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Thread: So, WhatsApp?

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    I guess I'm just the opposite. I tend to relate with too many people at times-- But that's just the differences that make us who we are.

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    Pretty much. I'm an introvert, so my ideal group is 4 people tops, and that's counting me. I admire people who can feel comfortable in a large group.

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    It has it upside and downside as well. I tend to focus less on particular people and sometimes that's not good, but well, that's who I am, heh. Sometimes I like the spotlight a bit too much.

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    *gets the spotlight out and shines it on M*

    I'm quite introverted myself, so I'm happy to let the spotlight shine on someone else.
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    Hahaha! Wrong thread!

    **takes the spotlight back and becomes King of the Spotlight**

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    Discord is a cool chat device. I have it both on me Laptop & phone.
    is pretty simple to use.

    I don't care for cellphones much, but they
    are useful for things... I used too live with me mum 8:30-4:30 &
    had difficulty with mobility, so I did most of the shopping. Cell
    allowed me too be able to check about items i wasn't sure
    about or out & what not.... I use an old school flip phone
    & until last year when it started falling apart, I had it for
    9 or so years.

    I'm a hermit, I'm not a people person, I'm actually an
    & I don't make friends easily. Actually this is one of me few social
    outlets.... though to be honest sometimes it can be a little hard.
    But I am grateful for it & to all of you for it.
    Trying to catch M in posts


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    {Chuckle} I'm in between. I like groups, but I like them to be small.

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    **Takes a look at the Avoidant link and learns some stuff **

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