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    New thread up. Things are a lot bigger then just rescuing Amanda.

    Feel free to have Hernandez there if you wish and listen to Damien talking to Strong and see Paige's picture.

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    Will do.
    "Sleep to dream, and we dream to live..." -Great Big Sea

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    Also, Agent Strong is a NPC, so you can use her as need be.

    It hit me yesterday that it would be too easy to just kill Jonas and that the government would want him. Of course, if Damien has his way, Jonas will arrive in Alaska in a wheelchair.

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    Sounds good! Hernandez thinks "incapacitated" is definitely the way to go. (Also that if Jonas gets too unruly, there may be an "oops we killed him by accident" situation. )

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    Lol, yes, an "accident" would make Damien happy.

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    I'm ready to move on with Paige and Amanda if you are.

    Also, I'm currently reading The Testaments but I'm not done with it, so I apologize if there's any backstory stuff I'm not aware of yet.

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    I'm ready. I'll post Amanda in the new thread soon. You okay with a slight time jump for her and Paige? I was thinking her time of the month would come. Then we can do them visiting the house where the Handmaid is about to give birth.

    And no worries about backstory, I haven't had a chance to read the new book but I heard it was good.

    Also debating starting a prequel thread to show what characters' lives were like before Gilead.

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    The book is good so far!

    Time jump sounds good.

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