Caleb Osmond

The talk with Gabriel Lopez's widow proved to be of some help. She gave Caleb and Harry the name of Lopez's sponsor, who admitted that he felt that Gabriel was slipping. It was common with addicts. Sometimes, they would think they were doing better but would slip up and fall back into old habits. Or something stressful would happen and they went back to their old ways to cope. Gabriel had been denied a promotion at work and had been pretty angry about it, the sponsor said. Which was why he might have used again. But...It still didn't explain how he got to the Wharf without his car.

Before Caleb could think more about it, Renee called to say she was ready to deliver the autopsy results.

"Don't drool, Osmond. You'll compromise all the evidence"

Harry said as they exited the car and headed inside the morgue.

"I never drool."

He replied, although Caleb hadn't helped but noticed that Renee was a beautiful woman, for an autopsy gremlin.


Harry said with a smirk, he had saw the way his partner at looked at the new ME. Not that he blamed him, Harry was married but recognized a pretty lady when he saw one. He also knew they all had a job to do and had to be professional. This wasn't the time or place.

"So, what happened to him, Doc?"

Caleb asked once they were suited up in hospital scrubs to look at the body.