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    The Search for Paititi

    The Search for Paititi

    This story idea is seriously on my bucket list. I've tried this off and on with OP since Crossgen still existed.

    The Search for
    Paititi is an adventure story in which a group of people of different professions were gathered by a very rich man to search for an ancient lost city. The setting was the early 1920's.

    Fame and fortune will come the adventurers' way if they find the city. But it won't be an easy task going into the deep jungles of South America to look for a myth. They might not even survive to tell the tale.

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    How could I not? I mean, the story is coming to my side of the world. XD

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    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin (09-14-2017)

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    Awesome. I already know hubby is game to play. Like me, he really wants this story to be told. We've literally have been trying to do this off and on for 14-15 years!

    If we don't get a lot of interest would you be willing to play two characters, twin?

    I think a core group of six would be good:

    ~Archaeologist: Has knowledge of the ancient culture and city and could pinpoint where the group must go. (Claimed by Sojourn)
    ~Reporter: Will write an article/book about their tale. (Claimed by Sojourn)
    ~Doctor: Goal is the keep the adventurers alive. (Claimed by Optimus Prime)
    ~Translator: Can help the adventurers deal with the locals. (Claimed by Shades)
    ~Pilot/Former Soldier: Can fly a small airplane and have survival skills. (Claimed by Shades)
    ~The Spoiled Brat: The rich man's grandson who is forced to come along to keep his place in the will. (Claimed by Optimus Prime)

    Besides the reporter, I'm game to play any of the other three. Basically which ever one you wouldn't want.
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    Sure! I already know our pace, so why not? I'm definitely going for the translator, but I'm really torn about which other character.

    I'm tempted to get the pilot (what? Drinking problem and a foul mood most of the time? Well, voices, if you insist...)

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    I figured you still wanted the translator.

    And if you want the pilot, go for it, girl. Drinking, foul moods, voices...That will be lots of fun.

    And I'm cool with taking the Archaeologist.

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    The voices are mine, and he can't have them. He can have a drinking problem and the charmingly bad mood for life. XD

    I'm excited to try this again.

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    Oh he's going to be fun. I think the Archaeologist shall be super optimistic in return. She'll be excited about finding the city.

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    Not too excited, he hopes. XD

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    Super excited.

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