Saber Vortex: the Wastelands

"Well, let's stop talking about it and do something."

Victor said, a little impatiently. Anubis wanted the First dead. Hera agreed with him. Victor did as well. So, why not get on with it all? Victor would gladly help kill some Firsts to be free of this prison. He already planned to go after the Prime family for everything they had done to him over the years. And he'd take out any other Firsts that stood in his way. He watched as Anubis' daggers began to dance and glow. He sneered, happy that he would free. And he was free, once the dagger hit the bracelets that had made him a prisoner.

"Yes, thank you."

He told the smiling face, all he could see now was Anubis' face.

"Which First are the first to die?"

He asked his new friend.