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    Damien Holiday

    Toronto, Ontario

    Saying goodbye to Adam was hard for Damien, although he knew he would be safe and in good hands with his grandmother. Going to Gilead to rescue Amanda was going to be the longest time away he would be from his son since the day he was born. A day that should have been one of the best of life, but was one of the worse, because he had lost Amanda that day. He was going to get her back. Bring her to Canada to be with their son and her mother again. Nothing was going to stand in his way, certainly not Jonas Morgan or any of Gilead's loyal followers.

    After saying his goodbyes to Adam, who didn't understand his daddy was leaving for a mission, and Cecilia, Damien headed to the meeting place. He was introduced by Ian to a woman named Linda Strong. She was a CIA agent and a liaison between what remained of the United States government and Mayday.

    "Welcome aboard, Damien. Ian spoke highly of you, he says you served in the Army."

    After introductions, Damien told her to just call him by her first name.

    "Two tours of duty, ma'am."

    He replied back. Agent Strong nodded her head.

    "This mission can use someone with your experience in hell holes."

    Gilead was a hell hole, especially for woman. Agent Strong hated what was happening there and knew her hands were tied. She couldn't go directly to Gilead and fight, but she did what she could to help those still trapped there. Using her connections within what remained of the American government and ties to those connected to Mayday in Gilead to help facilitate missions.

    "I also understand that your fiance is Jonas Morgan's Handmaid."

    She said and Damien's jaw tightened as he replied.

    "She is."

    "And, of course, I know you want to rescue her."

    "Of course, I do! She's my son's mother and I love her."

    He replied, getting a little confused and angry listening to her.

    "Right, however, I must ask, on the behalf of Anchorage, that he is not killed. In fact, when you go to rescue Amanda, they want you to bring him back too."

    Strong said and she wasn't shocked at Damien's angry reply that she got in return. She would have been more shocked if he wasn't angry.

    "What?! He doesn't deserve to live! Not only is he raping her, he's also a traitor! His actions have ruined countless lives! Destroyed families. He-"

    "I know, he's a piece of shit and that's putting it mildly. However, he's also a high ranking Commander. He's more valuable alive then dead. I'm asking you, on behalf of the United States Government, that when you rescue Amanda, he be taken too. Alive."


    Damien demanded to know. As far as he was concerned Jonas Morgan should be dead.

    "Our government wants to interrogate him about Gilead and put him on trial for his crimes."

    "He deserves a f*cking bullet in his head."

    Damien said and Strong sighed.

    "That's not my call to make and you know it's not yours either. However, what condition you bring him here in...Well, just make sure he's still breathing and can answer questions. I personally don't care if he's walking on his own accord or carted in."

    Damien sighed. As far as he was concerned, Jonas deserved to die. He should be dead for even looking at Amanda. And that wasn't even mentioning how Jonas' actions had ruined their once proud country. Killed millions and traumatized an entire generation. That bastard didn't deserve to breathe the same air as the rest of them.

    "Any other requests from Anchorage?"

    Damien asked and Strong nodded her head.

    "Yes, my bosses are interested in the rest of his household. If possible, rescue the Martha and take his Guardian, who also happens to be his son. One of them, maybe both, are getting information to us up North."

    "You don't think the son is loyal to his father?"

    Damien asked and Strong shrugged her shoulders.

    "From what we could find out, their relationship appears to be more for the cameras. Either way, bad things happens to those left in a household when a Commander goes missing."

    Damien nodded his head. He supposed in the first people to be blamed for a Commander's disappearance would be the ones who he forced to be in his home.

    "Plus, there's the matter of his Wife too. My bosses want her to learn more about the inner workings of the society. Especially the treatment of more higher ranking women."

    They were learning from rescued Marthas and Handmaids what was happening to women, but they didn't truly know how it all worked. Especially, when it came to the Commanders' Wives. Strong handed him a picture of Paige.

    "That's his wife? She looks like she should be his daughter."

    Damien commented, she looked too young to be Morgan's wife.

    "Second wife, the first one died in boating accident our sources have said."

