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    It was a relief that Maria and Sofie would be in a safe place with some backup. He had disliked the idea of leaving them where they might be picked up by the very person they were chasing. At least his family would be safe. He would have worked something out if that weren't the case, wouldn't he have? Riff would like to think that he would. It was odd. Isaac seemed to think Riff would be drawing lines - and those lines weren't necessarily based on his family.

    "Um, I don't mean any offence by this, Isaac, but I am not so attached to the Pack as to preclude me being involved in something that has to do with other people in a town I've just landed in. Of course I will protect the Pack and do my best to strengthen it, but that's not why I want to help. I want to help because people are in trouble and I am in a position to do something about it. Lycan, Fae, Vampire, golem, human - they're all people. We - Maria and I - are not much for drawing lines in the sand. Diversity is what made our community so strong and that's the aim I'm going to continue to pursue wherever I land."

    He took a deep breath and smiled his familiar lop-sided smile.

    "So, let's find Katie, save this kid, and shut down a mad scientist!"
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    Gilda and Isaac Fishblatt

    "No offense taken," Isaac said with a smile. "And I hope I didn't give any offense by offering you the opportunity to bow out. Gilda and I are rather zealous about helping, but... not everyone we have recruited has seen eye to eye with us about that. Immortals can be as provincial about sticking to their own as humans are. It speaks well of you both that you are willing to stick your necks out - so to speak - for those not of your kin. Well. Let's go perform a rescue, shall we?"

    Gilda had worried that they might have difficulty getting to speak to Katie. They had applied to be her foster parents, yes - but legally they had no connection to her yet. To her surprise, the social workers seemed to be under the impression that the Fishblatts were there to collect Katie and take her home. They had been told the paperwork for the school children would be fast tracked; this was a little too fast even for that. Gilda suspected that Katie had been experimenting with her Siren powers to influence the situation - it seemed the girl was ready to get out. Regardless, it was the desired result, so the Fishblatts dutifully signed Katie out, and loaded her meager belongings into their car.

    Once they were outside, Gilda said, "I'm sorry we have to start out on this note, Katie, but something rather urgent is going on. I received a call meant for you..."

    Katie instantly became defensive. "So what? So what if she called me? She's my sister. You people can't keep us apart forever. I'm only going to your house because I have to stay somewhere till I'm eighteen. Then I'm going to live with Alice, and you can't stop me!"

    Gilda was unfazed by the girl's anger. Being a teen was hard enough - and Katie had several layers to deal with on top of that. It was understandable that she was feeling mad at the world right now.

    "I'm sorry they wouldn't let you talk to your sister," Gilda said honestly. "That isn't right, and it will change at our house. We'll make sure you get to have contact with her. But right now she... Alice?... is in trouble. When she called, she said she needed help. She wouldn't tell me where she was. But I think she'll tell you."

    "How do I know you're not lying?" Katie asked. "How do I know this isn't just... some kind of trap to get her in trouble for talking to me?"

    "You don't," Gilda admitted bluntly. "But your sister is important to you, and she needs your help. So I hope you will do the right thing. The brave thing."

    Katie gulped, nodded, and reached for the phone.


    When they got to the old barn, Alice was slumped against the steering wheel... but her eyes brightened when she saw Katie. She needed help from Isaac and Riff to get out of the car - and she clearly needed medical attention right away.

    "Thanks," Alice said quietly.
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    As he helped the girl out of the vehicle, Riff couldn't help but notice her scent. That, coupled with the fact she was obviously in a bad way, made the leap he was about to take a short one. He made eye contact with Isaac, and nodded, his mouth a grim line. Once they had Alice seated safely in the Fishblatt's vehicle, he hunkered down low next to the girl. He wasn't planning on making the trip to the doctor's with them - not if there was a trail he could pick up.

    "Alice? We're looking for the person who did this to you. Do you know where he is? Can you describe him for us?"

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    "It was Doctor Kraus," Alice replied.

    Isaac's mouth dropped open in shock. "I... I don't understand!" he said. "Kraus was dead. I'm sure he was dead. Even an immortal couldn't have survived damage like that. How could he have lived...?"

    But Alice was shaking her head. "It's not. It's not that guy, whoever you're talking about. Doctor Kraus is a woman."

    For a moment, there was silence as Isaac and Gilda digested that information. Then Gilda said, "Alice, do you know the first name of Doctor Kraus?"

    "Yeah, it was... Augusta, or something like that."

    "Auguste?" Gilda suggested, her German accent making the pronunciation subtly different.

    "Oh, yeah, that's the one!" Alice agreed.

    Isaac exchanged a look with Gilda. "Is that someone you knew?" he asked.

    "Sort of," Gilda replied. "It's probably more accurate to say I knew of her, since as far as I recall, we never met. She was Hermann Kraus' oldest daughter. Alice, do you have any idea where this doctor is now?"

    "There's a trailer out in the woods. They have it fixed up like a medical lab. I was so sick when I got away... I couldn't think straight. I'm not sure I could find it again. There was this sound outside, like a humming. It was loud. I could find it by the sound if I was close enough."

    "Probably a generator," Isaac mused. "It sounds like Keisha guessed right about that."

    Katie was growing rather impatient with all this talk that seemed irrelevant to her primary motivation - protecting her sister. "You're going to take care of Alice, right?" she asked. "You said you want to foster me - you should foster her too. She's... she's only sixteen!"

    "Katie..." Alice said weakly. She was not, in fact, sixteen. She was two weeks past her eighteenth birthday. Lying to her rescuers didn't seem like a good idea.

    Katie was forging ahead, though, "She's sixteen! Just a kid too! You could help her. Please! Will you let her stay with us too?"

    "Yes, of course she can stay," Gilda replied.

    Alice knew she should protest. She should be honest, and not accept help under false pretenses. But she was so exhausted. She was so sick of the pain. And she didn't want to die. Maybe this was a way to stay alive a little longer. So all she said was, "Thank you."

    "We'll get Alice to Keisha's office so she can start treating her," Isaac said. "Then we should go look for this lab. There may be more people in need of rescuing today."

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