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    It should be. We try to preserve both IC and OOC threads for stories, even inactive ones.

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    Working on a bio for this story has turned out to be more research-intensive than expected.
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    Research is fun.

    I like the bio for your character.

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    I like Xiomara, MK.

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    All right, mine are finally up! Sorry about the delay, everyone!

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    No worries, Shades. They both look great.

    I'll get the IC up in the next few days. We'll start off with everyone meeting at the Vanderbilt mansion.

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    I think it would probably make most sense for Xiomara to join the group once they get to South America. She wouldn't have the ability or desire to make the trip to meet them in the United States. So I'll just toss her in the mix at the appropriate moment.

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    Sounds good, MK. Mister Vanderbilt would wire her payment to her and tell the others when they first arrive in South America they are supposed to find her.

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    Thanks. I'm super excited for this story, but, as always, never in a hurry (because I owe a million posts already lol)

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