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    Changing a thread's title

    Changing a thread's title

    Quick question! I want to change the name of a thread that I started. How can I change the name? I remember doing that before but I'm missing something, now.

    Help, please?

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    I think on the new board set up only admins can change titles. I'd be happy to do it for you. What thread is it and what do want the new title to be?

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    "Edit Thread" is an administrative function available to Magisters as well as Stewards and Founders. There are enough active Magisters and Stewards from the time the old host was dying and we had to get a new host, that you should get a pretty quick response if you ask for a change. And no, it isn't any trouble; I, for one, am bored enough to appreciate a little more to do.
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    Thank you both so much!

    Could you please change the name of this thread: https://quarrelsandquills.com/showth...-in-Alwaysland


    The Awesome Adventures of Clonathan - Ch 2 - Return to the Dark

    Thanks again
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    Title has been changed and you're welcome.

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    Yay! Thanks a lot 😘

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    You're very welcome.

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