Looking for anyone interested in a new, slow-moving post apocalyptic cyberpunk science fiction scenario that I will be the GM over.

Setting: Earth of the future. Surface destroyed by global warming and wars. Nations no longer exist as they once were. People struggle to survive in the harsh wastelands of what remains of the earth. Scattered among the wastelands are domed city-states where dystopian societies exist and flourish.

The idea is loosely based on a series I'm currently reading, called Code Breakers. More as an inspiration than actual direct correlation to the story.

The wastelands would contain nomadic humans, surviving the best they can off the land. Similarities to Mad Max and other post apocalyptic settings. Technology in the wastelands is scavenged from ruins or stolen from smaller city states.

The domed city states are areas of high futuristic technology including cybernetics. Big brother is always watching in these cities, and everyone is tracked through cybernetic implants. The societies are always strictly controlled, including birth and death. The implants function as a separate AI controlling every aspect of a person's life inside their city state, from just after their birth, until the AI terminates their life at their appointed time.

Would start with one thread, in a city state. If things move into the wastelands (which I suspect that they would), a separate thread would be created for the wastelands region closest to the city state.

All characters are human, but there are different types, depending on those living in the city state or the wastelands. Those details will be fleshed out more if there's an interest in this setting. Oh, and despite the high technology level of the city states, there's no space travel. Everything will take place on earth.