Just figured I'd pop by let people know the Facebook is changing/ cost money scam
is back. Got a message from one of me contacts about it. being suspicious of things
like that, I's looked around. turns out this scams been running for along time....
earliest I's found was reports from 2009. sadly it's word for word the same &
the grammar & punctuation is horrible. Just figured I'd pass this bit on cause
in some instances it's users passing the message around, sometime the sending
accounts are hacked & sometimes its a bug/virus doing it. but it also mention
that in some instances it wasn't the message that was the issue it's the petition
that it links you too that's the traps...

*Anyways I's not trying to scare people with this, just giving people a heads up
Facebook not changing tomorrow.

*though it sounds like in the future there might be a sub version available to
people who don't want the adds & what not.

Cheers Jacen