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    Owen Phillips

    Allyne Woods: Jas's Tomb

    Owen had a similar expression on his face as Sarah did at Kara's chuckle. He certainly didn't remember hating anyone. But he also didn't remember being a god or being married either. Although, if Zach had told him about his granddaughter, he would have just looked at him like he was crazy. He wasn't old enough to have children that had children of their own. At least, in human terms he wasn't. Owen was still thinking in those terms, so it was best that Zachariah didn't bring up more of his family, yet.

    "Obviously, the sooner we remember, the better."

    Owen commented, already hating not remembering things. He watched as Kara shifted the earth, covering the clearing and the cave. It was amazing to watch and although Zachariah had told him he was a god, he was at awe watching it. He smiled seeing the tree.

    "I agree, it is fitting."

    He said, agreeing with Sarah that a willow tree, no matter how out of place, was fitting. It was dark and he grabbed his flashlight from his belt.

    "So, how are we getting to this Allyne's place?"

    He asked.

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    Kara Orean, Sajara and Garron

    Allyne Woods: Jas's Tomb

    Kara sighed. If it were just her, or her and one other, she simply would walk through the trees, as she had done to bring Sarah here. Besides, going to see Allyne, as he was calling himself now, was not high on her list of things to do. Then again, all of this was something she had hoped to avoid forever. She looked over at Uki. She'd been around them enough to recognize that the entoid was entering her autumn season. All this had to be taking a toll on her. She then looked at Garron, the dwarf was despondent, but the willow tree appeared to help him a bit. Two mortals caught up in the dealings of the gods.

    Kara was calm now as she walked over to Uki. She was no longer angry, but simply had a look of compassion on her face. "Uki, I know you don't trust any of us. You don't have any reason to. Everything's been turned upside down and inside out. Believe me, they have been for all of us." Kara pointed to Garron, who wept by the weeping willow tree. "Look at the dwarf, he lost his best friend." She pointed to Sarah and Owen. "They just learned that their lives were nothing what they thought it was. That their true memories are inside Sajara's mind." She then pointed at Sajara. "The woman you think is the cause of all this is just as much a victim of this tragedy as everyone else." She lowered her hand. "I lost my father, not once, but twice. So, realize, that none of this is what any of us wanted."

    Kara sighed again, and looked over at Zach. "I agree with you, Zach, we should take them both with us." She looked back at Uki. "And perhaps, centuries ago, I would have forced you to come with us. Instead I'll give you a choice. You can come with us, and I will heal you through your time of autumn. You've seen my power, and you know it's in my ability to do so. You can leave, and keep all of this silent. You will tell no one what has happened here. You have seen what I can do when angry, and believe me, my connection to the woods will make it impossible to hide from me." She said it calmly, as simply a matter of fact. Not showing any hint of anything other than compassion.

    She looked over at Garron again. "I would ask that you come with us instead. Watch over the dwarf. He will need the help of a friend at this time." She looked at Uki again. "You're the closest one he has here now."

    She walked over to the dwarf again, and put a hand on his shoulder. "I understand loss, Garron. I've lost my family. I'm truly sorry for your loss. As I told Uki, I won't make you come, but you will be safe with us."

    Garron looked up at Kara, then over to Uki. "I've nowhere else to go, Lass. I want to know the truth, and see it with me own eyes." He looked at Uki. "Don't ye want to know the truth too?"

    Sajara stood to the side, watching, and nodded at Kara as the two made brief eye contact. Kara didn't know what to think of this new woman, the one who acted so much like her father, but couldn't be any more different. Who was she to Kara? Friend, father in a woman's body, foe? She didn't know what to think of it, but knew that the woman was here to stay.

    Kara turned Owen. "You and Zach both have cars. Zach, you take Sarah and Sajara. Garron, Uki and I will come go with Owen. You and I know where Allyne lives, so I will direct Owen there." She turned to look at Uki and Garron again. "You have my word, that you will be safe with us."
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    The Forest of Allyne, Jas’ tomb

    Uki did her best to remain calm. It didn’t take a genius to realize that she was way over her head. There was no playing games with these people. Whether they were gods or just pretenders, they were the most powerful beings she had ever seen, and getting on their bad sides would only end with her sharing Eirene’s fate… or something even worse.

    She made sure the iPhone was in her purse and held tight to it. She had proof of these powerful creatures right with her, but it wouldn’t be wise to antagonize them, not right away and not after Kara had threatened her in such a subtle way. She was afraid of her life and she was also curious. That was a bad combination.

    She moved closer to Garron and put a hand on his shoulder. They were about to jump into Owen’s car and they would be facing a lot more craziness.

    Oh, this day had been so shot!

    “We need to stay close,” she said to Garron. “I don’t trust them and neither should you. But we’ll take care of each other and, whenever we can escape, we should…”

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    Sarah Mattson & Zachariah Sydney

    Allyne Woods: Jas's Tomb

    Sarah had so many questions and she hoped seeing this Allyne would help answer them. Zachariah wasn't as certain. After all, he and Kara had tried many things to help Sarah and Owen remember, but nothing had seemed to work. But what did they have to lose at this point? Perhaps, with the disturbance of Jas' tomb and rise of Sajara, things would be different now. It felt like the world had shifted.

    He was glad that Kara agreed they should take the entoid and the dwarf with them. He wasn't too concerned about Garron, he was grieving. But Uki...She seemed like a wild card and it would best to keep her close. Even if she didn't trust them. He nodded his head when Kara said they should take the cars.

    "Sounds good to me."

    Sarah nodded her head and looked over at Owen.

    "I guess I'll see you soon."

    She told him, curious about him. The man that both Kara and Zachariah said was her husband. She didn't remember him, but that didn't mean she didn't feel a bond with him. Now that she had meet him, she felt drawn to him. Like she had always felt drawn to Kara. She hoped going to Allyne's home would help.

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    Owen Phillips

    Allyne Woods: Jas's Tomb

    Owen had a lot of questions and he wanted answers. Answers Zachariah couldn't or wouldn't give him. If seeing this Allyne would help, then so be it. Owen felt like he had amnesia. People knew things about him, that he didn't. Although if Zach and Kara were right, he did have amnesia. Along with his....wife. Wife, that seemed so weird to say. He was certain he'd never forget her. He nodded his head, agreeing about using the two cars to get to this Allyne's home. Although, he was a little saddened he would drive with Sarah. Who Zach and Kara said he was married to. He wanted to remember her.

    He nodded his head to Sarah.

    "Yeah, we will."

    He told her and then turned to Kara. It hadn't escaped him how Uki was acting and told her quietly.

    "She doesn't trust you."

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