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Thread: Character Bios

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    Character Bios

    Character Bios

    Bios for Star Wars characters go here.

    Neva Xolte
    Siralai Mahr
    Trystan Gunther Mahr
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    Siralai Mahr

    Profession: Jedi Knight/Guardian (though no longer an Order member in good standing)

    Current Planet of Residence: Coruscant

    Planet of Origin: Narellis Prime

    Age: 31

    Species: Human

    Sex: Female

    Physical Description: Tall, with a curvy and athletic build. Dark skin, dark brown hair cut short, and brown eyes. Siralai is usually dressed in the clothing of an ordinary traveler with neutral-colored shirt and trousers, a tunic-length vest, and knee-high boots.

    Faction: Republic

    Trystan Gunther Mahr – Husband
    Rossi Annu Mahr –Daughter (Adopted)
    Shalmus Mahr – Son (Adopted)
    Maialin Mahr – Daughter (Biological)
    Ebben Mahr – Son (Biological)

    Skills: Extensive training with a lightsaber and in hand-to-hand combat. Can use light side Force abilities typical of a Jedi Knight. Affinity for Force healing; this skill will not usually be enough to restore a badly injured person to full health, but will enable them to survive long enough to receive medical treatment. Capable of basic piloting to get from Point A to Point B, but no fancy maneuvers.

    Background: Siralai was the second of two daughters born to a wealthy political family on Narellis Prime. She demonstrated Force sensitivity at an early age, and was duly sent to the Jedi Order for training as a toddler. Siralai excelled in her studies and demonstrated both intelligence and physical strength, so she did well at the Temple and was accepted as a Padawan as would be expected for a trainee of her caliber.

    As her apprenticeship progressed, however, concerns began to emerge about whether Siralai was on the correct path. Though she was able to meet any physical challenge that was thrown at her, it became increasingly apparent that she might not have the heart of a soldier. She had deep misgivings about taking sapient life, and would hesitate to strike a killing blow or offer more opportunities for her enemy to surrender than was wise or safe. She never quite overcame her reservations, but was able to complete her trials successfully anyway and was awarded her knighthood.

    One of her first solo missions took her to a remote part of Hoth, and she chanced to stumble upon the aftermath of a minor scuffle between Republic and Imperial expeditionary forces. One of the Imperial pilots was still alive, badly injured and trapped in the wreckage of his fighter. Much to his surprise, Siralai used Force healing to save his life, freed him from the debris, and then patched up his wounds.

    Under any other circumstances, the Jedi and the pilot would simply have gone their separate ways at that point – but they were deep in the frozen wastes of Hoth, miles and miles from any outpost held by either of their respective sides. They were forced to work together to survive, and got to know each other. Siralai learned that the pilot’s name was Trystan Gunther, that he had been conscripted by the Empire’s military after having been born and raised on an Imperial world, and that he was inherently a kind and decent man.

    Their time together led to friendship… and then friendship led to more. Trystan decided not to return to the service of the Empire, and he and Siralai secretly maintained a relationship even though she knew that the Jedi Order would frown upon it.

    They were enjoying their borrowed time when two things happened simultaneously. Siralai realized she was pregnant, and Trystan was located by Imperial forces. Siralai threw caution to the wind and went on a full-blown rescue mission, saving her lover from his Sith interrogator and bringing him back safely to Coruscant.

    Siralai realized that continuing to keep her relationship a secret was more of a danger than a solution, so she went to the Jedi Council and told them that she and Trystan were engaged, and that she was pregnant and keeping the baby. She presented this as information, not a request for permission, and the Council was not pleased about it. She lost her status as a Jedi Knight in good standing, but Siralai took this in stride as the expected result of her choices. She maintained an amicable if distant relationship with the Jedi Order, and continued to be of service in a looser capacity when she was called upon.

    The couple got married in a private low-key ceremony, they purchased a modest apartment on Coruscant, Trystan officially defected to the Republic, and they settled into their new life together.

    Shortly after getting married, Siralai and Trystan stumbled upon a Sith Pureblood child who had been abandoned and had happened to pick Siralai’s ship to hide in seeking refuge. The little boy, Shalmus, had nowhere to return to, so the couple took him in and eventually adopted him along with his older sister, Rossi. Siralai gave birth to the baby she was expecting, a daughter named Maialin, and later had another son named Ebben.

    The family continues to live on Coruscant, and Siralai continues to help the Jedi Order when requested, though neither they nor she would claim she is a Knight any longer. It was not just about having a family – ultimately, her shift away from the Jedi was more caused by her inability to see even enemies in black and white terms and her lack of stomach for violence. Siralai is deeply dedicated to trying to help people, but has chosen to do so by her own path.

