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    That's great!

    I'm trying to figure out which of the two or three who joined without my invitation you are. No, you don't have to tell me, especially not here.

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    Hey Anne, I got four summaries up for you at the Outpost. Feel free to copy and paste them to the main Facebook page.

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    I just did this evening. thank you ever so much, Sojourn. I couldn't keep up with everything by myself.

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    You're welcome, Anne. It's no problem. I'm involved in most of the stories around here, anyway.

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    I know you're in more than I, that's for sure. And I know I don't have as much trouble describing what I'm playing anyway. It's the thought of finding out enough about the ones I'm not in to describe them that's daunting.

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    I understand what you mean. It can be a lot when you aren't involved in the story to keep up with it.

    For Emporium, perhaps Sil, Q, or Tigs will be able to do a summary for it.

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    That would be nice. If not, at least it's just one. If they can summarize the games and recent events, great. If not... I can at least let folks know the arcs are active. My idea is to try to let folks know what's going on, in case something sounds like it's worth coming back to join in on. Or if not, then to at least let folks feel like they aren't completely out-of-touch.

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    Three more summaries are up at the Outpost.

    I didn't do a summary for Underworld since you're a part of that story. Unless you need me to do one, Anne, and I will.

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    Thanks a lot, Sojourn. You're right that since I'm in Underworld, I can do it... and I just did. Tho if you want to sometime, I think your summaries are better. Then again, I'll get the hang of it if I keep at it. Or maybe we just have more characters in that one; it seemed awfully name-heavy.

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    Underworld does have a lot of characters. Mostly because it's a continuation of the stories and the families were already built. I still think you did a good job, though.

    More summaries are up.

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