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    Planet m: The valkyrie palace

    Planet m: The valkyrie palace


    Bellona watched Bryhild pace the floor of the Valkyrie Palace. It was rather amusing and if the younger goddess wasn't family, Bellona would have let her worry her blonde head gray. Such a human trait, she thought.

    "What is the purpose of your humanistic pacing my dear Brynhild? You are a goddess, quit acting like some human! Did you spend all that time in Hel to go back to being defiant and faithless!"

    Brynhild turned with icy fire in her eyes, the words dying on her lips from the wicked grin that graced Bellona's face.

    "I prefer the more motherly version of you most days." Bryn replied.

    "We all have roles to fulfill my dearest Brynhild. Stop your sulking we have a child that has lost her way."

    The icy fire did not fade right away, and Bellona was pleased to see the passion back in the younger goddess. Silently she shook her head, these young children were so wayward. She watched as Brynhild ran her hand along the crystal capsule that held the body of Meteoro. Attachments, this was something else the Valkyrie had allowed herself to become to accustom too once again.

    As if sensing Bellona's gaze upon her, Brynhild turned her eyes to the older goddess. The fire back in her blue eyes.

    "You don't have to say anything. I will not apologize for my feelings for him. I will not apologize for loving him."

    Bellona's wicked grin returned.

    "My dearest Brynhild, it was the materialistic need for love that almost trapped you forever in Hel. Shall I put you in the same situation my daughter finds herself in?"

    "Mother." Scion's touch on Bryn's shoulder startled her.

    Her daughter was becoming very adept at moving without making any sound. Her eyes softened and the unspoken wisdom of the situation passed between them. It was the sudden thunderous crack of Bellona's blade, Death Dealer, into the marble floor that brought their attention back to the other goddess.

    "For the love of you mother! If you still need the tit Brynhild than take it! Why children think that they will be anything more than a child to their parent is beyond me! Do you wish to be human? Do you wish your soul to be returned and cycled out into the purgatory that is life beyond ascendance?"

    Bellona's stride across the floor toward Scion and Brynhild was both terrifying and graceful in movement. She took Bryn by the chin.

    "I will leave your corpse to rot and the raven's to clean your bones! Would you prefer my way, or that of your mother? I thought you beyond such immature and childish actions!"

    She released Brynhild's chin, the anger in the older goddess palatable.

    "A child that needs their mother's tit, she will offer it to them for the nourishment they need to grow. I am NOT that version and I will leave you to your own destruction because you have been warned! I do not coddle and you are beyond such actions!"

    The icy fire in Bryn's eyes died to one of shame and then steeled with determination.

    "Forgive me. I have acted the fool, it will not happen again."

    With that, Bellona's fire simmered, she turned on her heels and walked away, the other two following her.

    "Just what are we doing again?" Scion asked.

    "Waiting for my daughter to learn a few lessons my dearest Scion." Bellona replied.

    "If she weren't my daughter, I would have stripped her bones bare. I do not tolerate insolence from my daughters. She's beyond the need for a mother's nourishment, but she has not reached a point where her mother won't knock her on her ass."

    As if walking through solid earth, Bellona lead them into the heart of the planet, a mere thought and the darkest depths lit their way. A vision of a young Alexis, as she is now on the Planet known as Tigers beat near the heart of Planet M.

    Suddenly surrounding the image of Alexis, faces and planets of other gods and goddesses of a young age near Scion's age began to pop up.

    "Ooo...whose that?" Scion asked pointing at a vision of Kali.

    Bellona smirked wickedly.

    "That my dearest Scion is Kali."

    Scion arched an eyebrow and intently looked upon the image.

    "Nice, I can't wait to meet her. Do you think she would have an interest in family?"

    Bellona laughed.

    "Without a doubt my dearest Scion. Kali is a little more in tune with the true nature of all things. I believe the two of you could become quiet close."

    As Scion looked upon Kali's visage with interest, Bellona and Brynhild watched the images of the other children of Alexis. It would take a little while for Alexis to find her children and in the process, she would either grow or fall into the trappings of worldly and insignificant things.

    Despite her hard and ruthless ways, Bellona loved all her children but this version of her was the one that would sooner skin you than give the nourishment that came from a nursing mother. Her lessons were the challenging and often deadly ones. But Bellona had faith in Alexis, if she looked beyond herself, if she looked higher she would grow. She was about ready to leave the planet, just a few more things to take place and her journey would begin. Her mother, would not be far if she called out to her.
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    The crystal capsule Meteoro was in started to melt. It wasn't in a rush, but you could feel its determination as it continued to turn liquid, as if threatening with the release of the monster inside...

