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    Error on New Posts? Last post

    Error on New Posts? Last post

    So, I'm not sure if it's only happening to me, but it's happened a few times already.

    Any time I'm going on New posts and clicking to to on the last post of a specific thread, instead of taking me to the thread in question, it takes me to the last thread I visited before the one I want to visit.

    Has anyone seen this happened already, or would anyone have any suggestion there? It's hard to take a print of it, but I can try.

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    Image 1 is of me visiting this thread:


    Image 2 is of me on New posts selecting the last post of a specific thread (IC Court Case, since the cursor doesn't show):


    Image 3 is of where clicking the link has taken me (the same thread I had visited before, if you see the clock on the right bottom corner, it's a different time than Image 1):


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    That happens sometimes if you click back to get to the new posts page, after viewing a thread. It is usually fixed by simply clicking on the "New Posts" link again to retrieve a new search query.
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    I did try it now (clicking on the new posts link again after reading a thread and before trying to go to the last post) to come here, and the same happened. Might be something on my end, I guess.

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