    Personality: Siralai is compassionate, calm, and patient. She has a strong theoretical sense of right and wrong, but is sometimes paralyzed by the details when things get extremely grey, and she is prone to excessive analysis. In potential combat situations, Siralai will almost never strike the first blow, and whenever possible will give enemies every possible opportunity to surrender rather than resorting to lethal force. When there is no other choice, though, Siralai will do what is necessary to defend innocent people and those in her care.

    Reputation: Her reputation is decidedly mixed. Siralai has helped quite a few people over the course of her career thus far, and that has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated. On the other hand, it also hasn’t gone unnoticed that some of the people she has saved were Imperials, nor has her tendency to show mercy even when not everyone would agree it was deserved. Some have questioned her loyalty to the Republic as a result, and her marriage to an Imperial defector has reinforced that perception. Siralai has little concern for rumors, though, or what strangers think, as long as those she is closest to remain loyal.
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    Name: Neva Xolte

    Profession: Pilot

    Current Planet of Residence: The Wayfarer (XS Stock Light Freighter Class – with a few upgrades)

    Planet of Origin: Red Sun’s Omen (Starship – Light Freighter Class)

    Age: 28

    Species: Zabrak

    Sex: Female

    Physical Description: Average height, would appear taller if her build were less athletic. Her skin is an orange tone, with chocolate brown tattoos following the line of her nose upwards before enveloping her eyes and flaring towards her forehead and temples with wing-like tendrils. No hair to speak of, her pale horns stand straight up as two rows in line with the outside edges of her eyes. She wears a dark blue long-sleeved shirt under a hooded sleeveless tunic bound at the waist with what appears to be electrical cable. Her dark blue pants tuck into mid-shin black boots. She wears a double holster on her right hip – in the top holster is a rather ingenious multitool for fixing various ship issues, the lower one houses a pistol blaster.

    Faction: Republic

    Family: Extensive, but scattered.

    Skills: Neva is proficient in hand-to-hand combat and with pistol blasters, but her silver tongue is possibly her most second most valuable asset. Her abilities to pilot a spacefaring vessel are exemplary and she is known for pushing the boundaries of what could be considered ‘safe flight’ to get the job done. She has extensive knowledge of civilizations, colonies and planets due to her upbringing and can recall hyperspace coordinates of any place she’s been.

    Background: Neva grew up on a starship. Her family was obsessed with travel, discovery and knowledge – they were completely unable to settle down to call a planet home. Her ‘family’ was actually a great number of like-minded Zabrak who had been travelling in caravans across the galaxy for centuries. So long separated from their home planet, they eventually developed their own distinct appearance, setting them further apart from their Iridonian kin.

    Young Neva was fascinated by the large star maps and the countless planets that stretched before their caravan. Constantly in the cockpit, she first learned to fly while seated on her father’s knee. From there, she never looked back. Her love of flight pushed her to learn how her machine worked, how to navigate and how to negotiate for fuel from the most tight-fisted of sellers. Her tattoos were a natural presentation of her passion – she swears her first set of horns came in during a hyperspeed jump.

    When she was 17, she built a small star-faring vessel cobbled together from parts the community salvaged or traded for. It was meant to be a scouting vessel – fast, but short-ranged – as they were running into an increasing number of hostile ships. Whether it was due to more beings discovering space travel, or to the methods the expanding Empire utilized when discovering new planets. Having witnessed said methods firsthand, Neva is convinced of the latter reason.

    The caravan had initiated trade with a new planet and were in the midst of moving goods from the planet’s surface when a massive contingent of Empire battlecruisers arrived. The planet begged the caravan for assistance, for the native peoples did not wish to join the Empire and feared the Empire would make good on their threats to force an alliance. At the same time, the Empire flagship contacted them and asked for their support as well. The family was torn to shreds that day. They had always managed to remain neutral in their dealings with peoples and planets and governments – focusing on their calling as explorers. Something had changed in the galaxy, however, and it seemed that these wayward Zabrak could sense that shift. Ships broke away from the caravan to join the Empire’s troops even as some ships took up defensive positions around the planet. Three ships jumped, choosing to continue to follow their own path.

    Neva was watched the dismantling her life, values and worth from seat of her small ship. Alone, she cried for what it meant for her people – her family – her dreams. She had never imagined a life without her family around her, nor had she ever contemplated a stationary life. When the first volley of shots destroyed her parent’s ship, she left.

    Her vessel got her to an outpost which happened to be in need of a pilot. Realizing that she had no family unit with which to share, barter for goods or be defended from unfriendly discoveries, Neva took her first job. She ran a regular supply route and saved up to improve her own vessel to carry more cargo. This meant that she could run her own shipments without paying to use someone else’s ship. She moved to a more populated area of the galaxy, set up shop, and started running riskier routes for higher pay. Neva saved up to purchase her current vehicle which she never stops tweaking.

    Personality: Neva is by nature very social, though she finds herself continually disappointed at the limited number of trustworthy people in the galaxy. As a result, she tends to sleep on her ship instead of engaging with others at planetside establishments. She also has an insatiable need to go places and do things she has never done before. A driven individual, she always carries through with her word, even when the result isn’t in her best interest.