    As if turned into transparent goo, it dripped on the floor until only a rigid body was left behind.

    From a distance you could feel the heat his body was irradiating. If at some point they thought he had died, that thought was long gone.

    Meteoro moved his arms in a way that felt threatening, but he was only stretching. He yawned in a way only a god sleeping for a millenia could. After a deep breath, the God of Falling Rocks finally opened his sparkling red eyes.

    "It looks like I have an audience", he grinned. "What's up?"

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    Brynhild's eyes became focused on the planet that her daughter's were. But it wasn't the planet itself that the former Valkyrie watched, it was Alexis' two daughters. This particular planet was going through something that all the Firsts and Secondae once experienced, and yet look where some of them were now. If she recognized these signatures, then Bellona, who was much older than herself knew as well.

    "Then the girls are suffering the same effects of amnesia as Alexis?" Brynhild inquired.

    Bellona's focus had momentarily returned to Asha and the conversations taking place. What was happening on the other planet wasn't of any concern to the ancient goddess. They were merely children arrogantly, pridefully and oh so blindly trying to play god. They were all children, and none of them saw it. Oh a few of them, perhaps had gleamed bits and pieces, but they still did not see the totality of the entire picture.

    Brynhild wondered if the goddess of war had even heard her, but a moment later she turned back toward the holographic vision of the planet. With but a mere thought, the hologram became a miniature of the planet as she gazed upon the darkness that gathered above her granddaughters' location.

    Bellona sighed.

    "Yes, my dearest Brynhild. They have each other, but they only remember bits and pieces of the past. Do not concern yourself with the girls safety, even death can not keep them from their mother or myself. Besides, it will be a good experience for them to run among the backward creatures of that planet."

    It was all Bellona could do to keep from rolling her eyes. Meddlesome, these young gods, and children of gods. Scrambling around the planet acting worse than and thinking themselves better than the animals that live there. And yet these creatures are the very ones to curse god for the troubles that they brought upon their own heads. And they were the last creatures to seek out the help of god, always trying to do things themselves, hence the condition that this planets people were currently experiencing.

    "If it were but my domain." Bellona smiled wickedly.

    She could almost hear the screams of pain and agony, the entrails of blood dripping to the ground from pikes. Perdition as a result of predation. It had such a wonderful ring to it, a wonderful and yet oh so true ring to it.

    Scion regarded her mother and Bellona for the briefest of moments, before she turned her gaze back to the planet. Things in the Milky Way or Bright Universe as some had called it had become quiet. It was almost like the stories of Ragnarok that her mother would tell her. The end times or end of days seemed a lot more permenant when it involved the gods. What family members were in charge of the universe Kali and Branwen no resided in?

    If it hadn't been for the sound behind her, Scion's focus would have remained on the small planet.

    Scion exclaimed when she looked at the goo coming from her father's resting place.

    Bryhild turned to face her husband's coffin and was shocked to see him reform right before her eyes. She had not expected that this would happen.

    "Meteoro my love?!"


    The god of falling rocks would suddenly be engulf in a family hug, while Bellona simply focused her attentions back on Alexis. If they were lucky, he would be back to the more sinister parts of himself.

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    "Oh, so much love! I don't remember having felt so welcomed in any of my many returns!"

    His powerful arms stretched around Brynhild's waist and Scion's back. After letting his senses drown in the warmth of the women he loved most in the universe, he stepped aside.

    "For how long have I been out this time?", it was an honest question. Meteoro no longer questioned the long hiatuses he took from the living, but he wanted to know.

    He caressed Brynhild's face holding out for a kiss that was so long overdue. But then, he laid eyes on the youngster that was his very own blood.

    "Oh, my me--", he took a deep breath, "Scion, you've grown into such a beautiful woman-- Where did I go this time? I think I missed a lot--" And his eyes sparkled with a feeling that wasn't usual for him: a mix of empathy and worry.

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    To say that the former Valkyrie was happy to see her husband was a vast understatement. Bryn eagerly wrapped her arms around Meteoro’s waist as he in return wrapped his family up in his embrace. It was a surreal moment, a cherished moment and one that could have been bittersweet if you focused on the negative.

    As eager as she was to have him back, kisses, hugs and intimacy, they had eternity, she could wait longer as he gazed upon their grown daughter. Brynhild would not hide the smile, Scion was a wonderful combination of the two of them.

