it simply became disused and abandoned.

    The castle has not fallen into ruin as one might have expected, though. The identity of the current occupant is unknown. The castle is being maintained and staffed again, but the corridors are strangely empty, lacking the ordinary bustle of residents, though some servants must be tending the premises.

    Visitors will first see a high-ceilinged entry hall when they arrive inside the castle.

    Several splendid ballrooms stand empty of guests but otherwise ready to host events.

    A formal dining room also stands ready - who does it serve?

    The castle has a number of guest bedrooms. Though each is slightly different, they follow the same basic theme of canopy bed, heavy drapes, and rich colors.

    There is a fairly extensive network of cellars carved out of the rock beneath the castle. Most are either empty or used for the storage of household goods. There is also a small dungeon area, but it has been empty of prisoners since the time of King Nial II.

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    The Kingdom of Azure

    Azure is currently ruled by Queen Blanche and her husband Prince Aden. The prior ruler was Queen Isobel (Regent,) and before her King Nial IV.

    The kingdom consists of wide expanses of countryside, mountains, forests of both deciduous trees and conifers, rivers, and a small amount of swampland.

    The major city is called Sonnet.

    A walled palace, Castle Florian, is located at the center of Sonnet and is the home of the ruler and the seat of government.

    Those residents of Azure who don't live in Sonnet reside in small villages. Many are farmers, though others ply various trades.

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    Carrie's Cottage

    Carrie the forest witch lives in a small cottage deep in the woods.

    The cottage kitchen is cozy and slightly cluttered. Because the cottage is so small, this room functions as a sitting room and general purpose space also.

    Carrie's bedroom is on the main floor. The furnishings are simple but comfortable.

    A second very small bedroom is tucked in the eaves of the house. This used to be a guest bedroom, but has become Isobel's room.

    The cottage is always full of drying herbs and other medicinal supplies.

    The healing drafts and potions Carrie has crafted are labeled and stacked in an organizational system comprehensible only to the owner, but she always seems to find what she needs.

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    Castle Florian

    Castle Florian is the home of the kings and queens of Azure and the primary seat of government for the kingdom.

    The castle is located in the center of the city of Sonnet, but is surrounded by a high wall.

    Because the castle grew over so many generations and was not the original primary residence of the royal family, this palace is a melting pot of various architectural styles, periods, and tastes.

    Meals are served to the royal family and their guests in the great hall. Unofficially, many deals, business transactions, and state negotiations are conducted here.

    Officially, however, matters of government are presided over in the throne room. This is also where subjects may sometimes be allowed to seek audience with the king or queen.

    Formal events and dances are held in the ballroom.

    The castle has a variety of bedrooms in different styles, but they are typically dark and stuffy, sometimes to the point of being claustrophobic.

    The room known as the "King's Bedroom" was formerly occupied by King Nial IV, and now houses Queen Blanche. This room was not occupied by Queen Isobel during her time as regent; she never liked it.

    Isobel slept in a smaller but more open room, known as the "Queen's Bedroom."

    The many other bedooms are typically sumptuous but overdone, and rather dark.

    One of the more pleasant and useful rooms in the castle is the library, which holds volumes on many subjects ranging from history to magic to agriculture.

    The castle also boasts an impressive collection of carefully tended gardens. They used to be home to a wide variety of flora from across the kingdom, but at the whim of Queen Blanche all the colorful plants were dug up and replaced with only pure white flowers.

    There is also an expansive network of cellars and dungeons beneath the castle. Officially, the dungeons are unused and all prisoners are housed at the city's penitentiary. There are rumors of secret imprisonments and tortures here, however.

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