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    Anakita Snakecharm

    Anakita was too far away, by the time it started, to hear the voice. What she did hear was the start of the mutterings nearby, the sound of a loosely affiliated crowd that could turn into an angry mob with only a small push, that could tip with any tiny provocation.

    It was a familiar rumble. The last time she remembered hearing it, Anakita's good-hearted but foolish son had ended up in a cage for his willingness to bypass the law to rescue people from serfdom. Whether this was the same, Anakita didn't know... but the sound made her reflexively wary. She needed to determine the source.

    "We have to go back," she said - seemingly addressing the warrior beside her and her raptor equally.

    They spun around, making their wary way back to the scene of the unfolding drama.
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    HEY, YOU!


    GET HER!


    A raging crowd of people began to descend upon Shrike and her animal companions. With sudden clarity, she was aware that things in the Bright Universe were worse than she feared. Instinct was all the younger goddess had to go on, and that instinct was telling her to hop on L.C and to allow the skimmer to sail above these people and get as far away as possible.

    Shrike batted away reaching hands as people beside her began to grab for her or a piece of her clothing to hold onto. If there were ever a more appropriate moment for an earthly expletive to come out of her mouth, now would have been the time. But the look in some of these people’s eyes had caused the word to lodge in her throat.

    She began to push her way toward freedom, a chance to hop on L.C and for them to ride away. All the while, Shrike looked for the cause of this sudden chaos. There, out of the corner of her eye, she made out a distortion like the heat shimmer of a mirage.

    “Don’t hurt anyone Rinoa, they don’t know any better.” She relayed to the tiger.

    Shrike pushed her way through the growing crowd and scanned her surroundings. Sayen was headed her way, and Anakita had turned around with the warrior. She did not want to go up against any of them, she had no reason too, and she prayed she wouldn’t be given one.

    Sayen was at her side, her raptor leaping the distance to knock away people crowding in upon Shrike. Rinoa and L.C. were ever ready to defend their friend but seemed unperturbed by the appearance of the Sylvari and her mount. Shrike had yet to grab hold of her saber, she did not want to lift a hand against these manipulated individuals, and she certainly would not raise it against Sayen.

    A smirk touched her lips when Sayen spoke.

    “Aye, wise words. You take the low road and I’ll take the high. Lead the way.”

    In one smooth moment, Shrike was atop L.C. and following Sayen away from the crowd. There was no getting past revealing the truth to the Sylvari now.

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    Antipathy was undeterred by the lack of response from a few of the individuals she tried to influence. There were always exceptions, but she would prevail just because of the sheer numbers that were affected by her whispering. It did not matter if it was now, or later, as long as her prey did not leave this planet.

    She would still work on planting seeds of doubt, so she focused on the human and her companion instead. Sidling along side the ranger, Antipathy began her whispers.

    “Why are you wasting your time?”

    “A heroes work is never done is it?”

    “Everyone wanting, wanting, wanting from you all the time. You deserve peace and a rest from their incessant selfish demands.”

    “This isn’t your problem, you didn’t create it.”

    “Let it go, you have more important things to attend too.”

    Antipathy had all the time in the universe. She would see just how strong these beings resolve was, it was a mission she gleefully accepted.

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