    “Too long.” Both mother and daughter replied in unison.

    Bryn leaned into Meteoro’s touch as he caressed her cheek, the smile growing ever larger as his eyes took in their daughter. Scion seemed to preen at her father’s approval, after all, her looks were all from her parents, it had nothing to do with her.

    “You’re body never left my love.” Bryn replied.

    As too the other question, Bryn and Scion turned and regarded Bellona. The goddess of war simply turned and gave a wicked grin when she felt their focus shift.

    “Don’t worry my dearest Meteoro, Brynhild and Scion are just as clueless as you.”

    Bellona’s eyes fell upon the tiny planet where Alexis was before the celestial map vanished. She turned back to the small family of gods.

    “Children.” She muttered more to herself.

    “To answer your question as to what my dear Meteoro you’ve missed, it is rather simple. Child’s play if you will.” The last part was said with a bark of laughter.

    “The Bright Universe, Milky Way, Star System, blah blah snore is being cleansed. It happens when monkeys and children get out of hand. Its what parents do to keep their parents from knocking down our toys, destroying our dreams, and killing off our children. It’s all so tragic I could cry.”

    A mocking tear of blood ran down the corner of Bellona’s eye as she laughed before a more serious undertone took its place.

    “You would think that Altwaal had given you all the answer to your origins my dear Meteoro. You are the children of the Atlanteans, some from a few other gods, but you are all our children and we….well.” She gave them a wicked smile.

    “We have parents too, and guess how much mommy and daddy like it when we go against them? Let’s just say that your parents, and to recap in case you missed it, that would-be ones like myself, took measures to ensure your future. Any questions?”

    Bryn’s cheeks colored, she of all of them knew this lesson well and apparently, she needed to be reminded. Scion merely shrugged her shoulders. What could you do, if that is the honest truth then what could a child do other than risk the ire of a parent and rebel. The consequences of a god rebelling against their parent, well, Scion only had her mother’s learned lesson to draw upon. What Scion really cared about at this moment was meeting the rest of the family, particularly, those lovely daughters of Alexis. As if sensing her daughters thoughts, Bryn touched the side of Scion’s face.

    “It is to choose to be better behaved, Scion. To take the best and worst traits from our parents and be better, a better version of who we are.”

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    At Bellona’s words, Meteoro’s eyes went so wide open, for a moment it looked as if they were about fall off his face. His mouth opened again and it was as if his breathing was gone for good. Again. Did his life leave his body so soon after his return? Were his legs about to fail him? Now, after waiting for his return for so long?

    "BWA-HAHAHAHA!" With little decorum, Meteoro exploded into such loud laughter that all dead creatures of this planet suddenly had this urge to cover their ears.

    "Let me get this straight." He had to contain his breath not to go wild with laughter again. "Did you just say that I have parents? That I, Lord Meteoro, the eternal God of Falling Rocks, should be afraid of some creatures impossibly older than me because they could be upset with my behaviour?"

    Tears started to fall off his face as he could no longer contain the laughter.

    "If they want to spank me, they’re going to find the hardest behind in the entire Bright Universe!" He kept on laughing. "Really, no behind is harder than mine. Just ask Brynhild." And he winked at his wife. "Just don't be jealous. She's not sharing this stud with no one."

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    Bellona raised an eyebrow at Meteoro’s outburst, the truth was she expected no less. Infinitely infantile. She gave Brynild a pointed look. Already, the galaxy has shifted, the First in their linear wisdom deciding they can go anywhere in the galaxy they like and take up residents. Even now, Bellona could sense her sister Minity out cleansing worlds and gods. How many of the First had fallen prey to her angels and generals already?

    Well, regardless, Bellona loved Chaos, and the wheel had come around yet again and she would revel in it, even at the expense of others. Regardless of the younger god’s behavior, there was a reason that Bellona had chosen him for Alexis’ reincarnation.

    “Ugh…father, really?” Scion responded to the butt comment.

    If Scion was grateful for her parents’ deep slumber, it would be this. She had missed all the kissey face, sappy talk between her parents. Even now, her mother smiled at her father with “that look.”

    “Laughter aside my love, we have missed a lot.”

    Bryn took hold of Meteoro’s hand.

    “Alexis is missing along with her entire planet and our grandchildren. There are not many Firsts’ alive, and many have left to reaches unknown.”

    “The Valkyrie have been out searching for Alexis since they awoke.”