    Damien nodded his head and could tell from the way Strong said accident, that story wasn't truly believed. He also realized he had gotten involved in a quite a big mission. It went from just rescuing Amanda to taking the whole Morgan household out of Gilead. Amanda's picture had sparked a great interest in Anchorage, prompting the government to send Agent Strong to coordinate a mission to take down the biggest traitor in American history since Benedict Arnold.
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    Hernandez was not surprised that killing Morgan was not within the intended mission parameters. The man certainly deserved it - he had, after all, been instrumental in enabling the Sons of Jacob to murder the Congress, blame "terrorists," and use it as an excuse to suspend the Constitution - but killing him within Gilead's borders would be a massive logistical challenge, not to mention the fact that it would be a suicide mission incompatible with a rescue of civilians.

    He had not, however, expected that Morgan would be coming with them.

    "Sure, we'll try," he said - sounding a trifle noncommittal.

    He would try. He was essentially a soldier now, and he had his orders. But Hernandez was not prepared to sacrifice his own life for Morgan's - not while Carmen was depending on him to get her out. If Morgan got out of hand, he would eat a bullet, and Hernandez would deal with the fallout once his sister was safe.

    Jimmy O'Shea, on the other hand, had concerns about a different aspect of the plan. "With all due respect, ma'am, taking the Wife seems like an unnecessary risk. She's just a reality TV bimbo - no one is going to seriously think she might be to blame for the operation. She'll just play the anxious little spouse till they give up on him and declare him dead, then play the hot young widow card and score a replacement husband. She's in no real danger. Whereas as she'll put us in a lot of extra danger if we have to drag one more unwilling person along..."

    "Let me see the picture!" Hernandez interjected abruptly. He tried not to get ahead of himself. There had been plenty of reality television stars, back when that sort of thing still existed...

    But then the picture was in his hand. And it was her.

    Hernandez stared at the picture, then set it down on the table in front of him. "She'll come with me willingly," he said.

    Jimmy snorted and laughed. "You're banking on winning her over with your roguish charms?"

    "No. Come on. Be serious for once. I know her. I grew up with her. We were friends as kids."

    Jimmy raised an eyebrow. "You were... friends? This is certainly an overdramatic way of getting a girlfriend..."

    Normally, Hernandez could take Jimmy's nature in stride, but the insinuation here - even as a joke - was more than he could deal with at the moment. "It's not like that! I'm not trying to... transfer her from being another man's property to being mine, or something. Paige is a nice person. She isn't the kind of person who would handle Gilead well. I just want to get her out so she can be happy. That's all. I swear."

    He was telling the truth about that. Hernandez had always had feelings for Paige. That hadn't changed. But it was neither here nor there, in terms of his commitment to rescuing her from Gilead.
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    Damien Holiday

    Toronto, Ontario

    As far as Damien was concerned, Jonas Morgan should never make it out of Gilead alive. After everything he had done, he didn't deserve to spend another day on Earth. But he did understand, as much as he hated it, why what remained of the US government wanted that asshole alive. Morgan was a key player in the uprising of Gilead. Without him, the position he had held, maybe none of this would have ever happened. Not that maybes did any good now. Gilead had happened and now Damien had a chance to get her out of there. If he had to bring her rapist with him, so be it. He'd just break every bone in Jonas Morgan's body.

    Agent Strong could tell the men didn't like the idea of bringing Morgan back, she didn't truly believed that Morgan deserved to live either, but it wasn't her call to make. They had a mission to carry out and Anchorage had decided that he should live. All she could do was give them the orders and hoped they followed it.

    "No one said she was to blame."

    Strong replied, narrowing her eyes at Jimmy.

    "For all we know, she's just as much of a victim as Amanda."

    Damien's jaw tightened thinking about what Amanda was going through. He had heard the stories of Gilead from refugees, from Cecilia. How the Wives held the Handmaids down in the Ceremonies...Victim? Is that what Anchorage thought? Before he could consider if Paige was another one of Morgan's victims or his accomplice, Hernandez demanded to see the picture. He handed it to the other man, surprised to hear that she had been a childhood friend of his.

    "Well, Agent Strong did just tell us that Gilead doesn't react well to the household when a Commander goes missing.

    He had been a soldier, still was one at heart. The mission was to bring all members of Morgan's household back and that's what they would do. He wasn't sure yet how he was going to treat Paige. He supposed how he'd treat her depended on what Amanda told him how she had treated her.

    "Any other concerns, gentlemen?"

    Strong asked and Damien shook his head.

    "Good, at the border meet with a man named Tomas Miller. He's one of the Border Angels. He will put you in touch with a delivery truck driver whose route takes him every week to Albany."

