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    Underworld Locations Version 2.0

    Underworld Locations Version 2.0

    I thought it was helpful in Round One of the Underworld story that we had a Locations thread, but that thread had become outdated and a lot of the locations no longer even exist at the current point in the story, so it seemed that it was better to just start a new one than to try to revise the old one.

    Any information in regards to locations can be placed in this thread. That can include pictures, descriptions, info on real places, info on made up places, etc. - basically whatever you need to set the scene that doesn't fit into the RP posts. It can be everything from information on a country to pictures that represent someone's home or office, and anything in between. I'll index it in the first post as it gets posted.

    The one thing I would ask is that to prevent me losing my mind trying to index it , people refrain from any discussion in this thread and just stick to informational posts. Any discussion can, as always, take place in the normal OOC thread.

    Fog Island Locations
    Fog Island
    Moonlight Motel

    Switzerland Locations
    Swithin School
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    Fog Island

    Tourist Information: Fog Island is located off the northeastern coast of Canada, bordered on all sides by the Atlantic Ocean. Measuring approximately 200 miles by 100 miles, the island is primarily coastal but features three small mountains, various inland waterways, pine barrens, marsh, and even a few acres of dense forest. Climate is pleasant in the summer but cold and snowy in the winter. As the name suggests, the island is prone to dense fog year round; the fog may roll in suddenly and can make travel difficult for short periods.

    There is one primary city, Saint Mary, with a year-round population of 4,500 residents and a steady stream of seasonal visitors. Most conveniences and amenities expected in a Canadian city can be found in Saint Mary. The city is bordered to the southeast by Foggy Bay.

    There are various small towns and villages sprinkled throughout the island. The more remote ones may be difficult to access in inclement weather.

    One noteworthy small town is Hollywell, approximately thirty minutes' drive along the coast from Saint Mary when road conditions are optimal.

    The town takes its name from an ancient stone fountain in a grotto on the edge of Hollywell Woods. Hollywell is also now known as the hometown of the three members making up the folk band Standing Stone.

    The band's name was not chosen at random. There are multiple sites around the island where ancient circles or rows of standing stones can be found. Their origin and purpose remains unknown, but has been heavily debated by scholars.

    Official History: The earliest known permanent settlers of Fog Island arrived from Europe in the late 1600's. Prior to that time, the indigenous population from the mainland used the island as seasonal hunting and fishing grounds, but did not set up permanent dwellings or go too far inland. They believed that the island was home to spirits who would maintain harmony with humans as long as they were left alone. The European settlers were not so polite, and soon emigrants primarily from England, Ireland, and France had set up residency.

    Due to its remote location and - at least prior to the advent of global media and communications - relative inaccessibility, Fog Island has tended to remain a haven of peace and serenity, though the price for that has been a degree of isolation from the rest of the world.

    Hidden History: The island holds secrets not known to humankind. The original settlers of Fog Island were not mortals at all, but refugees from the Destruction of the Drowned City, an event nearly a thousand years ago where a Fae stronghold was attacked and destroyed by humans. They Fae fled across the water and hid on the remote island. They coexisted happily with the Native population, but when European settlers began to arrive, the Fae retreated into the mountains and the forests. The Fae are far closer on Fog Island than in most human places, though, and the veils between the worlds of mortals and immortals are said to be exceptionally thin.

    The Fae on Fog Island have always had their believers and their worshipers. Early on, it was Fae and then their human devotees who set up the famous standing stone sites. Even the name of the main city, Saint Mary, reflects the goddess worship of the original inhabitants being fused with the Catholicism of the Irish settlers, combining the pagan tradition with the figure of the Holy Virgin.

    Many families pass down stories of the Fair Folk on Fog Island. Some of those stories just might be true...
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    Swithin School

    Swithin School is very isolated from the outside world. There are two major factors in that isolation. First, the geographic location - the school is located in the Swiss Alps, a significant distance from any towns, and access requires travel up winding mountain roads, sometimes during heavy snowfall. The second factor is cultural and linguistic. Swithin School is entirely English-speaking, and almost all of the students are from countries other than Switzerland. Most are American, British, or Canadian. They are typically quite unfamiliar with the local customs and most do not speak any of the national languages of Switzerland, making it harder to communicate with the outside world.

    The school is for girls only, and typically houses only around fifty students at any given time. Students range in age from eight to eighteen years. They study all the normal academic subjects without any noteworthy additional areas of study.

    The girls' basic needs are met, they receive a solid education, and there are no policies of mistreatment or physical punishment. From an emotional standpoint, though, it is a pretty harsh place. This is no elite boarding school for stellar scholastic achievement. Instead, Swithin School is basically a dumping ground for offspring who are unwanted or somehow failed to live up to their parents' expectations. The building is old, drafty, and badly in need of repairs. The grounds are unkempt. Most staff merely fulfill their responsibilities without affection for their pupils or attempts at forming connections or bonds.

    Swithin School is a place without a lot of hope, but it's the last stop for children with no other options.
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    The Moonlight Motel

    The Moonlight Motel is located along the Cliff Road just outside of Hollywell on Fog Island.

    It is a simple, basic lodging with both standard rooms and efficiency apartments.

    For the past few years, the motel has been owned by a German immigrant couple. Since the purchase, the "no vacancy" sign has consistently been up. Despite the fact that they don't actually appear to sell any rooms on a regular basis, the motel always seems to be full of guests, many of whom are long-term.

    The locals do frequent the attached restaurant, which sees a lot of business, especially during tourist season.

    Hidden History: The Moonlight Motel is a front for the local Lycan Pack, and the guests are all werewolves or their family members. The motel provides them a safe haven away from public view.
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