    She gave Meteoro a concerned look.

    “The Bright Universe as we know it has gone quiet.”

    “We do know where Branwen and Kali are though.”
    Scion said with a smile that hinted to something more than just happiness.

    “My dearest Brynhild.” Bellona replied.

    “I would not concern myself with such trivial things. It is simply a renewal, nothing more. Many of the offspring of gods and mortal beings have become too attached to the material. Chaos will reign supreme for a while and then this galaxy will begin again. Predation my dear, the strongest will survive as they always do.”

    With those final words, Bellona left the small family to their reunion. She knew exactly where her daughter and the planet had come to be. Bellona would watch, and wait, time had no meaning to her.

    In the meantime, Scion had been studying her parents closely. She had been but an infant when they had fallen into a deep slumber. The Valkyries, fearing something was amiss had taken her far away while they vigilantly watched over her sleeping parents bodies.

    She had technically been raised by her mother’s sisters, until Bellona had come and retrieved them all. Her mother had awoken, followed by those sisters that had stayed behind to watch over them. Now, her father was awake. She had come to know about her mother, but her father was a mystery, save for the tales told to her. She cleared her throat.

    “So, do I need to give you two sometime to um….well, you know.” Scion said with a laugh.

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    Unexpectedly, Meteoro was no longer laughing. Alexis, the child he knew as Tigers was missing. She was his dearest daughter, probably the only one whose name hadn’t faded from his mind, and she was probably in danger-- And the Bright Universe was no longer the same? A thousand questions popped in his mind and a sense of emptiness took over his stomach. He cared so little about most of the Firsts, but for either Brynhild and Tigers he would go to the end of the Universe if needed.

    He looked at Scion, his youngest. There was so much of Brynhild in her. He knew he would come to love her just as much as he did her mother and sister, but only time would tell. Right now a searing pain had taken over him and-- and it had been so soon after coming back. Too soon.

    Of course he wanted to be intimate with his wife. But all of a sudden his heart was aching. And he didn’t do “ache” all that well. He held his wife’s hand strongly, seriously needing to feel their connection, the one reason he had not to be driven mad by all the chaotic thoughts going rampant in his head.

    The ominous parting words of Bellona only added to the growing burden inside of him. He didn’t like being worried. He was a God of destruction after all. He liked to punch things, to explode worlds, to throw meteors at other Gods faces, but this-- this-- was personal--

    “Scion, child, what did you mean with the Bright Universe being gone? Are there problems at Elysia? Who is leading House Sinister these days?” Meteoro had so many questions and didn’t really know what to ask to get a full understanding of what was going on. “And what did that horrible woman mean when she said that only the strongest would survive? I don’t mind most Firsts going down, but I worry about Tigers, or Alexis, as you call her. Where is she? How could she simply have vanished? Isn’t she at her own world? She likes her privacy, probably she doesn’t want to be found and that’s about it.”

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    Scion watched her father’s demeanor change. They were strangers to each other, and yet she was his daughter, his flesh and blood. She was a child to them all in age and knowledge; and she felt it, especially when around one as ancient as Bellona. It had been fascination and curiosity that had driven her child like enthusiasm before, now it was her mother’s contemplative and calculating mind that whirled with information and raw emotion as she watched her father.

    Her mother, in the brief time that they had reunited and spoken of her father often. For Scion, it was a new experience. She had been raised by the Valkyrie and the parents she knew were stories told to her about the slumbering bodies lying within the sealed caskets.

    Sigrún, Hildr and Skogul, they had been a few of her surrogate parents while her biological ones slept. And Scion had grown, with all the knowledge she had learned from the Valkyrie and her time in the Bright Universe. She had been secreted away while the other sisters remained at the Valkyrie Palace. Her home had been sealed off and hidden for the safety of her parents still forms. It hadn’t been until Bellona had appeared that she had returned to the place of her birth.

    Her blue eyes suddenly danced with the sight of liquid fire, and heat rolled off the younger goddess in a mirage of waves. Oh yes, she was her father’s daughter too and the god of falling rocks had given more than just his genetic DNA to his child.

    She was drawn to her father like a moth to the flame, fascinated by the energy change within her own body as her fathers reacted to the news about Alexis and the Bright Universe. Her whole essence seemed to shimmer like a mirage down to her atoms and beyond. Her hand came up and touched her father’s face, never leaving his eyes.