    She told them men, showing them a picture of Tomas Miller, so they knew who to look for.

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    Albany, New York
    Republic of Gilead

    Talking with Paige had been nice, it had made that awful night of the Ceremony slightly more bearable. That talk was the first of more to come for the Wife and Handmaid of Jonas Morgan. Not that they could let others know that. Handmaids and Wives had a share a home, but the idea of them being friendly was unheard of and not accepted. Amanda and Paige had to hid their growing bond, just like Luna and Bryce hid their friendship too. Friendships were dangerous in Gilead.

    After the Ceremony, Amanda did as best she could to avoid Jonas. She wanted to kill him and she hated being in his presence. She would help Luna cook and serve food to him and fantasized about stabbing him in the neck. Not that she could do it. If she did...Well, the rest of the Household would be doomed. When bad things had happened to a Commander, it was the household that was blamed first. She'd be killed and she'd never see her son again. Adam was the only reason why she didn't stab him, even though she wanted to so badly.

    Two weeks after the Ceremony was an awful time for Amanda, not knowing if she was pregnant or not. She didn't want to carry Jonas' child but she also didn't want to have to go through another Ceremony again. She didn't know what would be the better of the two evils. As it would be, her time of the month came. She broke down in her little bathroom, crying as she sat on the floor and buried her face in her knees. Crying that she'd have to go through it again. That she had to let him touch her again. She didn't even know how she was going to do it again, the last time just about broke her.

    Luna found her and bent down in front of her.


    She asked, gently touching her knee. Amanda wiped at her tears as she looked at the Morgan's Martha. She hated being called that name. She hated belonging to him.

    "I...The Ceremony wasn't successful..."

    She said and Luna gave her a hug.

    "I'm sorry, dear."

    She said, truly sorry for what was going to happen again. Luna couldn't tell her but the Martha hoped that the picture Bryce had taken had reached it way to people who could help her. That someone had a seen her picture, knew who she was, and were coming to rescue her. Luna hoped it was true, she had heard stories that Mayday had rescued other people.

    "Aunt Mary is here to see you."

    'Great...' Amanda thought, Aunt Mary was the last person she wanted to see. Although, she knew why Aunt Mary was here. Although she was assigned to a house, Aunts had to check up on on their Handmaids. Make sure the girls were behaving.

    "She's talking to the Commander and Mrs Morgan. Let me help you freshen up before you see her."

    Luna said and Amanda nodded her head.

    "Thank you, Luna."

    Amanda said as she took the hand Luna offered her to stand up.

    "You're welcome."

    She said with a sad smile and found a washcloth to help her wipe her tears away.

    Meanwhile, Aunt Mary said to Paige.

    "I do hope Ofjonas has been a welcome addition to your home, Mrs Morgan."

    She knew that Jonas liked her, he spoke highly of her. He was quite happy with Ofjonas being here, but it was important that the Wife also liked the Handmaid. It made things more...difficult if the Wife didn't. Sadly, some of the Commanders' Wives tended to be jealous of the roles Handmaids had to play in their homes. Feelings of jealously and angry did not create a welcoming home for a child. Which is why Handmaids were needed, to make sure the Commanders' homes were blessed with children.

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    Hernandez didn't have much to do to prepare. He preferred to travel light these days - ready to leave at a moment's notice. He didn't plan to keep Carmen waiting, when he finally figured out where she was.

    As he was leaving the meeting room, he took the picture of Paige with him. Until he found her, he would keep it with Carmen's picture - another promise.

    After that... well, that would depend on Paige. If she wanted him to leave her alone and get rid of her picture, he would.

    Hernandez grabbed his rucksack - he always kept it packed, it was just a matter of throwing in a few last minute items. Then he visited with his mother and stepfather until it was time to leave.

    When the appointed hour came, he was ready to leave with the group.

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    "Under His eye, Aunt Mary," Paige greeted the other woman piously. As was her habit most of the time, she looked slightly downward, avoiding direct eye contact. Paige was shy under the best of circumstances, and the Aunts intimidated her - as they did most people. Often even the men.

    "I have been very pleased with Ofjonas. She is respectful and dutiful. She seems very devout."

    Of course, had she been able to speak freely, Paige could have listed many other positive qualities of Amanda - but these were approved Gilead virtues, and Wives and Handmaids were not supposed to be friends. It was best to be cordial but to imply the relationship was more distant.
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