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    Neva Xolte

    She was more than pleased that her idea had been well-received. Her toothy grin had taken over her face and her already brimless energy was sweeping the area. "Excellent! First, we'll have to set things up - we have to contact the colony and at least pretend to hear the news from them before we make our report." Neva ducked back into the Wayfarer to do just that, then paused and swung her head back out the doorway. "We'll have to be ready to pick up and go, so I'll give you time to get things squared away here." Even though no one had been terribly hurt, the colonists likely still needed some help getting themselves organized. Hopefully they wouldn't need to prepare themselves for another attack.

    The Imperial colonists picked up her hail quickly, but were very suspicious that they might be being hailed by one of their attackers. Neva did her best to assure them that they were not, but she wasn't sure where they stood exactly when they closed off the call. The exchange was brief, which suited Neva just fine. They could find out that they were the good guys later when they had supplies in hand. Hopefully the colonists could last that long.

    Now, to set up the ruse. Trystan's advice was invaluable in setting up the data tracers. As he worked on the coding, she started making the ship ready to take off. Once they sent the message, they'd have to be in the sky and close behind the ships. Something bothered her, though. Such light vessels...could they have come this far on their own?
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    Siralai and Trystan Mahr

    For hours, the ship flew on in the direction of Coruscant, as they had expected. Neva would be able to follow at a distance, and the course was smooth. Siralai and Trystan had assured the anxious colonists that they would be back to render aid as they had promised. First, though, they had to prevent more attacks.

    Eventually, Trystan echoed Neva's line of thinking. "They have to be running short of fuel. Such a light craft can't carry much. They'll be planning to refuel soon. I wonder where they'll dock?"

    "There's a Republic supply depot on an asteroid near here. I assume they'll stop there," Siralai suggested.

    But Siralai was wrong. The ship didn't alter course, and missed the asteroid by hundreds of miles.

    "Interesting," was all Siralai said.

    An hour or so later, the ship entered orbit around a planet called Omeros, a dusty desert world with no major industries or cities, and a low population. Though there were rumors that Omeros leaned slightly Republic in sympathies, officially it was neutral.

    "They're buying fuel," Trystan said. "No one here would give valuable resources away. They bypassed a depot where a Republic ship could fuel for free, and they're paying instead."

    "Because they don't want the Republic to have a record of their travel," Siralai surmised. "They must be a rogue element after all. Can we land too - covertly, at a distance - and try to follow them?"

    It might be impossible to catch up, but if they managed, they might learn something.
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