    “Humans called it the Second Law of Thermodynamics when heat transfers from an object of a higher temperature to that of a lower temperature. Arrogant and naïve words from the monkeys who ate off the tree. In its simplicity it is just energy, but I’d never experienced it like this before.”

    The heat of her touch and the heat of her presence seemed to dissipate almost as soon as she touched her father’s skin. Why did they choose to keep these meat suits? Scion’s eyes suddenly refocused as if waking from a dream. She wasn’t the least bit embarrassed, that was not a family trait that seemed to be present in either parent.

    She gave her father another studied glance before briefly turning to her mother and stepping back. Her eyes and mind refocusing to the questions before her.

    “Life, it is completely devoid of life Father.”

    “The Bright Universe is dead. The First have all died and scattered to places outside of the Bright Universe. No one rules, there is no one left to rule. While you all slumbered, the Bright Universe was attacked many times. Only a few First remained to fight with Alexis, and over time even many of them died or left.”

    Scion’s eyes darted toward the direction that Bellona had gone before returning to her father.

    “Bellona, she spoke of nature of the natural ways of the galaxy. Simply put father, there is always a bigger fish in the pond and he will eat the smaller. It’s the human’s term for dog eat dog. It is the time for chaos to reign, surely you feel that inside? Just as Bellona’s twin Pax brings peace and tranquility, she brings war and chaos. The wheel has turned.”

    Alexis. She was the sister she had yet to meet. Scion wondered about the words that Bellona spoke and the true parentage of many. She had seen humans reincarnate and many different types of beings. Why couldn’t the children of the gods do the same? She was so young, and yet there was so much she realized even as a child of the gods that she knew little of.

    “Alexis, a defender by nature from what I have been told, has simply been trying to defend the weaker during this time. There is another First, Oreina who mother’s sisters say has been seen with Alexis. They disappeared along with Alexis’ planet. “

    Scion looked briefly at her mother.

    “Hildr said there was a great explosion near where Alexis’ planet was, and she and everything on the planet were gone. It’s as if she’s moved it somewhere else. Bellona has an idea on where it has gone.”

    Scion wasn’t sure how this was going to play out with her father, Bellona had said quite a few things concerning Alexis that lead her to believe that Alexis was originally Bellona’s child and that she simply was in a reincarnated form.

    “She’s safe wherever she is now and Hildr said the First, Oreina was with her. We’ll find her father. It’s not like she’s helpless, she’s pretty powerful from what I’ve been told.”

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    With a newfound seriousness, Meteoro listened to Scion’s every word. He deeply liked the fire he sensed in her and adored her bluntness when she touched his face without asking permission. She was his daughter, there was no doubt about that, and as the patriarch he always considered himself to be, he felt proud.

    In response, he caressed Scion’s face with his rough hands with a tenderness rarely seen in him. He bathed in her eyes and saw in her the best of both him and his wife. This girl would carry the name of their family into new heights.

    But as happy he was to be reunited with both his wife and daughter, the news he heard were breaking him deep inside. He didn’t mind that much that many Firsts were dead or that some others fled; he couldn’t care less if planets had died during the time of his slumber; it was that he was gone for so long and he missed all of it. He felt responsible in some way.

    “House Sinister is part of who I am. That’s where I became the God I was… the God I am. I had many rivals I could have killed with my bare hands and enjoy every second of it, and that’s where I also found love for the first time.” Flashes of both the Vampyre Lestat and the Silent Angel flashed behind his eyes. “House Sinister can’t be gone. And if it is empty, we must rebuilt. The Gods need a beacon. Otherwise they will feel diminished and will see themselves as simple mortals with great powers. I can’t allow that. We, as Firsts, are so much more than that.

    “This Bellona person took me by surprise with her stories about other Gods reigning supreme above us. I should have listened… If she’s a creature of chaos and war, we might have more in common than we thought at first. And if she knows where Tigers is, she should tell us. If my daughter is fine, it’s all good, but we need to make sure she's all right. I don’t want to disrupt her life, but as a father, I need to be by her side if she's in harm’s way. Knowing that she may be with another First, Oreina, is a bit relieving. Is Oreina still Jas’ wife? With my son you can never know for sure…”

    Meteoro let out a deep sigh as his mind kept on wandering all over the place.

    “There’s so much I’d like to do right now. Rebuilding House Sinister, for once, is something that needs to be done. But first, we need to find Tigers, or Alexis, whatever she likes to be called these days.”

    His enquiring eyes met both Brynhild’s and Scion’s. The women in his life would be the ones to have the final say.

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