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Thread: So, WhatsApp?

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    So, WhatsApp?

    So, WhatsApp?

    I was just wondering if you'd be interesting in having a WhatsApp group for the people in these boards...

    I know, I know, I have a lot of muted WhatsApp groups, too; but it would be a nice place to plan things up and toss ideas around for plotlines and stuff.

    So, what do you think? Is it too much?

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    I've never used WhatsApp...is it sort of like Google Hangouts?
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    WhatsApp is so popular in here that I didn't wonder it could not be that way elsewhere...

    WhatsApp is an instant messagery system. Sort of what used to be the Hotmail's Messenger back in the day, but with a lot of other perks, and with the benefit of being able to create groups and stuff. Everything in your cellphone, of course.

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    Hmmm....That's actually a good idea and I think worth looking into. I have used Facebook's messenger to message people and plot. Which has advantages and disadvantages. Such as logging on, but if I'm not connected with someone on Facebook already, I don't have a way to contact them, except through the PM system. Or they might not be very active on FB either, sometimes I'm not.

    M, is essentially an IM system through the forum?

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    It's basically an Internet based SMS system. And it does allow groups. It doesn't use other platforms, like Facebook Messenger, just your cellphone number (and it doesn't charge as a cellphone call).

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    I do use WhatsApp a lot for family and work (it's very popular here), but I do confess the part where it's directly linked to your phone number gives me pause re: just adding people/joining a group with people I don't really know/know well.

    There's also the point that well, groups. I rarely leave any group unmuted and don't really answer messages when I'm busy, so it wouldn't really be a quick way to reach me if I'm at work. Not sure how it would work out for others who use it.

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    I do know what you mean, Shades, I mute groups as well.

    But when something is being discussed at a time, you don't need to be in front of the computer and that would make things easier.

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    I prefer Google Hangouts. Thanks to Hangouts, I heard from an old friend again! *gives M a hug*
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    Ha! I didn't know Hangouts still existed, but I was trying anything to locate you. It paid off thankfully.

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    Currently I have been using Discord a lot, since it doesn't require any installation (though there's a phone app) if you use it on your computer, but I'm the worst real time talker ever. You can also create site-specific servers, a lot of roleplay sites are doing it now to have a place to send announcements, let people know when the site's down, stuff of the sort.

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