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    Brynhild had been awakened by Bellona. Her daughter Scion and a few of her Valkyrie sisters were with the goddess of war, when she awoke. It had been a surreal moment, and Brynhild had been both angered and saddened at missing yet another child’s growth. Her first born, Aslaug, then Quin and now Scion. But as much as the inside feelings felt like bursting forth in childish emotions, Bryn had halted it.

    Meteoro was now finding himself in the same situation she had, playing catch up with the rest of the universe. She knew her husband well enough to know the hidden emotions that roiled within his inner self, as opposed to what he allowed seen outwardly. She was happy at least with the tender moment he was sharing with Scion as Bryn leaned into his strong form.

    “We’ll find her my love.”

    “We know that the planet was not destroyed, which meant that Tigers moved it. And knowing her as we do, she would have done such a thing if she felt the need to protect the planet and the beings that lived on it.”

    Brynhild herself, not realizing that the same thought had just gone through her daughter’s mind had only recently found out about Meteoro’s daughter and her relation to Bellona. The old goddess had been around the First for a very long time, and never had she mentioned that Alexis was her daughter. There were more questions than answers, but it was not Bryn’s place to ask and it was not her place to discuss the matter of Alexis/Tigers, true parentage.

    The one bright hope in all of this would be, that even in reincarnation, she would still be connected to Meteoro. And Bryn could never see Alexis deny that she felt that Meteoro was her father, any more than she would have MC or Booster as part of her parents too.

    “Bellona holds more answers, but she has been cryptic. We need to talk with her love, find out about Tigers. It is time we found out just what was been happening in the universe and what we’ve missed.”

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    “And what do we do now?” He actually replied to his wife, but looked at Scion as well, wondering which one of them would have the answer.

    He didn’t know Brynhild had been asleep just like he did. For all he knew, he was the only God in the Bright Universe to miss the past few millennia and he definitely felt at a disadvantage. He didn’t like feeling this way one single bit.

    “If any of you know where to go, please say so, but do it quickly. I feel like I’m missing out and I need to find out about my daughter.”

    A renewed rage caught fire in his eyes. “There’s so much we need to do. So much that needs rebuilding. And… Why was I frozen in crystal? Who put me in there? I want to know who did it and burn him or her to death! I remember Starron… it was crazy, we had to battle everyone, but I can’t remember who undid me!”

    Meteoro paced deeply frustrated. He was a God of action. Staying still didn’t suit him at all. Not with so many questions drowning him. Not with his daughter in danger. He wanted… he needed to punch something.

    “Tell where we need to go, either to Bellona or my daughter. I’ll summon my Boom Tube. It’s time we do something. This wait is killing me!”

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    “For a god, you certainly portray mortal traits my dearest Meteoro.” Bellona replied as she re-entered the room.

    “What is one day or a thousand to us? What is time?” She continued.

    “I am your elder and that is only in this universe. What of others?”

    A wicked grin curled the side of her mouth as Bellona approached the others.

    “We could discuss the basic childish truths of the universe my dear Meteoro, but I am not particularly in the mind for giving lessons today.”

    Bellona’s eyes traveled over Brynhild as she quietly observed the former Valkyrie before turning towards the god of falling rocks and falling upon their daughter Scion. The wicked grin never left her face as she trailed a caressing touch along Scion’s face.

    “Be mindful of your thoughts Scion, they are louder than you are aware.”

    Bellona returned her gaze to Meteoro.

    “To answer your burning questions.” Bellona replied with her wicked grin.

    “You will do nothing, and you need not go anywhere. As to what happened to you my dear Meteoro, well…you…happened to you. Apathy Is so very unattractive. All of you, including your precious Brynhild became so concerned with “doing,” that you simply forgot to live. In your apathy, enemies moved in, while many of you slumbered or left. Alexis and a few of her friends and family remained to try and protect the Bright Universe. “

    The wicked grin did not leave her face as her eyes once again feel upon Brynhild and Scion. The mixed emotions battling within them was delightful. When she turned back to gaze at Meteoro however, her gaze was hard.

    “As far as “your” daughter is concerned my dearest Meteoro, you needed worry that handsome hot-head of yours. Alexis, belongs to me. I am the mother of her soul, the one who first breathed life into her. How she came to be yours in this life…” Bellona paused.

    This was what happens when parents shirk their duties. These baby gods knew nothing!

    “Reincarnation my dearest Meteoro. Tigers, as you know her, has always been Alexis. My daughter chose to live amongst the Atlanteans, so she became mortal. And you know that the birth of the First was a direct result of a transitioned Atlantean. Surely the First have heard of the messengers of god choosing to descend? My dearest Alexis chose to walk amongst the mortals, to live and experience life.”

    Were these young gods even ready for more knowledge of the vast universe? Should she plant seeds to open their eyes or let them continue their path? She knew well the consequences of drawing the eyes of larger powers, but the First in their infancy and arrogance still floundered blindly.

    “To ease your mind my dearest Meteoro, there is a reason you were chosen, as well as the others. And you should know Alexis well enough to know, she will always consider you her father, and in some ways you are.”
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    This time, Meteoro didn’t make fun of Bellona. Even a deranged God like he was, knew when it was time to draw the line. Oh, and this was definitely THE LINE. He had heard before of the Atlanteans, but always did his best to ignore it. Pretending they weren’t happening meant he wouldn’t have to deal with it, right? He was mistaken. Deeply mistaken. Knowing of other beings, their elders and superiors in all ways, struck his core and it wouldn’t heal easily. He could deal with many challenges. He had been born for battle after all. But he got hit on his pride and it hurt. In spite of all of his might, that’s where he was the frailest.

    And once he managed to put his ego aside, he heard the news about Tigers… Not exactly news since he had heard about it for quite a while. If denial was a godly power, he had embraced it entirely. Tigers was Bellona’s daughter. He wouldn’t argue about it anymore. She would always be his, no matter if Tigers, or Alexis, was an Atlantean reincarnated, it wouldn't matter if hordes of Atlanteans arrived saying otherwise. She would always be blood of his blood. Out of all his sons and daughters, Tigers had was the special one. The powerful Goddess who created Planet M for him, the one daughter that was always around, the only one who really cared enough to stay close to him, no matter his antics.

    For once, Meteoro was afraid to ask. His questions had been met with ache, and he wasn’t willing to get hurt any further. His pride just wouldn’t let him.

    “The Firsts may have fallen. It doesn’t matter if it was out of simple ennui. We will rebuild. Atlanteans can go their way, I don’t mind if they’re all mighty or if they feel so superior to us, we will still rebuild. My family will be at the center of the new house of the First, and from there, other Gods, our Gods, will return.”

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