    Reputation: Her explorer’s heart keeps her on the move, which has given her a bit of a reputation for being unreliable or flighty. Others see her unwillingness to run a steady route as a good thing, hoping for subtlety on her part when they ask her to move private goods. Regardless of these opinions, it is well known that Neva always finishes any job she takes. The abnormal colour of her skin (for her race) tends to arouse suspicion in Republic and Empire extremists alike.
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    Trystan Gunther Mahr

    Profession: Co-owner of speeder and light craft repair shop, former Imperial pilot

    Current Planet of Residence: Coruscant

    Planet of Origin: Rivekk

    Age: 35

    Species: Human

    Sex: Male

    Physical Description: Average height with a lean but athletic build. Pale skin, reddish brown hair, and brown eyes. He has a noticeable Imperial accent. Trystan wears an engineering coverall when he works, and basic civilian clothes at other times.

    Faction: Republic (Imperial defector)

    Siralai Mahr – Wife
    Rossi Annu Mahr –Daughter (Adopted)
    Shalmus Mahr – Son (Adopted)
    Maialin Mahr – Daughter (Biological)
    Ebben Mahr – Son (Biological)

    Skills: Trystan is an exceptional pilot. His experience is primarily with fighters and light craft. Because he served in the Imperial military, he is skilled at using a blaster, in hand-to-hand combat, and with outdoor survival in hostile environments. He is experienced with repairing light spacecraft and speeders, and can usually figure out how to repair just about anything mechanical if he has sufficient time to study it.

    Background: The family Trystan was born into, the Gunthers, had served in the Imperial military for many generations. Because of this and because he hailed from Rivekk, a strongly Empire-loyal world where all able-bodied young people were conscripted into service upon reacting the age of majority, there was never any question about whether Trystan would follow in the Gunther family footsteps.

    In his parents’ home, Trystan never really felt like he fit in. His older brother was clearly his father’s favorite, and a source of great pride when he became an officer. His younger brother was the apple of his mother’s eye, and was coddled by her and given easy assignments with no real risk as a favor to her once he had enlisted in the military. That left Trystan as the odd one out, virtually unnoticed by either of his parents – and the expendable middle son who could be sacrificed in the service of the Empire.

    When the time for his inevitable military conscription came, Trystan demonstrated an aptitude for piloting and was accepted into flight school, after which he began a career as a fighter pilot. His service record was acceptable but unexceptional.

    Life changed completely for Trystan when he was shot down over Hoth during a firefight with Republic forces. Trystan was badly injured in the crash, and was trapped in the wreckage and unable to free himself. He assumed his dire situation had become even worse when he was found by a Jedi. Though he fully expected her to kill him in cold blood – having been told all his life that Jedi were ruthless murderers – he figured he had nothing to lose by surrendering. To his surprise, the Jedi pulled him out of the wreckage and offered him healing and medical treatment.

    Together, they made their way back to civilization. Trystan came to respect the Jedi, Siralai… then to do more than just respect. He felt genuine friendship for her. When Siralai was attacked by a wampa, Trystan had the opportunity to leave her behind, but instead he stayed and helped her as she had helped him.

    Friendship turned into more, and by the time they were nearing civilization, Trystan had decided he wanted to stay with her. Instead of returning to the Empire, he followed Siralai back to the Republic, and they continued their relationship in secret because the Jedi were sure to disapprove.

    It seemed that the young couple truly could have it all… but then the Empire located Trystan and sent a team to retrieve him. At first, Trystan was able to fool his superiors by claiming he had been stranded and unable to return, and resumed his normal routine while waiting for Siralai to come to the rescue. A Sith read Trystan’s secrets in his head, though, and Trystan was brutally tortured and interrogated, forced to spill all the information he had.

    Siralai did come to his rescue, though, and when she brought him home it was with the decision to keep no more secrets. They were together openly now, got married, and Trystan officially defected to the Republic. They became the parents of four children, two biological and two adopted Pureblood Sith.

    Trystan now enjoys a peaceful life as a husband and father. He and Siralai decided that it would be best for him to refrain from taking a dangerous job within the Republic because her occupation was risky and they didn’t want to take a chance of their children losing both parents, so Trystan and his best friend/fellow defector Jasper opened a repair shop adjoining the Coruscant house.

    Personality: Trystan is calm, patient, and optimistic. His life in the Empire deeply traumatized him, but like Siralai, he seeks redemption rather than elimination for the Empire’s people. Trystan is supportive of his wife and works hard to be a good dad, despite the poor example set by his own parents.

    Reputation: Some people view Trystan with suspicion or dismiss him as evil out of hand because of his Imperial accent and history with the Empire’s military. Those who actually bother to get to know him will find a sincere person who truly wants to help others. The shop has a good reputation for solid repairs done in a timely manner at a reasonable cost.
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