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    Senator Keela Mahr

    Keela Mahr is the oldest of two daughters born to a family of career politicians on Narellis Prime. (Her younger sister, Siralai, was raised at the Jedi Temple.) Her father was the Senator before her, and she was elected to his seat when he retired. She is married and has two teenage children.

    Mahr consistently takes an extremely hard line anti-Imperial stance in the Senate. She routinely votes for any measure that will bring the Republic and the Empire closer to war. She is best known, however, for periodically introducing legislation that would bar any Imperial citizen with any sort of ties to the Imperial military from ever being allowed to obtain Republic citizenship. Because the Empire is so militarized, virtually any Imperial citizen has some sort of tie to the armed forces, so that standard would de facto ban defection across the board, in practice if not in name. This legislation is largely symbolic; it will never pass, and Mahr knows it. It would be disastrous for the Republic military - if the defection option were off the table, it would give Imperial troops more reason to fight to the last man instead of surrendering, endangering Republic forces needlessly. By introducing the measures over and over, Senator Mahr is making a statement... and her loyal anti-Imperial extremist base loves it.

    There are nebulous rumors that she might be willing to bend or break the law if necessary - and she is an open warmonger - but so far Senator Mahr has managed to rise above the whispered implications and maintain her position and reputation.
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