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    Ben can be drinking buddies with the pilot.

    And glad to have another attempt at this.

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    I bet he'll definitely need a drink. Or ten.

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    I... might be interested if you have room for one more?
    "Sleep to dream, and we dream to live..." -Great Big Sea

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    Of course, MK.

    We were going to double up characters in case no one else was interested. I definitely want to be the Reporter (that's the character I've always played in each attempt). Would you be interested in being the Archaeologist?

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    I actually had a different idea if you think this would fit. I was thinking maybe a local guide from one of the nearby native tribes who was hired to help navigate the area?

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    I like that idea. You could definitely be the guide.

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    Cool. I will start pondering.

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    Sounds good.

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    The more, the merrier, MK.

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    Sorry it took me so long, but I got the forum set up:


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