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    Do we have any NaNo preppers?

    Do we have any NaNo preppers?

    I'm very curious about whether or not anyone around here will be taking up NaNoWriMo.

    I'm not sure yet, as I've been really tired this year. I might be a NaNo Rebel and do it during another month, but I'm really still toying with ideas. With all of the roleplays, blogs, and, of course, work, I'm not sure November will be the right month.

    Still, I'd like to know if we have either any preppers or fellow Rebels!

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    I am toying with the idea too. Last two times I tried, maor things came up (hard drive bit the dust, my thesis revisions came back), so maybe this time I'll last longer than a week...you know, if I can get my prep done on a decent idea!!!
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    Can completely relate. Last time I tried, relatives decided to visit and wanted attention all the time (not the nice kind of relatives and not the nice kind of attention XD). I did finish it, but it nearly drove me insane. Hopefully this year will be a bit better.

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    I've never been attracted to the pressure. I'd rather write at the pace the story wants to be written, if you know what I mean. {Smile}

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    I think NaNo is a great idea and a cool writing challenge, but I've never actually managed to do it because November is typically a busy time of year for me. I may give it a try this year depending on my other commitments, but it's unlikely.
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