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    Reunions and Greetings

    Talking Reunions and Greetings

    *Wanders back into the forum after months away, smiling and waving at everyone*

    Hey there everyone! I'm coming back for a visit, thanks to M contacting me on email and Hangouts.

    Things here have been crazy. Probably crazier than before. Hard to believe that it has been 13 years since our little community started, and I'm happy to see that we're still around. It was wonderful looking at the anniversary thread and seeing all the familiar faces. Seems like just yesterday that we were all plotting and conspiring for our various RP plots. I think about those days often, and how all my old friends have been doing, so I thought I'd start with a reunion and greetings thread so we can find out how we've all been doing, and meet some of the new faces that have come along since.

    Next month, I will be celebrating my 15th anniversary with my lovely, beautiful and wonderful wife, Michelle. As many of you know, we've not had an easy time in our marriage. A year after we were married, the company I was working for restructured and moved us from Southern California to the central coast of California, 400 miles from family and friends. Soon after that, my wife had her first surgery, known as a whipple, the most invasive abdominal surgery one could get. Since that time, it has been one health issue after another, and complications including a temporary battle with addiction to the pain medications.

    When the housing market collapsed, the company I was working for again restructured, and I began a 65 mile one-way commute to the office. There were times that I would leave home at 4am, and not get home until 8pm in the evening. It was a very difficult time, but during all that time, I was coming here and able to enjoy the time with my friends and share in our stories together. I was able to share with my friends here the struggles with Michelle's health, and the difficulties with my commute. It was wonderful to have such a group of friends here.

    Then in 2012, the company I had worked for since 1996, decided to lay me off. While they couldn't legally let me go for my wife's health issues, I know that is why they did. They just found another way to do it that was legal. I was out of work for a couple months before being hired by a consulting company that allowed me to work from home doing development work. The product I was working with was Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which I had worked for three years on with my previous employer. Through this company, I became Microsoft certified and increased my knowledge and experience with that product. In the meantime, my wife and I still dealt with her health issues, various surgeries and hospitalizations.

    In January, 2016, the consulting company was purchased by another company and merged together. Things continued as they had been there, and it was a good company to work for, until over half the incoming staff were laid off in September of that same year. Fortunately, I was not hit in that layoff, but the recruiters heard about it and contacted me. I was given the opportunity to interview for a job as a senior developer in the IT department at a very large company. Things worked out and in January of this year, they relocated me back to Southern California, about 90 minutes south of where we used to live. It is a great job, with great pay and great benefits, and being back near family after 13 years away is wonderful. The job is very busy, busier than I've been at any other job in my career, but I love it all.

    Michelle and I are still dealing with her health issues. Shortly after we moved here, she broke both her ankles in a fall. Then, last week, she had another surgery on her neck to fix a fusion that didn't take two years ago. She's going to be getting out of the extended care facility today. On the positive side, she recovered from this surgery far quicker and better than she had from any of her other surgeries over the past 13 years.

    So, that's my update and my greetings to those who don't already know me. Again, it is great to see all the familiar faces, all the friends I've made here over our time together, and am glad we can still remain friends even now.
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    That's quite a road you've traveled, Jas. I'm so glad were still friends after so long. And yeah, I guess life is just that, constant change. Mine has had it's ups and downs too, but can't really type all that on my cellphone. So, I'll get to that later. In the meanwhile I'm just happy to see you and the people hanging around this place. We all left a piece of us in here and it's inevitable to come back.

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    Great to hear it's not all doom and gloom, Jas. Thanks for the update and it's great to hear you're in a job you enjoy. I continue to blast away the odd spammer that appears at the Inn and the Games Hall and stay in work to keep my mind sharp after turning 70 last August. Hope to see a bit more of you if the shorter commute gives you time.
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    I was just wondering when you'd show up..... Sounds like your wife doesn't
    do so well in the central climate/ atmosphere compared too the Southern area.
    Trying to catch M in posts


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    Jason! It's been a dog's age! That's great news that you've moved back south closer to home! I am sure it is a comfort for both you and Michelle. I'm glad that you are enjoying the new job, even if it is busy!
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    I know. It's been too long. So glad to see everyone again! I've missed you all! *group hugs*

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    I adore this group, too. I really do. This is the high school reunion I wouldn't miss 😊

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    Welcome back, Jason!

    My fullest sympathies on your wife's health problems. I and my family have had a few of those, ourselves, over the years. This last year has been especially challenging. I came here... almost five years ago now, I think. I was finally taking up and invitation from Daveosaurus. I was living with my parents until Dad went into a Skilled Nursing Facility, himself, last December. Then I lived with Mom with the help of a home nurse, and visited Dad daily. We feared we'd lose him around last New Year, but he's recovered more than anyone dared hope back then, including the doctor.

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    Jason! Welcome back!

    It's great to see you again. Congrats on the new job that allowed you to move back home. I'm sorry to hear about Michelle's latest surgery, but that is wonderful she recovered rather well and is coming home. Congrats on your upcoming anniversary as well.

    Optimus and I just celebrated 12 years being married in October. It is amazing how fast time can go. Especially when I remember letting you all know when I pregnant with Teddy. He will be 13 in April and is involved in sports. He's played football and just finished his first season of Cross Country. Which he loved a lot. He plans to run Track and Field in the Spring. And lifts weights now too. He's almost as tall as me.

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    Teddy is turning 13? My head just exploded!

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